Rhian Benson ‘Gold Coast’ (DKG)

Excellent contemporary voice combined with soulful and jazzy arrangements, make for this marvelous album. It would be only too obvious to compare the style of Rhian’s voice to that of Tracey Thorn’s, but that similarity gets a good kicking when the music opens up. For this is a true gem of an album, and one that will inevitably get overlooked by both the soul fraternity and the jazz one alike.
Do us a favour, go and seek this out and have a listen, check out her photos if you must because this is one beautiful lady that can sing, and that doesn’t happen too often.
Extra special moments are ‘I’m In a Bind’ and the title track ‘Gold Sky’, which will be one of those songs you will all be searching for when you can’t get it. Trust me on that one!

Steve Williams