Roy Ayers ‘Virgin Ubiquity: Unreleased Recordings 1976-1981’ 2LP/CD (BBE Music)

According to the sleeve notes this is just a small selection of literally hundreds of previously unreleased recordings which Roy himself owns and to which he has given Barely Breaking Even label boss, Peter Adarkwah unlimited access. The resulting album is quite brilliant since everything here is pure quality. Of the 13 tracks though my current favourites are ‘I Really Love You’, ‘Oh What A Lonely Feeling’, ‘Mystery Of Love’, ‘I Just Wanna Give It Up’ and ‘Brand New Feeling’ which all feature Merry Clayton on vocal chores. The latter being the only inclusion from the recent 12” releases. It’s quite staggering that tracks such as these have been kept hidden for so long but thankfully their time has now come. Let’s hope there are plans to release further volumes.

Andrew Allen