Terry Callier ‘Total Recall’ (Mr. Bongo)

New release here featuring eleven reworkings of Terry’s classic compositions together with a DVD video track of ‘You’re gonna miss your candy man’.
In the mix on this release you will find Block 16, Hopper, Zero 7, 4 Hero and Mitchell & Dewbury, adding a leftfield slant on what can only be described as music’s father voice. Difficult to compare this with his originals, better to take it at face value as a great nu jazz sound – progressive for perhaps an uninitiated Callier audience.
You need to approach this with a clear mind, if in doing so you are disappointed, then perhaps you should think long and hard about your own state of mind.
Terry Callier is a true genius and to take his music off to another dimension with some of the best producers around, can only provide the listener with evermore appreciation of his status within the pages of jazz.

Steve Williams