mu:n ‘fabrics’ (QFTF) 3/5

Mu:n​ is another fresh collective from Switzerland’s ever so creative Jazz scene.
Mu:n’​s sound is airy and contemplative. They take time and patience to develop their songs. At times a little too much time, the overall album experience lacks diversity in its dramatic balance and misses its edge.
However, ​fabrics​ is an interesting music production! mu:n’s music is a dreamy, hazy soundscape. Their songs carry a feel of time and space, utterly hypnotizing and meditative – reminiscent of the works of Bill Frisell or Jacob Bro. Driving a jazz subgenre that could be described as modest, free complexity.
It will be interesting to hear where ​mu:n’s​ musical journey will take them. The young ensemble definitely holds the talent to stay in the mix. ​

Musicians: Djamal Moumène – Guitar, Composition, Tobias Pfister – Tenor Saxophone, Vito Cadonau – Bass, Noah Weber – Drums