Tad Robinson ‘Day Into Night’ (Severn) 5/5

tad-robinsonOkay, before we go any further I must fess up, this man can do no wrong in my world – I’ve watched his rise from a blues harmonica specialist into the consummate soul man. With seven albums on the shelves, he was destined to make the premier league. I first became aware of him in 2002 and from then on every album has been eagerly snatched and thoroughly examined, it’s been a gradual development with the soul tracks gathering in number with each album, and thus this album is the one we’ve been waiting for and expecting, soul from start to finish. Musically we have everything including horns a plenty and a fabulous bubbling organ that sounds so so Hammond it hurts, the chin strokers may well struggle with the sound, it’s very southern with the occasional guitar solo. The sound on here is very reminiscent of those two Ruby Turner Indigo Sessions albums she put out in 1996 & 2000 respectively, he’s in fine company. So what of the twelve tracks on here, mostly mid-paced strollers and the standard is set from the opening chords of track 1 “Soul Lover”, subtle guitar picks, dominant drums, bass and horns caress the whole sound and a fine song unfolds, he’s more than an accomplished singer too, “Lonely Talking” has a Jamaican vibe, musically its right on what Bob Marley was moving towards, any one who has heard his mesmerising “Kinky Reggae” live from Finsbury Park” will know what I mean, that organ is there the foundation of the track, once again some fine singing steers us away from any further thoughts of the late Mr Marley, “He’s moved on” has hogged the laser flicker, a lowrider tune with drums and base that shimmer along, horns stab in out demanding to be heard, echoes of 70’s funk emanate all around me, female backing singers rise and take control and then nothing, stunning soul music for 2015. The track that has caused more than a ripple over here gaining plays on various radio shows is “Love is a winner” a simply perfect shuffling dancer that grows in stature with each play, so instant this will be a monster at thinking mans soul nights and in those rooms where the DJ’s are allowed to experiment, gonna be a big thing. 53 minutes of scintillating blues and soul that I simply can’t get enough of, available for download with the physical album on its way, spoke to Tad via Facebook and he assures me it’s on its way to a distributor near you soon. Don’t get sucked into paying £20 plus from Germany, that greedy bastard has been at it for years, Fish and Soul Brother will have them soon for around £12 – £15.

Brian Goucher