Surinder Sanghu – The Fictionist (Saurango) 5/5

Take a centuries old 40-string North Indian instrument notoriously difficult to play, a 75-strong Philharmonic orchestra, two choirs, some of the finest jazz and rock musicians around, stir in African kora, Indian bansuri bamboo flute and tabla and then add just one man with a unique vision. What you get is music on an epic scale that is as bewitching as it is indefinable, as exquisitely filigreed as it is muscular. Welcome to the world of Surinder Sandhu.

His music takes in the classical traditions of India, Africa and Europe and blends in jazz and rock and roots – but it becomes something far beyond that. This is not mere hyperbole. Sandhu’s third album “The Fictionist” defies categorisation, yet it deserves a place not just on the shelf, but in the minds of all those to whom music is more than just wallpaper. This album is a jewel of an opus. Highly recommended.

Glyn Phillips