Marc Staggers ‘Dream Catcher’ (Expansion) 3/5

marc-staggersAnd so the Luther Vandross tribute act rolls out another album of fine tunes… So let us now contemplate all things Luther. If, like me, you have Luther’s collection sitting on your shelves, it’s difficult to digest Marc Staggers. However, if you don’t, then this album will seriously float your boat. It’s not his fault that he sounds like the great man, it just appears to come naturally, and therefore one must ask if that is anything to really criticise?
What I would say, in frustration, is that some of the arrangements feel like Luther too, and why that influence is necessary I don’t understand. Surely you would want to stamp your own individual mark on your music. Perhaps he is, and perhaps I’m being unkind – I can only call it the way I see it!
So to the music at hand… The opening dancer “Bring It Back” really is superb played loud, and by the time you read this, it will already be accepted as a top dancer. The quality continues into “It’s All About You”, with pace dropping slightly thereafter for another quality dancer in “Come On Baby”. We then have “Partner For Life”, which is a down-low tune that we’ve all heard before, but for many the reason to have this album in your collection I would point you towards the southern flavoured “Be My Girl”, with its sparse arrangement and obligatory squeeze-box horns – easily the top track on here. An album for the modern-day lover of all things soulful.

Brian Goucher