The Dubbeez ‘Peace, Love and Dub’ (V2 Benelux) 4/5

From the peace-loving city of Amsterdam cometh their first album by two times award-winning six piece band The Dubbeez. In 2013 they took the crown at the battle of the bands contest in Holland and likewise were winners of the world reggae contest held in Poland in 2016. Their official debut long player entitled Peace, Love and Dub is exactly that with ten tracks exploring club reggae with a roots backdrop complimenting the soulful female vocals and the Jamaican delivery tones of MC Quincy. A tightly knit band with a superbly competent riddim section with female bassist Olivia Davina and the Carlton Barret style drumming of the one Earl Maddy who is a master of Hi Hat shuffle and drum fills.

So lets “bring out the cards and shuffle” as MC Quincy would say on the soulful candle lit reggae groove of a piece called ‘Hangover’ a Steel Pulse vibe that showcases the contrasting vocals of Joanne and Quincy which continue flawless throughout the album, an album of multi tempo vibes from the commercial upbeat happy (and should be a single) ‘Feelings’ to the laid back easy JA vibe body swayer that is ‘Rudeboy’ and the pop reggae ‘love in’ of ‘I Love Me’ and everything else in between.

OK let’s get down to serious vibe business, the ultra strong -and this is one of the three tunes on the album that seal their professionalism and playing passion- album title track ‘Peace, Love and Dub’ with an absolutely crucial bass run that brings Jamaica into your living room played with pure confidence by Olivia accompanied by Earl’s reverbed rimshots and with Quincy in full vocal throws exclaiming “Peace, love and dub, that’s what we stand for” on the hookline, this tune also contains a very convincing brass ensemble backdrop, this piece has a real vintage style mixdown, an uptempo ‘coming at ya like a bat with the shits’ ie; with attitude crowd pleaser complete with an extended few bars of the tune showcasing the band in full flow playout, superb, a 12″ version of this would be cool.

The other standouts..? the aforementioned ‘Feelings’ which is a full on commercial radio friendly hit waiting to happen, a sunny afternoon festival pleaser and also the very cool roots rock reggae that is a piece entitled ‘Obsession’ and what I dig about this album is that all the players are given their time to shine respectively during certain pieces, each player has ‘their’ moment given high light and that includes this piece where the overdriven sounding lead guitar work of Milan is given prominence in the mix with its roots rock crucial solo’s and the niceness that is Bobby’s organ shuffle work during the tune that also stands out as does Earl’s 80s style dancehall minimalist drumming, all tied nicely together with soulful vocals and MC interjections. The album plays out with a tune called ‘On The Road’ an easy going rockers vibe that proclaims this band aint for stopping.

Is it a non stop crucial album? well, a couple of weaker tracks to my ears appear, the weakest track on the album musically is the opener track ‘Dont Walk Too Fast’ and the weakest track on the album content wise is a piece called ‘Hold Us’ It’s an OK tune but a touch self congratulatory lyrically for me, but that’s purely a question of my taste perhaps not yours. If you’re in the area then this is a must see band, the album is very easy on the ears to listen to at home in all occasions and I feel your ears will be even more delighted to catch them in full wall of sound concert. Enjoy the vibes, they’ve worked very hard as a tight and dedicated unit to get this far and they deserve all accolades. I have a feeling their next long player could well be a five outa five , I’m giving this a heavy four. Check out their official site for gig news at

Gibsy Rhodes