Soulnaturals ‘Love Says Yes!’ (British Soul Standard Ltd) 5/5

One of the most eagerly awaited albums in my world since I found out 3 months ago that the album was on its way, the only trouble was it was a Record Store Day release only and I was afraid it wouldn’t actually surface, my anticipation was upped by the fact it was on Vinyl. The last time I had anything by this lot was way back in 2004 when the “Sweet Communication” album landed, and just how good was that? Well, to this latest offering and what an album it is, the sound is a kitchen sink drama with just about everything chucked in for good measure, bathed in immense strings, subtle horns, the sweetest backing singers I’ve heard in a long time and with nine guest vocalists, we really are spoilt over the ten tracks.
The influences run wild with Funk, Soul, Jazz and a really hypnotic subtle reggae tinted “Oh Lord when will you set me free”, vocals by Nadia Pimentel and it’s a cracker. The stand out track on the album for me though is Davinia Vincent on the stunning shuffling dancer “Gotta get my hands on some good loving”, going to be a very big tune this once it breaks out, it sounds like she’s fronting a full blown orchestra, the sound is stunning.

I do like to pay tribute to the musicians but there are so many listed I don’t have the space. I will make mention of the backing singers though because I would suggest there are some future lead vocalists here, Jo Kelsey, Gloria Pryce, Sasha Patterson and Evie Asio- Okwalinga, apologies ladies if you do have anything out there, please feel free to make contact and let me know, we know Joe has fronted “I got Sunshine (Enough for the world)” on here, a skin slapping funkster with attitude.

“Moody Judy” with Emrys Baird is a real mid-paced grower, the album ends in a jazz influenced soul ballad “My love for you is not of this earth”, we have Bre-Antonia out front. I don’t know what the availability of this at the time of writing but what I do know is that this will easily be in my top ten of the year. The last time I heard a sound like this was back in 1994 when that wonderous Groove Nation “Do You” album surfaced on ‘Nuff Tuff Records’.

Brian Goucher