Ravi Shankar Tenth decade in concert: live in Escondido’ DVD (East meets West) 4/5

This live performance can now be seen with hindsight as a tribute of sorts to the passing of Pandit Ravi Shankar, arguably the greatest ambassador of Indian classical music of the twentieth century. Produced by Alan Kozlowski, a long-time devotee of Shankar’s music and himself a student of the maestro, the concert dates from October 2011 in California with a seemingly frail looking leader aged ninety-one. However, that exterior is soon forgotten once the music commences and Shankar’s face visibly grows younger as the sheer joy of making music become apparent. Glorious long flowing raggas typify the quality music on offer and the other group member’s are clearly revelling in the presence of the veteran musician. Alan Kozlowwski is the ideal person to film proceedings since not only is he genuinely empathetic to the music of Ravi Shankar, but als has experience of filming other musicians, most notably the documenary of Jackson Browne. At eighty-four minutes, this is a fine way to view the sitar master in a live context, though you will probably also wish to view documantaries on ihs life as well. Kozlowski produced a separate homage to Ravi Shankar entitled ‘In Celebration’ that was co-prodiced with George Harrison. This is an all region DVD release. Tim Stenhouse