Nomade Orquestra ‘EntreMundos’ LP/CD/DIG (Far Out) 3/5

Sao Paulo-based collective Nomade Orquestra return with another self-produced recording that builds on their previous effort for Far Out, the self-titled debut from last year. Once again the musical influences are eclectic and take on board Afro-Brazilian, Indian and Ethio-jazz elements as well as 1960s film soundtracks and even contemporary hip-hop.

In parts the music can be quite dense and it does require a few listens for the whole to come together and for the listener to fully appreciate the multiple influences that have been weaved together. Psychedelic blues (harmonica) meets avant-garde with funk-tinged guitar on, ‘Rinoceronte blues’, which is an eclectic mix to say the least. This writer enjoyed the oriental feel to, ‘Terra fértil’, which is something of a dervish-like groove with soprano saxophone overlaid to excellent effect. For funkier flavours, ‘Madame Butterfly’, combines full-on brass (a five piece brass section) and sensitive keyboards. The explosion of styles come together on the rock-blues guitar soloing on, ‘Vale de boca seca’, with fender and collective horns, and a wonderful bass line underpinning it all. More intricate big band arrangements are a feature of, ‘Jardins de Zaira’, which has a strong psychedelic film soundtrack component, and with a flute solo incorporated.

With a UK tour looming, now is as good a time as any to check out the sounds of the Nomade Orquestra.

Tim Stenhouse