Sonny Knight & The Lakers ‘I’m Still Here’ (Secret Stash Records) 5/5

sonny-knightSecret Stash are quietly going about their business of making the hideously rare, previously unissued and brand spanking new releases available – what’s happening with the Valdons is amazing in itself. Sonny Knight’s album arrived with great expectations and I wasn’t disappointed… bluesy, funky and very black – just the way it should be. Loads of good quality dancers on here and if this album had surfaced in the 70’s on some small label it would be revered today as a holy grail must-have. However, those same people won’t touch this, it’s too new and shiny. Two standouts for me are the subtle crossover “I’m still here pt.2” which will have you up and at it, and the sublime balladry of “When you’re gone”, which takes us back to the days of horns, a sneaky Hammond/piano and a drummer and nothing else! Simplicity sometimes is best, this allows Sonny Knight to show us what he’s got. If your into the funky side of black music then grab a listen. Oh, and it is on lovely thick vinyl too.

Brian Goucher