Veronika Griesslehner’s Nika Project ‘Elusive’ (QFTF) 4/5

Veronika Griesslehner sings. As simple as this might sound – it’s very special. ‘Elusive’ is an all original straight forward traditional jazz and swing album. Bandleader, composer and arranger Veronika Griesslehner manages all clichés with ease and lends an old story a fresh vibe.

Her lyrics are catchy, poetic and make sense – which is not always the case when none native singers choose to write in English –
Her compositions are compelling songs, with a vast harmonic spectrum and beautiful melodies. Veronika’s voice is one you recognize – she gets to you.

Very playful, yet with a lot of wisdom, vision and artistry. Griesslehner belongs to the most notable international talents of her generation. The infamous Downbeat magazine, honoured her with their student award this year.

Elusive is a sophisticated modern jazz album that puts a lot of jazz divas in their place. (Here you go Jane Monheit, this is what you should be doing now!) Who would have thought that some of the hippest mainstream jazz comes from Austria? Veronika, please let us have more of you, vocal jazz needs you.