Reggie Boone ‘Made For Love’ (Momma Momma Music) 5/5

Reggie is blessed with a simply wonderful voice. He’s able to convey his emotions in such a way that it affects you and you are able to empathise with what he’s trying to tell you; a trait that so many of the soul singers from back in the day were able to do seemingly with ease, excelling in slow burners but equally at home with dancers too on this 17 track album. Of course he’s teased us over the past five years or so with digital only, many of which were picked and played by the soul radio jocks over here, they are all on here so lets deal with them first, the slinky ballad “Made For Love” was massive and rightly so, the mesmerising dancer “I’m so proud” the anthemic gospel swayer “Lord Thank You”, his biggest play over here was “Love One Another” which I’ve never been able to consign to the shelves, its pretty much the perfect tune in every way. It’s marvellous to have these tracks finally on a physical cd release. Of the newer tracks there are some corkers on here take the sax laden opener “Stand” which is a cracking dancer and maintains the high quality, the sparse “It’s Your Time” with its subtle 80s touches, taking the pace down-low we have a superb ballad in “Tell Me”, the swinging dancer “Gonna Be Alright” envelopes the room, he’s at home on this ride big time, down we go again for more balladry with a gospel feel “Bless our love”. I’m not a fan of Xmas music in any way as a general rule, it’s a crass money-making machine for the white establishment but on here we have the excellent “What Xmas Means To Me” with a very strong religious feel, now this I can relate to, one of the slow burners on here has crept into my head and it’s sat there for over a week the lovely subtle “Living Life Ain’t Easy”, I’ve got it playing now, not an immediate tune but it gets there eventually.

Musically this album is everything a soul boy could want, a great voice, superb lyrically and musically but the artwork on the inside of the cd sleeve by Roger Clay could have done with more care the images are distorted and on the rear of the sleeve the background colour hides the track-listing to some degree, the inner sleeve at does allow you access to that list, minor gripes, but this could put off the casual buyer, we want the world to know about Reggie.

All lyrics were written by Reggie, the album was produced by Felton Pilate, Reggie and Ced Keyes. Mastered by Master Marlon at Blues Hunters. No mention of where it was recorded or who played what etc sadly.

A truly superb soul music album by one of the truly great voices out there at the minute.

Brian Goucher