Phuturistix ‘Feel It Out’ (Hospital) 5/5

Onions….that’s what this album is all about. Zed Bias and Injekta knowing their onions.
The album kicks off with the already tried and tested title track, tripping up many a dancer over the last month or so on 12”. Hard masculine bass lines meet up with soulful infusions on this fourteen-track drop-foot monster.
This album truly is the footprint for the way forward, ‘Beautiful’ will support that claim alone – uncompromising deep dance floor killers. Lads you need to get some new dance shoes for this one! girls, you may just need to sit this one out.
No pussy-footing bland beats on this debut album, both ‘Beat jerky’ and ‘Stop it!’ are going to blow up – even the soul track ‘Sunshine lover’ is awesome. Can so much beauty be created in Milton Keynes?
‘High rollin’ is deep and moody – one messed up underground tune you will not be able to comprehend. Head nodding is the order of the day.
Let the lions loose… the gladiators are in town! and boy, do we know where we’re going to stand.

Steve Williams