Victor Haynes ‘My Time is Here’ (Expansion) 3/5

victor-haynesI love this guy’s voice and this time around he’s given us a very dance orientated album, which at times I struggle with. I don’t do Garage or House music or any other type of handbag music, but the sheer quality of this album’s presentation is leading me down a path I have fervently resisted. I have all of the Blaze albums here at home and listen to them quite often, and this late 2014 album reminds me of those great albums too. The opening title track is a free-flowing, very Philly influenced, dancer that I’m sure has had some serious reaction. Having listened intently for what seems weeks upon weeks, I am leaning towards the slower tracks ala “So real” and the sultry “Feel it” with some nice Van McCoy type touches, a quality dancer for sure. “Stay with me” is perfect radio fodder but is for sure a a grower, “Together” is a jazz flavoured mid tempo piece with piano, horns and a vocal that suits. Something for everyone then.

Brian Goucher