Sidewinder ‘Resolution’ (Soma) 4/5

First thing that hits you is the production, excellent blend of Electronica and live instrumentation, especially when you get to the second track; ‘The adventure’, a blinding track with feel-good vocals from Nancy Jenkinson who doesn’t do too bad a job on ‘Raindance’ either.
Summer is certainly the time for this, and the forthcoming release date might just have been a little late in the year for it is a crisp warm sound, especially on ‘Morph’s groove’.
As we move on to the fourth composition ‘Ego riot’ the dance floors open properly. Ruff tune – one for the boogie retro audiences, we like this.
Jazz electronica fused ‘Skit 4’ then ‘Everyday’ with its club punch just brings you ever closer to the climax…. ‘Stanway’s revenge’ is a monster tune and one that certainly needs the attention – if this has not seen 12” status yet, then boy does it need too. We think this will warrant spending your hard-earned monies all by itself.
It is an accessible album, one you can see being put together for, and fitting nicely on, the Jazz FM daytime playlist, albeit perhaps for a few killer tracks, which inevitably will be overlooked by the producers. But hey, why not make good music, get the sales up, the airplay sorted and make a little money. Watch out though because I can see Sidewinder running things in the future when they get a little more confident with the public. The album concludes with chilled soulful melodies. Good example of electronica around at the moment, and well worth the search – we like.

Steve Williams