Moreno Veloso ‘Coisa Boa’ (Luaka Bop) 2/5

moreno-velosoFor his first solo album in some eleven years (although regularly involved in collaborative projects), Moreno Veloso has surrounded himself with old musical partners such as Pedro Sá, who co-produced the album, and Kassin, but unfortunately the electro-acoustic bossa-pop sound is now a little tired, with the songs in general unmemorable and Veloso is in definite need of new musical adventures to freshen up the music. That said, there is some promise on the lilting ‘Um Passa à Frente’ which is a samba de roda and on the Bahia-influenced number ‘Não acorde o Nénêm’. A good deal of the melodies quickly become repetitive and Moreno Veloso has just got stuck in a groove form which he has found it hard to extricate himself. A soft bossa ‘Em Tudo Lugar’ evokes his father’s influence, but Veloso Jr. needs to rethink his strategy in order to reinvigorate the overall sound.

Tim Stenhouse