Snowpoet ‘Wait For Me’ LP/CD (Edition) 5/5

It’s not often these days that a band comes along where their music could truthfully be referred to as being ‘unique’. Snowpoet are just that. Irish vocalist and lyricist Lauren Kinsella and producer/musician Chris Hyson have followed up their spellbinding 2018 release “Thought You Knew” with yet another slice of musical magnificence. “Wait For Me” is a bold, mesmerising statement offering a mantra-like evocation of the deeper questions of how we love, how we acceptor our faults and how we let go in a time of profound confusion.

Since their first EP six years ago, Snowpoet have been shaping their captivating sound across a series of releases, each one seeing the group explore and expand within genre-fluid musical territories. One might suggest hints of Bjork or Zero7 within the musical magic they weave, yet in the same sentence, it would be just as easy to mention jazz legends John Coltrane and Miles Davis, or modern classical composers such as Arvo Part and Max Richter. Ultimately their music is their own, beautifully crafted, performed and produced.

Imagine walking into an art gallery where each picture tells its own story, where each and every viewer can see different things, perhaps dependent upon how they feel at that precise moment in time, their circumstances, their point of view and how present they really are there and then. In this respect, “Wait For Me” is a work of art. A masterpiece. A series of audible colours and textures that create a uniquely rewarding sonic experience. Beauty, as the saying goes, is in the eye of the beholder. To me, Snowpoet’s music is beauty personified.

With contributions from musicians Matthew Robinson, Josh Arcoleo, Dave Hamblett, Lloyd Haines, Alex Haines and Alice Zawadzki, the music that flows so gracefully through the album’s twelve original pieces is intelligently and masterfully written and recorded. I don’t think I’ve been so taken aback by the ‘sound’ on an album since discovering Nitin Sawhney a couple of decades ago. The skill with which the music is crafted cannot be understated. And neither can the intelligence and beauty of the songwriting. These things go perfectly hand-in-hand with Kinsella and Hyson, with an organic, poetic, intuitive feel to their music matched perfectly with a rich, evocative and adventurous spirit.

Whether marvelling, utterly and compellingly fascinated by the intricate sensitivities of “Roots” and the beguiling “Wool Cotton Lace and Snow”, being mesmerised and captivated by the simple, stunning elegance of “Here’s The Thing”, becoming engrossed in the meditative, other-worldly “Tiers”, or emotively blown away by the lyrical wonderment of “Sky Thinking”, a deeply rewarding experience is available to those who care to listen. Just sit, in a place of your own choosing, let everything go, and listen. In Kinsella’s own words; “Feet towards the sky, where I like to seat bones, firmly sat, sky thinking”.

Mike Gates

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