Nojakîn ‘Perfection in a Bird’ (QFTF) 4/5

Can you hear the glaciers melt, the wind whisper and the rivers rise?Listening to Nojakîn creates a cinematic sound scenery that transports your ear to the wide countryside of Switzerland. Nojakîn’s music is driven by a level of intention that many pop bands fail to exceed and a freedom and adventurism that most jazz ensembles can not inherit. However, the forward attempt to make a record with its roots in jazz and improvised music and mix it with a trend towards pop music and electronica definitely bears its risks. Some songs feel overloaded with ideas and the songwriting at times lacks focus. “Perfection In A Bird” is jam-packed with inspiration and creativity. The band sound and production is strong but sacrifices its roughness. Some songs could feel a little edgier. An experienced producer should have helped to better channel Corinne Nora Huber’s creative vision and sound. The young singer wrote, arranged and produced the entire record herself, a remarkable accomplishment. (Fun Fact: There are 2000 Anagrams in the 17 letter strong album title).”Our music should make your thoughts fly” – Corinne Nora HuberNojakîn is a perfect example of the thriving and ever-creative young music coming out of Switzerland and the impressive label powerhouse from Berlin – QFTF “Perfection in a Bird” trumps Kamasi Washington´s Neo Jazz Hype with ease! Most enjoyable with headphones turned to the max, as an almost psychedelic stimulant that will turn your summer travels into a thrilling motion picture.