Shatner’s Bassoon ‘Disco Erosion’ (Wasp Millionaire) 4/5

We meet aliens everyday who have something to give us. They come in the forms of people with different opinions. Whether from the dark of space, or the deep of blue, there’s always someone, or something, with a different point of view.

They could be ions away, spanning stratosphere and nebula, or they could be right here, on earth. They could be amongst us right now, playing music foreign to your ears and mind, and we would be none the wiser. They could be from Leeds in the form of Shatner’s Bassoon.

Yes, that sounds correct. Shatner’s Bassoon: men from some unknown moon.

It’s the second time to tango, count to two. New album Disco Erosion exploring pastures new with a syncopated beat. This is not some ‘Encounters Of The Third Kind’ sort of jazz. There are no synths in this desert. We’re talking alien lifeforms, mindfarming that part of the brain stimulated by Cake. Listen to this and you’ll never ween yourself off.

They will tease you with metal basslines, and goad you with a blink of cowbell. Begin to listen and you’ll never stop, hypnotised by sax that shouldn’t work but does, and you want to hate it, but can’t because You’ve Got To Play The Game. You must play the game. After all, energy is the key to creativity. Energy is the key to life, or so a wise man once told.

Throw Darts to the wind, and they’ll be chucked straight back with razor sharp symbols, growing into an 11:19 free for all not satisfied with scoring bullseye. Close your eyes, see what life is like during a Derpa Day, then head in for Zuppa.

Shatner’s Bassoon. Shatner’s Bassoon. Shatner’s Bassoon.

Say their name three times and they’ll send down their transporter beams down at you.

Sam Turnell