Various ‘Pacifico Colombiano’ (Otrabanda)4/5

Colombia is a country of music aficionados whose indigenous rhythms serve as the base for multiple musical styles that are largely unrecognised outside of its borders. This compilation is thus a handy thermometre of the genres that have dominated in the decade between 1998 and 2007. On the Pacific coatline of Colombia one finds influences as diverse as west African highlife and Palm Wine, Cumbia and even Dixieland-style. A perfect illustration of the heady fusion of sounds is Grupo Bahia who, ithin a song such as ‘Cantare’, change tempi and rhythm several times. Key to the overall sound is the use of an African percussion instrument the malimba along with jazzy horns and a guitar solo Carlos Santana would be proud of.

In contrast the rapid currulao rhythm is exemplified by the best known artists on the compliation, Peregoyo y su Combo Vacana with ‘La Iguana’. For a long time Afro-Colombian rhythms were deingrated in the country and considered inferior to commercial salsa. However, in the late 1990s attitudes changed and a plethora of artists were encouraged to record. An outstanding example is the catchy ‘La Oya’ by La Revuelta that begins as a jazz-inflected intro, but quickly transforms into an infectous Afro-Colombian piece with chanted horns. With excellent recording quality and informative and detailed bi-lingual notes, mark this down as one of the year’s most enlightening discoveries. The CD fills an important gap in the Latin music market and one hopes there will be more music of this calibre to follow. Tim Stenhouse