The Natural Dub Cluster ‘Biosfear’ (4Weed / Elastica) 4/5

Three Italian brothers creating electro dub and ambiental industrialised leftfield masterworks since 2009 are back after 2016’s long-player ‘B Deeper’ with a very strong and in places very thought-provoking Dystopial new album, it’s their fourth entitled ‘Biosfear’.

The Natural Dub Cluster have toured their albums since 2010, the tours amassing over two hundred live shows in Italy and France and are about to embark on a new 8 date tour (at time of press, more dates could be added) to showcase this new long player.

This new offering has all the Natural Dub Cluster soundmix hallmarks as their other long players, yet there is something different about this release, it is stronger in vibe, in delivery and subject matter -arguably perhaps to that of some of their past works- they push forward effortlessly the leftfield ‘off piste’ envelope whilst keeping the heavy density of their dubby soundmix on path.

One could say that the track called ‘Bi’ is gothic styled 80s synth new wave or that the track ‘Mi Know Like Them’ is a full on dystopian sparse 80s dancehall piece with its Ini Kamoze era style bass run (check out the lyrical delivery on this piece, it’s ultra cool). One could say that ‘No Redemption’ is digital gloom steppers and even to say that the piece ‘On Natural Selection’ is very ‘orby’ and very enticing. ‘Radical Breath’ is a foreboding electro instrumental with a digi steppers style riddim track  whilst ‘Fractal Error’ has a robot voice layover backed with electro gothic heaviness including nice lazer lights in a field moments from the synths, ‘Core Matter’ is a very interesting piece complete with outerworld female narration, like a scene from a film where on a starship far far away there is a room where different species students are learning about humans, it’s that kind of vibe over a minimalist -and again foreboding- soundtrack. ‘Fight Or Flight’ is a calmer play out track for the album, an instrumental piece in heavy ambient mode ideal for film background music, it’s a very cohesive album, nice for all synthheads and perhaps robotic goths, I don’t know how I came to the goth references I just get a digital goth vibe with two or three of the pieces from this set.

Overall it’s a bit of a dark album and I would go far as to say that it is very cool synthesized art, the sequencing of the album is spot on. Oh, and on the whole the bass is real, one of the three brothers plays the electric bass guitar.

Gibsy Rhodes