Mildlife ‘Phase’ (Research) 4/5

Names don’t come more ironic than Mildlife.

Here’s a band of twenty-somethings from Melbourne releasing a debut album so hot it’ll melt your face off.

In six oh so groovy tracks the four piece inject rock, jazz, funk, disco, and psych. The new holy pentalogy.

Think of Django Django, then forget about them. Then think of Vulfpeck, and put them out of your mind. Then cast your mind back to that time in your apartment, when you got that new Herbie Hancock tape, and quickly let the thought slide away. Then listen really, really hard and realise that it’s still Mildlife in the now, and you may have heard something similar in the 70’s, but then realise you’re hearing it now and it’s all fresh, bliss.

Hear those pan pipes on Im Blau. Taste the bass on Zwango Zop. Take a great big inhalation of synth.

When it’s all over, lay back, and get ready to do it all over again.

These guys may be called Mildlife, but they’ve got loads left in them yet.

Sam Turnell