Paykuna ‘Raìces’ (QFTF) 3/5

Demian Coca’s band name and presentation can be misleading. While listeners might expect a straight-up world music album, Coca is just sending out mixed signals. But, when diving into the musical universe of the young swiss pianist and composer his choice of cover art starts making sense.

Coca’s compositional approach implies true events – his family background. And yes, as dry as this might seem, he does have enough interesting story to feed from. Coca’s mother is Swiss and his father is from Bolivia. A combination that must inspire.

The young composer recognizes all colours of the emotional palette. Balancing a rather cold analytic Anglo Saxon appearance with an emotional, rhythmical and dance-worthy Bolivian side. Coca understands music. He draws attention, tells a story and hits you with melodic curveballs. Much to the enjoyment of the listener!

This album brings some fresh air from the Andes and massive mountain storms from the Alps. Demian Coca’s debut is a “Leontopodium alpinum” in today’s young jazz world with the talent to call the future shots. Adventures, unusual and bold. This is what it means to “know your roots”!