V/A ‘The Wonder of Stevie’ (Harmless) 3/5

Two CDs here, a mix on CD one of the 15 tracks featured in their original state on disc two, this is put together by Spinna and Bobbito and features tracks produces, written and arranged by Stevie Wonder rather than any song by him.
There are some classics here, I have to admit, both Jose Feliciano’s ‘Golden Lady’ and Carl Anderson’s ‘Buttercup’ have lived with me for many years and the inclusion of ‘Another star’ by Cedar Walton (who worked with Kimiko Kasai back in the day… sorry got carried away there…) is a must-have record.
It’s an unusual array of songs, some I would not have chosen myself but others that need to be included. I have to give them 10 out of 10 for the concept, 7 out of 10 for the choices and for the mix…. mmmm, leave that one hey!
One final word, Norman Brown’s take on ‘Too High’ was a great moment in 1992, and it is nice to see it gets some recognition here, a just moment.

Steve Williams