Myles Sanko ‘Forever Dreaming’ (213 Music) 4/5

Myles-SankoNow then, this album surfaced without any great fanfare and various tracks have had plays on Mark Merry’s excellent ‘Soul Sermon’ show on Starpoint, immediately I jumped on and found the vinyl album, and having arrived its had several repeated plays. It’s an album you can put and leave no need to skip any tracks. Myles voice is light, appears mid ranged but on at least one track show’s the grittier side. Think Phase Seven “Sweet Love” from the early 80’s or Lenny Williams and you can then get an idea of what is presented here. All real instruments too, not a synth in sight including a gorgeous flute which we don’t get to hear enough. The title track is a very retro sounding dancer which owes a lot to the Motown sound of the 70’s, very danceable and soulful, “Light in my hand” starts off wistfully and morphs into a guitar led stepper, ”My Inspiration” has a wonderful understated Timmy Thomas feel about it, a real grower. The only real downer is the monologue instrumental “Lonely Dreamer”, superb musically and crying out to be extended and have a vocal riding it, would be a very exciting tune that I could see getting some serious radio plays, “To my surprise” is a cracking dancer complete with that flute and this is the track that appears to be getting the most attention, superb to dance too. And so to the album high, for me the down-tempo “Where we need to be” is the reason to have this album, lyrically, vocally and musically at the top of the game and so ripe for radio spins, could very well get spins in the clubs where us thinking soul men gather. Myles is accompanied by a tinkling piano for the most part, a very classy piece of modern day soul music. This album has come as a pleasant surprise for me, at least 2 tracks have gone onto my live playlist and my forthcoming radio appearance on 365Soul will see me plundering my “Where we need to be”.

One slight issue is that the vinyl was sent simply wrapped in brown paper with no protection from our post office historically handling of anything obviously fragile with contempt. The outer sleeve was creased in several places and there were issues with the actual vinyl, Myles happily sent me a replacement but it was worse than the first one that arrived, the outer sleeve looks like it has been deliberately damaged however the good news was that the vinyl was pristine mint and sounds quite superb.

Brian Goucher