Richard Ebert Quartett ‘Abreisetag’ (QFTF) 4/5

In his second album production, Richard Ebert presents himself as a creative member of the European Jazz circuit flourishing in quite an understatement. Abreisetag (Engl. Farewell-Day) features Richard Ebert on Saxophone, Jo Aldinger on piano, Christoph Hutter on Bass and Patrick Neumann on drums. Ebert himself composed all of the eight tracks on the album.

The music is dreamy and calm. At times the four miss their opportunity to cut to the chase and lose themselves in stereotyped sound-scaping. But overall Abreisetag is a very interesting album.

There is not much-unexpected happening here, Ebert refuses to create a buzz. His sound is thoughtful and quiet. There is a lot of comfort and warmth in the way he approaches his music.

Abreisetag is a truly unique piece of music. Showing a great effort for sound and story. Reminiscent of Saxophone greats like Stan Getz.