The Silky Vincent Group ‘The Complete Hook-Up Recordings’ LP (Tramp) 3/5

During the mid-1970s Louis Vincent and his group released several soul singles for the Ohio based Hook-Up record label. They were the only group to record for the small independent imprint during the period from 1973 to around 1976 and its likely that each record was originally released with extremely limited availability, making each of the titles really collectable and not widely known.

Germany’s Tramp record label have lovingly put together this great little collection from The Silky Vincent Group’s short history for the Hook-Up record label. Each of the 8-tracks adds something special with either female or male vocalists fronting the individual pieces, adding a varied yet cohesive feel throughout the album. The mid-paced soulful grooves are laced with gospel roots and a funk edged rhythm, with the female backing group lifting the overall sound dynamic.

Of the 8 tracks from The Silky Vincent Group, ‘Get Down For Your Action’, ‘Breezing’, ‘Dance’ and ‘Changed Man’ are probably the most highly sought after titles from their recording period.

Check this out. You won’t be disappointed.

Mark Jones