Unseen Crystal 1995

by Ifi Piankhi
for ukvibe issue 16 1995

Awake from slumber, eyelids a flutter
ears attuned to the orchestra of nature.
Beautiful butterfly lands on my face as Mother Nature
brushes her fingers through her nappy hair.
I wrap myself within a cloud and fly high to the sky
opening up the minds eye. skin burnt blakk as an oven
scorched by the heat of the sun.

Naphtali I ya. vibrating to the colour
Xstasy. fertility. drawing forth the potency of life.
I manifest brilliance to the highest degree of humanity.
All streams flow to the sea but it never fills.
comprehend that at your will.
Nature baby close to the father. mother. giver
exploring space that has no pace
the rhythmical alternation of my race.

The ability to see with hindsight. foresight 20/20 vision.
Unseen doesn’t mean you can’t believe in what you feel.
Reunite with the light of inspiration the subliminal
communication of meditation.
Follow the line by degrees until you reach the Truth.
Reject the White lies there to confine you.
Unlimited is the concept – Recreate, stimulate your being

As the world sleeps the crisis creeps, waiting undercover
as the concrete Jungle is overcome.
No more hallucinations, mind cloudy with confusion.
No more chains locked around the brain. I am Reborn
the first from whom all cane.

The passage is not easy
Discovery will make a mockery of all you know to be.
buried in the hypocrisy. truth mixed up with lies
images formed in the Yurugu mind.
Seek and ye shall find locked inside the chambers of the brain
programmed to go insane.
Fantasy and Fiction all is an illusion.
Lucifer’s intention is to blind through deception
Break free from manipulation and hear the final call.
Arise warrior daughter/sons. from darkness you shall return
with eyes ablaze at the injustice done. products of the rat race of space.
Streets ahead shall be your fight showing no mercy as you strike
The signs have shown these are the times. the children of Armageddon are alive.
Too late for tears. this video nasty’s real.
Laughing all the while. eatin out of your two face. choking on the rhetoric of bullshit.
I re—define my speaksay.

Time waits for no one, prepare for the future today. but you’re too busy
dancing in the streets. Lost in your own extinction.
You’ve forgotten what its like to have the lash hot on your back.
The western views won’t save you
Status quo sophistication, blinded by the superficial.
All that glitters is not gold, break out of that mold
Beauty is only skin deep, what lies beneath?
Beyond the reflection in the mirror – Man. Woman or Beast.
Remember time waits for no one will you be the first or the last?

Astral Travelling Since 1993