Yotam Silberstein ‘Future Memories’ CD (jazz&people) 4/5

“Future Memories” is the follow-up to the 2017 release “The Village” from New York based guitarist Yotam Silberstein. His playing credentials have never been in doubt, yet his previous album seemed to lack a touch of originality and inventiveness. This release though sees the guitarist finding his own voice, confidently presenting a set of original tunes that have a touch of magic about them.

A cool Brazilian vibe drifts effortlessly through this music and the performances from all of the musicians involved are sensitive and thoughtful, whilst still sparkling with verve when called for. It’s the subtlety and skillful execution of the compositions that stand out for me, with an engaging warmth and joy coming across in the music being played.

Silberstein’s writing benefits greatly from working with some very intuitive musicians. Joining the guitarist/vocalist/percussionist on this recording are Vitor Gonçalves on piano, accordion, keyboard, and percussion, Glenn Zaleski on piano and Fender Rhodes, John Patitucci on bass, and Daniel Dor on drums and percussion. This quintet appear to have a great understanding together, with nothing ever sounding forced or contrived, there’s a synergy here that undoubtedly works.

The focus throughout the recording is based around acoustic and electric guitars, and acoustic piano. But it’s the subtle touches that sometimes make all the difference. Silberstein’s gentle vocals lift sections of the tunes into a special place, creating an atmosphere that draws the listener further in to his music. There are some really nice moments between guitar and piano, as the two instruments either echo one another or divert the attention, depending on the mood of the song.

I love the title track; a contemporary jazz piece full of colour and texture, engaging and satisfying. “Capricho de Espanha” is another favourite, with its darting, intricate melodies reminding me of a long-lost Pat Metheny tune. “Wind on the Lake” is pure and beautiful and as refreshing as the title might suggest. And I just adore the gorgeous “A picture of Yafo”, with its yearning piano chords leading to a path of mystery and discovery as Silberstein uses different guitars along with his voice to bring out the wonderful melody to its fullest.

“Future Memories” is a very accomplished album and a delight to listen to. There’s no doubt that Silberstein has found his true voice here, with a recording that will bring pleasure to many across the globe.

Mike Gates

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