Soil & “Pimp” Sessions @ Jazz Cafe

Live at Jazz Cafe 21st July 2010

The adjectives do not exist, even in the English language to begin to describe the Soil & “Pimp” Sessions live experience. Even this scribe was left awestruck – along with the baying masses- having witnessed the full force of “Death Jazz” first hand at London’s Jazz Cafe after hearing so much positive vibes.

Photo courtesy of Mickael Dubois

So it was that The Dood stood expectant with the Soil & “Pimp” Sessions devotees and the soon to be converts as Giles Peterson introduced yet another quality acquisition to his burgeoning Brownswood Label Roster: ‘….For me I’ve seen this band probably about thirty times maybe more, could be forty times. And I’ve still come up here again tonight because I want to see them again, they’re that good. They are one of the greatest bands in the world today. Please give it up, from Tokyo Japan, Soil & “Pimp” Sessions!!!!

Photo courtesy of Mickael Dubois

With that the unmistakable strains of Ennio Morricone’s classic ‘Ecstasy of Gold’ (the Good, the Bad & the Ugly) gradually enveloped the venue. ‘Soil & “Pimp”! Soil & “Pimp”!’ chanted the audience beckoning the group to come to the fore. After thirty seconds or so they sauntered to the stage and assumed their positions. Ecstasy of Gold was interrupted abruptly by front man and ‘agitator’ Shacho, dressed immaculately in black suit, black shirt and black hat, with a piece of bling around his neck ‘Ice T’ would’ve proud of – Pure Pimp! He grabbed the microphone and bellowed, ‘HERE WE GO!!!!!’

Photo courtesy of Mickael Dubois

We were off and the band let off their opening salvo, a thunderous version of ‘Hollow’ from their 2008 ‘Planet Pimp’ project. With the crowd already bouncing off the walls, the six piece outfit segued straight into the first of five tracks from their current release ‘6’ – ‘Papa’s Got A Brand New Pig Bag.’ An evocative cover of the Art Blakey & Bobby Watson composition and DJ favourite, ‘Wheel Within A Wheel’ gave Tabu Zombie and Motoharu on horns an opportunity get their freak on, egged on by the Jazz Cafe massive. Somehow the two of them manage to give the impression and fullness in sound of a much larger six piece brass section – Amazing!

Keeping the up-tempo mood was the instant anthem, ‘Quartz Chronometer’ the second track of the night from their ‘6’ CD. The ‘agitator’ got to agitating his people by chanting ‘Soil’ repetitively while orchestrating the crowd to do likewise as they pogo jumped in front of him, fists raised high pumping the air. The quiet genius that is Josei got to flex his fingers during a brief solo on keyboards. However, it was on the following track the nursery melody sounding but complex and infectious ‘Sahara Mint’ that Josei as well as Akita (bass) and Midorin (drums) aka J.A.M got to represent proper. Josei laid down the gauntlet, twinkling the life out of the ebony and ivories, handing the virtual baton over to the animal that is Midorin. He distressed the skins and I mean spanked them proper! The crowd went mental. All the while it was left to the anker that is Akita Golding to keep the tempo on the double bass. No surprise then that this tight trio already have a couple of albums in the can in their own right. Spell-binding!

Photo courtesy of Mickael Dubois

Shacho, Tabu Zombie and Motoharu rejoined their cohorts on stage keeping the momentum by reeling off three high octane tunes in succession – ‘Fuller Love’, the funked up ‘Mirror Boy’ from the new ‘6’ set and ‘Fantastic Planet’ from their ‘Planet Pimp’ collection. The whole time Shacho was playing to and interacting with the audience. This captivating set was brought to a close by two more soon to be classics from their ‘6’ outing, ‘Pop Korn’ and the madcap ‘Satsuriku Theme’. Trust me this tune is off the hook! Shacho bringing the psychedelic feel with his hand held synthesiser, chanting in Japanese and screaming ‘Soil!’ repeatedly via a mega phone! Akita mashing the double bass strings with a drum stick and Tabu Zombie and Moto prancing around the stage. At one point Moto was balancing one foot on Midorin’s drum kit whilst playing his saxophone – Awesome entertainment!

Photo courtesy of Mickael Dubois

So it was they exited up the stairs – job done! No sir! This crowd weren’t leaving anytime soon chanting Soil & “Pimp” incessantly until eventually their Japanese ‘Death Jazz’ heroes where assembled back on stage for one last hurrah. And so it was with the toe tapping, head nodding feel good vibes of ‘Summer Goddess’ from the mini album of the same name that Soil & “Pimp” Sessions sent home their entranced followers, musically sated.

Photo courtesy of Mickael Dubois

There’s a popular saying in Japanese: ‘Hageshii Jazz’ which means ‘to tear down old Jazz and rebuild it.’ Well having witnessed up close and personal the Phenomenon that is Soil & “Pimp” Sessions, The Dood can confidently report that these guys have not only torn down any old school Jazz stereo types, but completely reformulated it and taken it to the next level, whilst staying tethered to their Jazz roots. Soil & “Pimp” Sessions – we salute you!

Photo courtesy of Mickael Dubois

Do make sure that wherever you are on planet Earth or should that be ‘Planet Pimp’ that you get to experience Soil & “Pimp” Sessions LIVE! The excellent CD’s and You Tube clips still only scratch the surface of the unconfined joy and energy they bring to every live ‘SESSION.’

Michael ‘The Dood’ Edwards

Soil & “Pimp” Sessions are: Shacho (‘agitator’), Tabu Zombie (trumpet), Motoharu (Sax), Josei (keyboards), Akita Goldman (double bass) and Midorin (bass)

Essential Albums:
2009 – “6”
2008 – “Planet Pimp”
2007 – “Pimpoint”
2006 – “Pimp of the Year”
2005 – “Pimp Master”
2004 – “Pimpin’”

Essential Myspace:

A little addition from the editor when Soil & Pimp landed in Birmingham the night before the Jazz cafe gig.

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