Best jazz albums of 2018

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Before 2017 had closed its door on us, we had received albums by Justin Gray and Synthesis, Julia Biel, Ilios Steryannis, Gili Yalo, Andrew Distel, Toto Bona Lokua, Henry Lowther’s Still Waters, Danny Fox Trio, Arnan Raz and a collaboration album from Stoney Lane Records under the banner ‘Live At The Spotted Dog’ featured the likes of Stan Sulzmann, Jonathan Silk, Ben Lee, Sean Gibbs, Andrew Bain, John O’Gallagher and Michael Janisch – and you know how we raved about Andrew Bain in 2017 and Stan Sulzmann in 2016 – It was going to be a crazy New Year for sure. Also through the door were two reissues by way of Victor Assis Brasil, on Far Out Recordings, and Saluki, on the rather delightful Round 2 Records [their Terje Rypdal reissue, Bleak House, was one of our five favourite reissues in 2017]. And as is custom during the New Year, we are exposed to some terrific albums that slipped through our net the previous year. Perhaps the big oversights for us were ‘Basement Sessions Vol.4 (The Bali Tapes)’ on Clean Feed records, Piotr Wojtasik with ‘Tribute to Akwarium’ on Indygo records and ‘Life and Death on the Other Side of the Dream’ from Vuma Levin. Simply Wonderful.

The snow fell, Santa paid a visit, the snow fell again, and the music poured in. Whirlwind Recordings kicked off their 2018 campaign with Walter Smith III and the team revelled in the Stephane Nisol album, ‘Trafic d’influences’. Edition records fired up the Elliot Galvin burner, ‘The Influencing Machine’, before we had chance to crack open Calibro 35, Kathy Kosins, Kristina Koller, Joanna Wallfisch or Emma Frank releases, oh and Menagerie’s ‘The Arrow Of Time’ from Freestyle Records really caught our attentions, and it was only the first week into January! There were other great releases by Camille Bertault and MOPO (our Album of the Month) with Nat Birchall’s ‘Cosmic Language’ grabbing our attentions alongside the stunning Chick Corea and Steve Gadd Band ‘Chinese Butterfly’ release.

And then we lost Hugh Masakela.

As February closed in, Edition records offered up their first wave of releases with Ivo Neame, Verneri Pohjola, Snowpoet and Eyolf Dale, all landing on our doorstep together. We were enjoying a fabulous release from Jazz Family by way of Simon Chivallon plus the wonderful new release by Thandi Ntuli called ‘Exiled’, and talk was that Straight No Chaser issue 99 had an April due date. Oh and the rather important milestone of 25 years was celebrated with the release of Chris Bowden’s ‘Unlikely Being’ on our own UK Vibe label (best mention that!). February also gave us two terrific compilations by way of ‘The Wants List 4’ and ‘Colin Curtis presents Jazz Dance Fusion’. For the team though, the kipper slap around the face moments were Brownswood Recording’s ‘We Out Here’ [Shabaka Hutchings, Nubya Garcia, Ezra Collective etc.], ‘Volume 3’ from the mighty Ill Considered and Salim Washington with ‘Dogon Revisited’. Oh boy did they make an impact. But for out-and-out superiority, Sameer Gupta (founder of Brooklyn Raga Massive) launched upon us the album ‘A Circle Has No Beginning’, which is still on our playlist in December!

March opened with a dreadful cold spell but the warmth from Far Out Recordings with the Sean Khan delight, ‘Palmares Fantasy’ featuring Hermeto Pascoal, pushed the snow aside without much difficulty. Park Jiha had just released her album and the MABUTA release, ‘Welcome To This World’, was getting heavy plays at Vibe HQ, and awarded our ALBUM OF THE MONTH, and so too was BBE’s – instantly sold out on all platforms – ‘J Jazz: Deep Modern Jazz from Japan’. Another highlight came via Strut records with their latest Seun Kuti and Egypt 80 offering, ‘Black Times’. We were then presented with the new Azar Lawrence album, ‘Elementals’ on HighNote records before the postman delivered the mighty ‘Spiritual Jazz 8 Japan: Parts 1 and 2’ from Jazzman. A non-digital release of huge proportions which kept our ears very busy indeed. March end was also to see the vinyl release, through Matsuli records, of one of our favourite South African albums from Moses Taiwa Molelekwa, called ‘Genes and Spirits’. The team were also deeply moved by Peter Jones’ book ‘This is Hip: The Life of Mark Murphy’ – superb from start to finish.

There was a momentary rustle of chocolate easter egg wrappers before April dawned. We had been listening to Jay Rodriguez’s ‘Your Sound’, Roller Trio with their ‘New Devices’ on Edition Records, Chip Wickham’s incredible album, ‘Shamal Wind’, and repeated plays of EL ECO with Guillermo Nojechowicz, called ‘Puerto de Buenos Aires 1933’ which had a 2017 date stamp but only just sent through from the label. It mattered not, as this was a serious album we were delighted to have received. April was set to be huge, but with it came the sad news of Cecil Taylor passing on April 5th followed by Nathan Davis on April 8th. Benjamin Boone and the late Philip Levine called ‘The Poetry of Jazz’ was playing an awful lot here and the Black Flower EP ‘Intermediate State’ too, and not to mention the Peter Erskine/Dr. Um Band album ‘On Call’. Cellist, Erik Friedlander, was also a big favourite with his ‘Artemisia’ release via Skipstone, with a wonderful 3LP boxset. Excellent music indeed. One other notable mention must be given to hip-hop’s The NONCE, with their ‘1990’ release through Family Groove records – a monumental ‘find’ by the label. A big pat on the back for Daniel Borine and all those involved.

As April faded away, we were revelling in the latest Eliane Elias album, ‘Music from Man of La Mancha’, we were wishing Edition records a Happy 10th Anniversary, and then, oh look… Record Store Day with all its merriment, marvelling at the On-U Sound release of the Creation Rebel 1978 album ‘Dub From Creation’, raising a glass to the Grant Green 3LP album, ‘Funk In France: From Paris to Antibes 1969-1970’, via the mighty Resonance stables, scratching our heads at the Miles Davis ‘Rubberband’ EP and salivated somewhat at the prospect of ‘Soul Diesel VOL. 2’ on Jazz Dispensary records. International Jazz Day arrived on the last day of April, and then May dawned with our ‘Album Of The Month’ feature, the excellent reissue of Kyriakos Sfetsas’ ‘Greek Fusion Orchestra Vol.1’. There were many other stunning releases in May with news that Ed Motta had a new album due out this year too, having just compiled an album full of Brazilian AOR. Timo Lassy had a new release called ‘Moves’ which had some great moments whilst Hugo Fattoruso Y Barrio Opa out on Far Out Recordings was delightful, with Florian Pellissier Quintet’s ‘Bijou Voyou Caillou’, lovingly absorbed early on in the month beside the Waaju album – a bit special – and Nicola Conte’s MPS release, ‘Let Your Light Shine On’, which included a wonderful set of musicians. Certainly no time for dancing around a Maypole!

Other big sounds were filtering through from our own Haji Mike with ‘XXVIII’, Palm Unit’s ‘Hommage à Jef Gilson’, James Brandon Lewis and Chad Taylor in ‘Radiant Imprints’ and the epic ‘Neo Native’ by Bokani Dyer Trio. We were 4 albums in to the one-per-month from pianist Satoko Fujii, celebrating her 60th birthday through 2018, whilst Cadillac records provided The Mike Westbrook Concert Band’s ‘The Last Night at the Old Place’ recorded in 1968. Oh and Walter Wolfman Washington released ‘My Future Is My Past’, which went straight on to our best of 2018 soul list – and a UK Vibe favourite, Nat Birchall, teamed up with Al Breadwinner for the superior offering ‘Sounds Almighty’, which did indeed. Something that we were being teased with during the build up to the Royal Wedding was the new Chip Wickham album, Shamal Wind, on Lovemonk, with two tracks floating around our promo pool. It was such a delight to finally have the full album through ahead of the wedding, as a strong distraction was in order.

So what else elevated our euphoric state as we drifted through May? Well the warm spells and sunshine helped but it was news of a Dexter Gordon documentary later in the year that worked a treat. On a musical note, something that cleared out the last of the winter cobwebs was Omer Avital’s ‘Qantar’, Idris Ackamoor ☥ The Pyramids’ ‘An Angel Fell’ and Erik Friedlander with his ‘Artemisia’ release – out on 3×10″ vinyl – one of our year’s highlights and still on our playlist in December!

So to the month of June. Well the death of Jalal Mansur Nuriddin, of The Last Poets, was a sad start indeed. The UK Vibe team were privileged to have spent time with him in 2014 and his memory will be a lasting one with us all here. Do feel free to read our three-part interview here.

Music came through from Binker and Moses with their album, ‘Alive In The East’, followed swiftly by other highlights in Slowly Rolling Camera’s ‘Juniper’, Uniting Of Opposites, via Tru Thoughts, with ‘Ancient Lights’, Thomas Bramerie Trio’s super ‘Side Stories’, Emanative’s ‘Earth’ on Jazzman records, Flavio Silva’s ‘Break Free’, and a remarkable release from Martti Vesala Soundpost Quintet called ‘Stars Aligned’. Another album that saw lots of love on social media came from Tenderlonious feat. The 22Archestra, with ‘The Shakedown’ – big plays on NTS Radio we recall. In a contemporary vein, we were listening to some lovely work by Jean Chaumont, Jérémy Hababou, Adi Meyerson and Coherence Quartet, whilst the Modern Jazz delight came in the form of Black Art Jazz Collective with their ‘Armor Of Pride’.

The closing days of June offered up a taster of the forthcoming Thabang Tabane album, news of a worldwide launch of the Wojtek Mazolewski album ‘Polka’, the 5LP/3CD Kamasi Washington, the incredible South African drummer, Ayanda Sikade, with his unreleased 2010 recording, ‘Movements’, a superior offering by the Jamie Saft Quartet in ‘Blue Dream’, and the 2LP ‘Lost’ John Coltrane discovery… Should we just pause for thought for a moment?

July was to open with phenomenal new music by Steve Coleman, in ‘Live at the Village Vanguard Vol. 1’, and Woven Entity with their ‘TWO’ second album. A month for sitting up straight and paying attention? Well it just couldn’t be better with Joey Negro launching his volume two of ‘Backstreet Brit Funk’, after an eight year wait – the very sound of the UK that turned into the underground jazz and soul scene in the early 80s. We lived it. It was exciting.

More big releases came from Children of Zeus, The Lewis Express, William Parker and the Ali Shaheed Muhammad and Adrian Younge beauty, ‘The Midnight Hour’, earmarked as contender for album of the year by the team. How anyone can work a Luther classic and nail it is testament alone.

July closed with sad news of Tomasz Stańko’s death aged 76. A groundbreaking musician.

We were delighted at the start of August by the Betty Davis documentary, ‘They Say I’m Different’, a story that needed to be told. We were listening to new music by Dmitry Baevsky/Jeb Patton, Kobie Watkins Grouptet, Phil Scarff and the remarkable J.P. Bimeni and The Black Belts, and not forgetting the latest from Tony Kofi. Straight No Chaser had issued their 99th edition with a respectful feature on Nat Birchall Meets Al Breadwinner ‘Sounds Almighty’ dub album. We had even been somewhat spoiled by two 45 releases too, in Kalima ‘(Where Is The) Sunshine’ and Insólito UniVerso with their ‘Décima/Vuelve’ beauty.

The pressure was held tight through the month with delightful offerings by way of Angles 3, a never before released 60s set by Jack Sels, out of Belgium, the new Phronesis album and the out-of-the-blue spark that was Sinsuke Fujieda. It was also to be the moment we lost Aretha Franklin. A dark cloud was cast over the world that day. As August faded away, there were celebrations for Wayne Shorter’s 85th birthday, the summer heat seemed to be no more and news of the WE JAZZ FESTIVAL in December was confirmed. A month with wonderful musical highlights from Xavier Davis, Jeff “Siege” Siegel Quartet, Reginald Chapman, İlhan Erşahin’s Istanbul Sessions and Laurent Salzard.

September rose from the drizzle of rain with the unearthing of what was our UKVIBE ALBUM OF THE MONTH in Sinsuke Fujieda (aka Sound Furniture) and the incredible ‘Hyper Harmony’. The combination of fretless bass, sax, flute, khoomie, electric sitar, drums, piano, bamboo clarinet, djembe and didgeridoo was to set the benchmark for 2018. We then learned the very sad news of Randy Weston passing. We have fond memories of his visit to the UK on several occasions, bringing with him the likes of Stafford James and Alex Blake to a new audience. He was one of the true greats and wonderful to hear live. Missed he will be.

September is renowned for being the last push for releases in the year and what beautiful offerings we unwrapped. The true delight in reissuing Bheki Mseleku’s ‘Celebration’ to vinyl was as close to one could get in shedding a tear for a release. The largest of pats go to Matsuli Music for their love and understanding for music. Web Web, over at Compost records came back with a strong second album and a huge favourite with the Vibe team and BBE Music… Talk about taking control of the reissue game! Could be everyone’s label of 2018. Talking about reissues, the steady quality of releases out of the Pure Pleasure records’ stable is mind-blowing too. 180g vinyl only and every album a must-have in any record collection. September should have come with an obligatory chair to cope.

October came with yet more sad news, the deaths of Charles Aznavour, Jerry González and Hamiet Bluiett hit the press. We witnessed Abdullah Ibrahim live, 84 years of age and ever captivating. The talk of the town was the release of 1000 Kings via Jazz:Refreshed records, with a creative floury of new releases from Ambrose Akinmusire, Abstract Orchestra, Camilla George, Jeremy Pelt, Keith Jarrett, Tord Gustavsen and Wayne Shorter all providing many hours of listening pleasure. And UK Vibe witnessed the truly amazing J.P. Bimeni and The Black Belts live at Ronnie Scott’s. Now that was one way to exit October!

November brought the sad news of Roy Hargrove’s death at the age of 49. The mighty Miguel Atwood-Ferguson popped up on The Putbacks album reminding us of his absence – can we please have more by him in 2019? Insólito UniVerso had released their album on Olindo records and what a breath of fresh air that was – there isn’t a category known to man that we could pigeon-hole that! Adrien Chicot returned with ‘City Walk’ to rapturous applause, having featured in last year’s top 20. Christian McBride’s New Jawn was on heavy rotation, GSI records came strong with Eric Harland’s Voyager CD, ’13th Floor’, and word of Louis Moholo-Moholo’s Five Blokes ‘Uplift The People’ was rumbling around on the streets with Jason Yarde, John Edwards, Alexander Hawkins and Shabaka Hutchings in the band – UK Vibe has to show their appreciation to all things Ogun records and Cafè Oto related – the free jazz movement is strong in 2018.

November left us with our UKVIBE ALBUM OF THE MONTH for December in Muriel Grossmann’s ‘Golden Rule’. Muriel took us by surprise with her RR GEMS vinyl release. It was somewhat embarrassing to discover a further 9 albums in her discography – just going to show how easily these things can pass under the Vibe radar. Having now listened to all 10 albums, we can but feel a sense of relief in the brilliance uncovered. A name we are going to keep a very close eye on in 2019.

December opened with wonderful sounds from Dominic Egli’s PLURISM and their album ‘Azania in Mind’ from Unit Records and sad news of Jorge López Ruiz, Nancy Wilson and Arthur Maia all passing away. December was to see the release too of the Don Rendell/Ian Carr Quintet official box set ‘The Complete Lansdowne Recordings 1965 – 1969’ from Jazzman Records. Without a doubt THE most sought after release of the year; perhaps only trumped in importance by John Coltrane’s “Lost Recordings” – we will let you be the judge of that. It was also to see the flurry of promos due for release in 2019. Plenty to get us through the holiday season!

So to our Best Of 2018 selections… difficult yes. So much great music and some huge names released albums too. The likes of Norma Winstone, Wayne Shorter, Buster Williams, Gilberto Gil, Azar Lawrence, Dave Liebman, John Scofield were among the many, but is was also a big year for British jazz and what’s was being called the “new UK sound” – regular press pieces over in the States proved the sound was reaching out and every magazine seemed to be covering work by Shabaka Hutchings! High praise.

Two movements stood out more so this year for us; first the quantity of previously unissued material (you will find a separate list below) finding its way to the shops. Most notably the John Coltrane, but Wes Montgomery, Eric Dolphy, Grant Green, Thelonious Monk and Charles Mingus were ‘uncovered’. And at the time of writing we are made aware of a 2019 release from Cannonball Adderley. It could turn in to an expensive spend next year for sure. The second was the focus and attention on reissues. The bringing back to life on vinyl, with remastering and double vinyl/box sets at times, sought after wonders. Music by Don Rendell/Ian Carr Quintet, Billy Harper, Bheki Mseleku, Tohru Aizawa Quartet, Marcos Valle and many more were meticulously and lovingly brought to life.

Another change this year for us was the introduction of our ‘Best Album of the Month’ feature. Here were our choices:

JANUARY: Mopo – Mopocalypse (WeJazz)
FEBRUARY: MABUTA (Shane Cooper) – Welcome To This World (Self-released)
MARCH: Ariel Zamonsky – Entre dos mundos . between two worlds (Self-released)
APRIL: Palm Unit – Hommage à Jef Gilson (Super-Sonic Jazz)
MAY: Kyriakos Sfetsas – Greek Fusion Orchestra Vol.1 (Teranga Beat)
JUNE: Wojtek Mazolewski – Polka (Whirlwind Recordings)
JULY: John Coltrane – Both Directions at Once: The Lost Album (Impulse!)
AUGUST: Woven Entity – Two (Enid)
SEPTEMBER: Sinsuke Fujieda – Hyper Harmony (SoFa)
OCTOBER: Bheki Mseleku – Celebration (Matsuli)
NOVEMBER: Insólito UniVerso – La Candela del Río (Olindo)
DECEMBER: Muriel Grossmann – Golden Rule (RR Gems)

And that’s why a Best Of 2018 is a hard task. One we need to compartmentalise to even stand a chance. One where our best effort is to concentrate on the brand new. Music made in 2018.

1. Muriel Grossmann – Golden Rule (RR Gems)
Review here

2. Ayanda Sikade – Movements (Self-released)
Review here

3. Jamie Saft Quartet – Blue Dream (RareNoise)
Review here

4. Sinsuke Fujieda – Hyper Harmony (SoFa)

5. Web Web – Dance of the Demons (Compost)
Review here

6. Nat Birchall – Cosmic Language (Jazzman)
Review here

7. Ill Considered – 3 (Ill Considered Music)
Review here

8. Woven Entity – Two (Enid)
Review here

9. Makaya McCraven – Universal Beings (International Anthem)
Review here

10. Adrien Chicot – City Walk (Gaya Music Production)
Review here

11. Bruno Råberg Trio – Tailwind (Red Piano)
Review here

12. Spirit Fingers – Spirit Fingers (Shanachie)
Review here

13. Trygve Seim ‘Helsinki Songs’ (ECM)
Review here

14. Tenderlonious Featuring The 22archestra – The Shakedown (22a)

15. Maisha – There is a Place (Brownswood Recordings)

16. Kamasi Washington – Heaven and Earth (Young Turks)

17. Kamaal Williams – The Return (Black Focus)

18. Snowpoet – Thought You Knew (Edition)
Review here

19. Butcher Brown – AfroKuti: A Tribute to Fela (Self-released)

20. Menagerie – The Arrow Of Time (Freestyle)

What the team listened to in 2018:

Edu Passeto and Gui Tavares – Noite Que Brincou De Lua (Far Out Recordings)
Saluki – Saluki (Round 2)
Victor Assis Brasil – Esperanto (Far Out Recordings)
Victor Assis Brasil – Toca Antonio Carlos Jobim (Far Out Recordings)
Sonny Rollins – Way Out West [Deluxe Edition] (Craft Recordings)
Sun Ra and His Arkestra – Sun Ra Plays Gershwin (Enterplanetary Koncepts)
Sun Ra and His Arkestra – Of Mythic Worlds (Enterplanetary Koncepts)
Sun Ra – Of Abstract Dreams (Strut)
Moses Taiwa Molelekwa – Genes and Spirits (Matsuli)
Tim Maia – Disco Club (Mr Bongo)
Azambuja and Cia – Azambuja and Cia (Far Out Recordings)
Baiano and Os Novos Caetanos – Baiano and Os Novos Caetanos (Far Out Recordings)
Kyriakos Sfetsas – Greek Fusion Orchestra Vol.1 (Teranga Beat) Unissued 1974 recordings
Leon’s Creation – This Is The Beginning (Acid Jazz)
Red Garland – Four Classic Albums (Avid Jazz)
Helio Matheus – Helio Matheus (Athens Of The North)
Serge Gainsbourg and Michel Colombier – Le Pacha OST (WeWantSounds)
Maynard Ferguson – M.F. Horns 4&5: Live At Jimmy’s (BGO)
Hugh Masekela – ’66-’76 (Wrasse/Chisa)
Harold Vick – Don’t Look Back (Pure Pleasure)
Super Elcados – Togetherness Is Always A Good Venture (Tambourine Party Vol. 2) (Mr. Bongo)
The Modern Jazz Quartet – The Sheriff (Pure Pleasure)
Ruth Brown – Miss Rhythm (Pure Pleasure)
Norman Connors – Love From the Sun (Pure Pleasure)
Billy Harper – Capra Black (Pure Pleasure)
Bill Evans – New Jazz Conception (Poll Winners)
The Mike Westbrook Concert Band – The Last Night at the Old Place (Cadillac)
Miles Davis and John Coltrane – The Final Tour: The Bootleg Series, Vol. 6 (Sony Legacy)
Juhani Aaltonen, Esa Helasvuo, Teppo Hauta-aho, Edward Vesala, Edward Vesala Ensemble ‎– Jazz Liisa Live In Studio 17/18 (Svart)
Radka Toneff/Steve Dobrogosz – Fairytales (Odin)
Wojtek Mazolewski – Polka (Whirlwind Recordings)
Emilio Santiago – Emilio Santiago (Far Out Recordings)
Monty Alexander – Here Comes The Sun (MPS)
Lester Young – The Lester Young Collection 1936-47 (Acrobat Music)
Miles Davis – Ascenseur pour l’échafaud (State of Art)
Ramsey Lewis – Don’t It Feel Good/Sãlongo/Tequila Mockingbird/Love Notes (BGO)
George Russell – Four Classic Albums (Avid Jazz)
Tunde Mabadu – Viva Disco (Mr Bongo)
Spaceark – Spaceark (Mr Bongo)
Foster Sylvers – Foster Sylvers (Mr Bongo)
Atmosfear – En Trance (Mr Bongo)
Célia – Célia (Mr Bongo)
Shina Williams and His African Percussionists – African Dances (Mr Bongo)
Orlando “Cachaíto” López – Cachaito (World Circuit)
Fletcher Henderson – A Study In Frustration: The Fletcher Henderson Story (Poll Winners)
(Mulatu Astatke and His) Ethiopian Quintet – Afro-Latin Soul Vols. 1 and 2 (Strut)
Dur-Dur Band Vol 1 and 2 (Analog Africa)
Ornette Coleman – The Road To Free Jazz: The Early Years 1958-61 (Acrobat Music)
Marcos Valle – Nova Bossa Nova (Far Out Recordings)
Gary McFarland – The In Sound/Soft Samba (ACE)
Airto – Fingers + Airto/Deodato – In Concert (Vocalion)
Janko Nilovic – Rythmes Contemporains (Broc)
Tohru Aizawa Quartet – Tachibana (BBE Music)
Koichi Matsukaze Trio + Toshiyuki Daitoku – Earth Mother (BBE Music)
Ralph Thomas – Eastern Standard Time (BBE Music)
Takeo Moriyama – East Plants (BBE Music)
International Jazz Consensus – Beak To Beak (Nabel)
Gyedu-Blay Ambolley ‎– Simigwa (Mr Bongo)
Modern Sound Quartet – Floreama (Four Flies Srls)
David Axelrod – Song of Innocence (Now-Again)
David Axelrod – Songs Of Experience (Now-Again)
Jack Sels – Minor Works (SDBAN)
Bheki Mseleku – Celebration (Matsuli)
Don Rendell/Ian Carr Quintet – The Complete Lansdowne Recordings 1965-1969 (Jazzman)
Erik Andresen Quartet – GIP (Jazzaggression)
Itiberê Orquestra Familia – Pedra Do Espia (Far Out Recordings)
Alan Braufman – Valley Of Search (The Control Group)
Miles Davis – Miles Smiles (Columbia)
Luis Perez – Ipan In Xiktli Metztli, México Mágico Cósmico, El Ombligo de la Luna (Mr Bongo)
Clifford Jordan – Glass Bead Games (Superfly)

Previously unissued / Archive releases
John Coltrane – Both Directions at Once: The Lost Album (Impulse!)
Thelonious Monk – Mønk (Gearbox) Unissued 1963 recordings
Grant Green – Funk In France: From Paris to Antibes (Resonance) Unissued 1969-1970 recordings
Jazz Rock Experience – Let Yourself Go (Sonorama) Unissued 1969/1970 recordings
Grant Green – Slick!: Live at Oil Can Harry’s (Resonance) Unissued 1975 recordings
Hank Jones – In Copenhagen: Live At Jazzhus Slukefter (Storyville) Unissued 1983 recordings
Wes Montgomery – In Paris: The Definitive ORTF Recording (Resonance) Unissued 1965 recordings
Erroll Garner – Nightconcert’ (Mack Avenue) Unissued 1964 recordings
The Tubby Hayes Quartet – A Little Workout: Live At The Little Theatre (Acrobat Music) Unissued 1966-1967 recordings
Prince – Piano and A Microphone 1983 (NPG/Warner Bros.) Unissued 1983 recordings
Hugh Masekela – Live at the Record Plant (Hi Hat) Unissued 1974 recordings
Chet Baker – Live in London Volume II (Ubuntu Music)
Bird Curtis Quintet – Needs B (Jazzaggression) Previously Unreleased 1969 recording
Charles Mingus – Jazz in Detroit / Strata Concert Gallery / 46 Selden’ (BBE/Strata/Sue Mingus Music) Previously Unreleased 1973 recording
Eko Kuango – Eko Kuango (Libreville) Previously Unreleased 1987 recording
Pharoah Sanders – Juan Les Pin Jazz Festival ’68 (Hi Hat)
David Toop/Paul Burwell – Suttle Sculpture (Sub Rosa) Unreleased 1978 recording
Alice Coltrane – Carnegie Hall Live (Hi Hat) Previously Unreleased 1971 recording
Eric Dolphy ‎– Musical Prophet [The Expanded 1963 New York Studio Sessions] Vinyl 2018 / CD 2019 (Resonance)
John McLaughlin/The 4th Dimension with Jimmy Herring/The Invisible Whip – Live In San Francisco (Abstract Logix)

Compilations/Various Artists
Levanta Poeira (Jazz and Milk Recordings)
Nostalgia 77 – Fifteen (Best Of) (Tru Thoughts)
Soul Jazz Records Presents BRASIL (Soul Jazz)
Compilation For Dominica (Rhythm Section International)
Charles Maurice – French Disco Boogie Sounds Vol3 (1977-1987)
Terry Callier – The Chess-Cadet Singles…Plus! (Geffen)
We Out Here (Brownswood Recordings)
Colin Curtis presents Jazz Dance Fusion (ZR)
J-Jazz: Deep Modern Jazz from Japan 1969-1984 (BBE Music)
Serge Gamesbourg presents Boston Goes Disco (BBE Music)
Svensk Jazzhistoria Vol. 11: Jazz Cosmopolit – Swedish Jazz History 1970-1979 (Caprice)
Jazz Bassists – Four Classic Albums (Avid Jazz)
Puzzles Vol. 3 (Raw Tapes)
Esterno Giorno D’Estate (Four Flies)
Esterno Notte Jazz (Four Flies)
Esterno Notte Vol.2 (Four Flies)
Movements Vol. 9 (Tramp)
Spiritual Jazz 8 Japan: Parts 1 and 2 (Jazzman)
So Much, So Quickly: British Modern Jazz Pianists 1948-62 (Acrobat Music)
Martin Freeman and Eddie Piller Present Jazz On The Corner (Acid Jazz)
Eccentric Soul: The Saru Label (The Numero Group)
Ed Motta presents…Too Slow to Disco Brasil (How Do You Are?)
Desafinado: Spanish Bossa Nova 1963-1975 (Adarce)
Record Kicks 15th (Record Kicks)
Backstreet Brit Funk Vol.2 Compiled By Joey Negro (ZRecords)
This Is How It Should Be Done Volume 4 (Cold Busted)
African Scream Contest 2 (Analog Africa)
Praise Poems, Vol.6 (Tramp)
Fabyl Arrival (Fabyl)
Two Niles To Sing A Melody: The Violins and Synths Of Sudan (Ostinato)
Attitudes – Ain’t Love Enough – The Best Of Attitudes 1975-1977 (Craft Recordings)
The Best of Uno Melodic Records (Expansion)
The So Soulful Collection Vol. 3 (So Soulful)
Czech Up! Vol 2 – We’d Be Happy Supraphon 1968-1979 (Vampi Soul)
From The Archive Vol.2 – Compiled by Volcov (BBE Music)
Boogie on the Mainline – A Collection Of Rare Disco Funk And Boogie From Germany 1980-1987 (BOTM)
Lefto presents Jazz Cats (SDban Ultra)
Nicola Conte presents Cosmic Forest (MPS)
For Discos Only- Indie Dance Music From Fantasy and Vanguard Records 1976-1981 (Craft Recordings)
Shapes:Mountains (Tru Thoughts)
Futures Vol. 5 (Inner Ocean)
A New Life Vol. II: Independent and Regional Jazz In Great Britain 1968-1988 (Jazzman)
A Day In The Life: Impressions of Pepper (Verve)
Can You Feel It: Modern Soul Disco and Boogie 1976-86 (Tramp)
IF Music presents: You Need This – World Jazz Grooves (BBE Music)
Tru Thoughts 2018 (Tru Thoughts)
Soul Jazz Records Presents Soul of a Nation: Jazz Is The Teacher, Funk Is The Preacher 1969-75 (Soul Jazz)
We Jazz Live Plates, Vol.1 – Berlin 27.10.17 (We Jazz)
Bitteschön Philophon Vol.1 (Philophon)

Aapo Heinonen Quintet – Tara (Ozella)
Aaron Comess – Sculptures (Innsbruck)
Aaron Irwin Trio – Wobegon (Fresh Sound)
Aaron Parks – Little Big (Ropeadope)
Aaron Shragge and Ben Monder – This World of Dew (Human Resource)
Abstract Orchestra – Madvillain Vol.1 (ATA)
Achim Kirchmair Trio – Going to Ladakh (O-tone)
Adam Holzman – Truth Decay (Big Fun Productions)
Adam Kolker and Russ Lossing – Whispers and Secrets (Fresh Sound)
Adam O’Farrill’s Stranger Days – El Maquech (Biophilia)
Adam Page – Mono (Wizard Tone)
Adam Shulman Sextet – Full Tilt (Cellar Live)
Adi Meyerson – Where We Stand (Self-released)
Adison Evans – Meridian (AdiTone)
Adrean Farrugia and Joel Frahm – Blued Dharma (GB)
Adrian Clarck – Time Goes By (ACP Music)
Adrian Younge – Presents Voices of Gemma (Linear Labs)
Adrien Chicot – City Walk (Gaya Music Production)
Aerie – Sonic (QFTF)
Afro-Cuban All-Stars – A Toda Cuba Le Gusta (World Circuit)
Aggregate Prime – Inward Venture: Alive Vol. 5 at the Side Door (Onyx Productions)
Agnes Gosling – Caçador (Buzz)
Ai Kuwabara The Project – To The End Of This World (Universal Music)
Aimée Allen – Wings Uncaged (Azuline)
AJ Ghent [j-ent] – The Neo Blues Project (Ropeadope)
Akira Sakata and Chikamorachi with Masahiko Satoh – Proton Pump (Family Vineyard)
Alan Pasqua – Soliloquy (Self-released)
Alberto Giraldi Electric Band – Una Storia Semplice (Forward Music Italy)
Alberto Parmegiani – On My Radio (A.MA)
Alchemy Sound – Adventures in Time and Space (Artists Recording Collective)
Alder Ego – II (We Jazz)
Al Di Meola – Opus (Sheer Sound)
Alexander von Schlippenbach Globe Unity Orchestra – Global Unity 50 Years
Alexandrina Simeon Quintett – Ocean Tales (Unit)
Alex Clough – Near Far Beyond (Self-released)
Alex Lefaivre Quartet – YUL (Self-released)
Alex Monfort Trio – Introspection (Jazz Family)
Alex Skolnick Trio – Conundrum (Palmetto+)
Alfredo Chacón – Caliente Corner (Chacón Music)
Alfredo Rodriguez – The Little Dream (Mack Avenue)
Algorhythm Trio – A Glitch In The Matrix (Luxuryville)
Alina Bzhezhinska – Inspiration (Ubuntu Music)
Ali Shaheed Muhammad and Adrian Younge – The Midnight Hour (Linear Labs)
Alister Spence/Satoko Fujii – Intelsat (Self-released)
Allen Austin-Bishop – No One Is Alone (Self-released)
Allysha Joy – Acadie_ Raw (Gondwana)
Alune Wade – African Fast Food (Cristal Publishing)
Amaro Freitas – Rasif (Far Out Recordings)
Ambrose Akinmusire – Origami Harvest (Blue Note)
Amos Hoffman and Noam Lemish – Pardes (Self-released)
Amu (Satoko Fujii) – Weave (Libra)
Anat Cohen And Fred Hersch – Live In Healdsburg (Anzic)
Anders Lønne Grønseth – Multiverse (Pling Music)
Andrew Distel – It Only Takes Time (JeruJazz)
Andrew Gould – First Things First (Outside In Music)
Andrew Neu – Catwalk (CGN)
Andreas Varady – The Quest (Resonance)
Andrés Elstein – Las Formas Cambian (Kuai Music)
Andrew Cyrille – Lebroba (ECM)
Andrew Moniz – Covered (Self-released)
Andrew Rathbun Large Ensemble – Atwood Suites (Origin)
Andy Lumpp – Impressionen (Nabel)
Andy Milne/Dapp Theory – The Seasons of Being (Sunnyside)
Anenon – Tongue (Friends of Friends)
Angles 3 – Parede (Clean Feed)
Annie Chen Octet – Secret Treetop (Shanghai Audio and Video Company)
Anomalie – Métropole I + II (Dox)
Anteloper – Kudu (International Anthem)
Anthony Fung – Flashpoint (Tiny)
Anthony Joseph – People of the Sun (Heavenly Sweetness)
Ant Law – Life I Know (Edition)
António Sanches – Buli Povo! (Analog Africa)
Andy Milne/Dapp Theory – The Seasons of Being (Sunnyside)
Andy Sheppard Quartet – Romaria (ECM)
Animata – Duality (JazzHausMusik)
Anne-liis Poll/Alistair MacDonald – Untold Story (Leo)
Anne Pacéo – Fables of Shwedagon (Laborie Jazz)
Anteloper – Kudu (International Anthem)
Anthony Jambon Group – Parallel Worlds (Just Looking Productions)
Anton Hunter – Article XI (Efpi)
Antonio Adolfo – Encontros: Orquestra Atlantica (AAM Music)
Arat Kilo/Mamani Keita/Mike Ladd – Visions Of Selam (Accords Croisés)
Ariel Zamonsky – Entre dos mundos . between two worlds (Self-released)
Ari Hoenig – NY Standard (Fresh Sound New Talent)
Arild Andersen, Paolo Vinaccia and Tommy Smith – In-House Science Live (ECM)
Armando Curiel – Familia (Self-released)
Arnan Raz – Chains Of Stories (Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit)
Art Hirahara – Sunward Bound (Posi-Tone)
Arturo Sandoval – Ultimate Duets (Universal)
Aruán Ortiz / Don Byron – Random Dances A Tonalities (Intakt)
Aruán Ortiz Trio – Live In Zürich (Intakt)
AS IS feat. Alan and Stacey Schulman – Here’s to Life (Night Night the Elephant Productions)
A.T.A. – Acoustic Tarab Alchemy (Odradek)
Atzko Kohashi/Frans van der Hoeven/Sebastiaan Kaptein – Lujon (3D Japan)
Audio Dope – Audio Dope (Majestic Casual)
Average White Band – Inside Out (Self-released)
Avishai Darash – Nomadic Treasures (A.MA)
Ayanda Sikade – Movements (Self-released)
Ayn Inserto Jazz Orchestra – Down A Rabbit Hole (Summit)
Azar Lawrence – Elementals (HighNote)

B’s Bees – Kanata (Django Heart)
Bacao Rhythm and Steel Band – The Serpent’s Mouth (Big Crown)
Bad Luck – Four (Origin)
Baguettes Ensemble – TohoJazz Connection Vol. 4 (Self-released)
Baloji – 137 Avenue Kaniama (Bella Union)
Barbara Barth and Manuel Krass – In Spheres (JazzHausMusik)
Barrett Martin Group – Transcendence (Sunyata)
Basa Basa – Homowo (Vintage Voudou)
Batagraf – Delights of Decay (Jazzland Recordings)
BC Double Quartet – Departure (Cellar Live)
Beady Belle – Dedication (Jazzland Recordings)
Beatchild and The Slakadeliqs – Heavy Rockin’ Steady (BBE Music)
Beatriz Nunes – Canto Primeiro (UGURU)
Beats and Pieces Big Band – Ten (Efpi)
Belo – De Alma Aberta (Sony Music)
Bendik Hofseth – Atonement (Jazzland Recordings)
Benjamin Boone/Philip Levine – The Poetry of Jazz (Origin)
Benjamin Schmid and Andreas Martin Hofmeir – Stradihumpa (ACT Music)
Ben Lamar Gay – Downtown Castles Can Never Block the Sun (International Anthem)
Benny Green – Then and Now (Sunnyside)
Benoit Delbecq 4 – Spots on Stripes (Clean Feed)
Benoit Paradis Trio – Quintessence du cool (Duprince)
Benjamin Herman – Bughouse (Dox)
Ben Pirani – How Do I Talk to My Brother (Colemine)
Ben Wendel – The Seasons (Motéma Music)
Bernhard Meyer – Murmuration (Traumton)
Big Heart Machine – Big Heart Machine (Self-released)
Bilal Karaman – Manouche A La Turca (Self-released)
Bill Frisell – Music Is (Okeh/Music On Vinyl)
Bill O’Connell – Jazz Latin (Savant)
Bixiga 70 – Quebra Cabeça (Deckdisc)
Black Art Jazz Collective – Armor Of Pride (HighNote)
Blameful Isles – Pleroma (Urban Waves)
Blast – Drifting (Collectif Pince-Oreilles)
Blicher Hemmer Gadd – Omara (C-Nut)
Blinky Bill – Everyone’s Just Winging It And Other Fly Tales (Lusafrica)
Blue Moka – Blue Moka (Via Veneto Jazz/Jando Music)
Bob Arthurs and Steve Lamattina – Jazz It Up – Ukranian Songs For Three Dads (Blue Griffin)
Bobby Previte – Rhapsody (RareNoise)
Bobby Sanabria Multiverse Big Band – West Side Story Reimagined (Jazzheads)
Bob James – Espresso (Evosound)
Bob Mintzer’s Big Band New York Voices – Meeting Of The Minds (MCG)
Bobo Stenson Trio – Contra La Indecisión (ECM)
Bob Reynolds – Quartet (Self-released)
Bob Watt and Friends – I Play French Horn (MSR Classics)
Bokani Dyer Trio – Neo Native (Dyertribe Music)
Bongwool Lee – My Singing Fingers (Origin)
Bo Sundström – Mitt dumma jag – Svensk Jazz (Columbia)
Brad Garton/Dave Soldier – The Brainwave Music Project (Mulatta 038)
Brad Mehldau – After Bach (Nonesuch)
Brad Mehldau Trio – Seymour Reads the Constitution! (Nonesuch)
Brad Whiteley – Presence (Destiny)
Brandon Coleman – Resistance (Brainfeeder)
Braxton Cook – Somewhere in Between Remixes and Outtakes (Fresh Selects)
Brian Bromberg – Thicker Than Water (Artistry Music)
Brian Newman – Showboat (Verve)
Brian Thusi/Thando Madondo – Thokoza (Self-released)
Brother’s Testament – Ascent (Self-released)
Brubeck Brothers Quartet – Timeline (Blue Forest)
Bruno Angelini – Open Land (La Buissonne)
Bruno Heinen – Mr. Vertigo (Babel Label)
Bruno Ruder, Rémi Dumoulin – Gravitational Waves (Association Du Hajeton)
Bruut! – V (Dox)
Bugge Wesseltoft/Prins Thomas – Bugge Wesseltoft/Prins Thomas (Smalltown Supersound)
Building Instrument – Mangelen Min (Hubro)
Buster Williams – Audacity (Smoke Sessions)

Calibro 35 – Decade (Record Kicks)
Cameron Graves – Planetary Prince: The Eternal Survival (Mack Avenue)
Camilla George – The People Could Fly (Ubuntu Music)
Camille Bertault – Pas de Géant (OKeh)
Can Çankaya/Kağan Yildiz – Timeless (Skoti Pati)
Candi Staton – Unstoppable (Beracah/Thirty Tigers)
Carla Campopiano Trio – Chicago/Buenos Aires Connection (Self-released)
Carl Baugher – A Quartet Of Trios (Tube Room)
Carli Munoz – Follow Me (Tabono)
Carlos Averhoff Jr. – Qba – Jazz Meets Cuban Timba (Inner Circle Music)
Carlos Bica/Azul – Azul in Ljubljana (Cleen Feed)
Casey Golden – ATLAS (Scrampion)
Cassius Lambert – Symmetri (Laborie Jazz)
Cathy Segal-Garcia – The Jazz Chamber (Dash Hoffman)
Cazzip Project – Stories (TMC Film Müzik)
Cécile McLorin Salvant – The Window (Mack Avenue)
Chamber 3 – Transatlantic (Origin)
Caroline Davis – Heart Tonic (Sunnyside)
Chad Lefkowitz-Brown – The Standard Sessions (Self-released)
Chance Hayden – Get Somethin’ (Ropeadope)
Chancha Via Circuito – Bienaventuranza (Wonderwheel Recordings)
Charlie Haden/Brad Mehldau – Long Ago And Far Away [Live] (Universal)
Charlier/Sourisse/Winsberg – Tales From Michael (Gemini)
Charlie Sepulveda and The Turnaround – Songs For Nat (HighNote)
Charles Bradley – Black Velvet (Dunham)
Charles Lloyd and The Marvels + Lucinda Williams – Vanished Gardens (Blue Note)
Charles Pillow Large Ensemble – Electric Miles (MAMA)
Chick Corea and Steve Gadd Band – Chinese Butterfly (Concord Jazz)
Chihiro Yamanaka – Utopia (Blue Note)
Children of Zeus – Travel Light (First Word)
Chip Wickham – Shamal Wind (Lovemonk)
Chris Abelen – Bastiaan Geleijnse – Songs On The Eve Of Dismissal (Self-released)
Chris Bowden – Unlikely Being (UK Vibe)
Chris Byars – New York City Jazz (SteepleChase)
Chris Gall – Room of Silence (GLM Music)
Chris Gall Trio – Cosmic Playground (Edition Collage)
Chris Jentsch – Topics in American History (Blue Schist)
Chris Lightcap – Superette (Royal Potato Family)
Chris Monson – Seldom in the Well (Self-released)
Chris Pasin – Ornettiquette (Planet Arts)
Chris Platt – Sky Glow (Self-released)
Christian Artmann – Our Story (Sunnyside)
Christian Doepke – Patience (ZenneZ)
Christian McBride – Christian McBride’s New Jawn (Mack Avenue)
Christina von Bulow – On the Brink of a Lovely Song (Storyville)
Christopher Hollyday – Telepathy (Jazzbeat Productions)
Chucho Valdes – Jazz Batá 2 (Mack Avenue)
Circling Drones – Nowsterday (784316 Records DK2)
Claudia Carvalho – Velho Continente (Da Vinci Jazz)
Claudio Quartarone – Changes (Workin’ Label)
Clément Simon – Man On The Moon (Jazz Family)
Cliff Gordon Quartet – Stylings of Cliff Gordon (CGM)
Cloudmakers Five – Traveling Pulse (Whirlwind Recordings)
Clover Trio – Harvest (Green Nose Productions)
Clovis Nicolas – Freedom Suite Ensuite (Sunnyside)
Coherence Quartet – Sagaye (Challenge)
Colin Edwin and Lorenzo Feliciati – Twinscapes Vol . 2: A Modern Approach To The Dancefloor (RareNoise)
Colin Hinton – Glassbath (Snake and Cornelia)
Collectif A Contresens – No Parking (Klarthe)
Collective Order – Vol. 3 (Self-released)
Concept of Thought – Misty Blue (Yogocop)
Confusion Project – Primal (Soliton)
Conjoint – Earprints (Source)
Corcoran Holt – The Mecca (Holthouse Music LLC)
Cosmic Analog Ensemble – Une Vie Cent DÇtours (My Bags)
Cristina Branco – Branco (Universal Music Portugal)
Cyril Neville – Endangered Specie:The Essential Recordings (World Order)
Cyrus Chestnut – Kaleidoscope (HighNote)

Dakhla Brass – Murmur (Impossible Ark)
Dan Block – Block Party (Miles High)
Daniel Bennett Group – We Are the Orchestra (Manhattan Daylight Media)
Daniel Carter/William Parker/Matthew Shipp – Seraphic Light [Live at Tufts University] (AUM Fidelity)
Daniel Erdmann/Christophe Marguet/Claude Tchamitchian/Henri Texier – Three Roads Home (Das Kapital)
Daniel Mikael Tjernberg – Flight Of The Raven (Venus Aeon)
Daniel Rotem – Serenading the Future (Self-released)
Dannah Garay – Cuenta Conmigo feat. Oscar Stagnaro (Self-released)
Danny Fox Trio – The Great Nostalgist (Self-released)
Danny Green Trio Plus Strings – One Day It Will (OA2)
Dan Weiss – Starebaby (Pi)
Darkhouse Family – An Extra Offering (First World)
Darrell Katz and the JCA Orchestra – Rats Live on No Evil Star (JCA Recordings)
Darren Barrett/Time For Romance – But Beautiful (db Studios)
Darrian Ford – New Standards (Self-released)
Darryl Yokley’s Sound Reformation – Pictures at an African Exhibition (Truth Revolution)
Darwish – Reclamation (Two Rivers)
Datura Road – Datura Road (Self-released)
Dave Holland – Uncharted Territories (Dare 2)
Dave Liebman/Adam Rudolph/Tatsuya Nakatani – The Unknowable (RareNoise)
Dave Liebman – Fire (Jazzline Germany)
Dave McMurray – Music Is Life (Blue Note)
David Ferris Septet plus Maria Väli – Alphabets (Self-released)
David Friedman Generations Trio – Thursday (Mallettmuse)
David Hazeltine – The Time is Now (Smoke Sessions)
David Helbock’s Random Control – Tour d`Horizon: from Brubeck to Zawinul (ACT Music)
David Murray – Blues for Memo (Motéma Music)
David Tixier Trio – Universal Citizen (Neuklang)
David Virelles – Igbó Alákọrin [The Singer’s Grove] Vol.I and II (Pi Recordings)
Davy Mooney/Ko Omura – Benign Strangers (Sunnyside)
Dayramir Gonzalez – The Grand Concourse (Hippos in Tanks)
Deanne Matley – Because I Loved (Self-released)
Dean Watson – Track Of Days (Self-released)
Deborah “La Cocodrila” De La Torre – Coño! [But With A Swing] (Self-released)
Dejan Pecenko Quartet – Hang Up Your Hangups (Wooky Music)
Dengue Dengue Dengue – Semillero (On The Corner)
Denis Gäbel – The Good Spirits (Mons)
Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio – Close But No Cigar (Colemine)
Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio – Live at KEXP! (Colemine)
De-Phazz – Black White Mono (Phazz-a-delic)
Detroit Rising – A Cosmic Jazz Funk Adventure (Down Jazz)
Devin Gray – Dirigo Rataplan (Rataplan)
Dexter Goldberg Trio – Tell Me Something New (jazz&people)
Dhafer Youssef – Sounds Of Mirrors (Anteprima)
Diane Marino – Soul Serenade The Gloria Lynne Project (M&M)
Diane Moser – Birdsong (Self-released)
Diego Pinera – Despertando (ACT Music)
Dillon Garrett – Change of Plans (Self-released)
Dinosaur – Wonder Trail (Edition)
Diogo Monzo – Filho Do Brasil (Biscoito Fino)
Dirtmusic – Bu Bir Ruya (Glitterbeat)
District Five Quartet – Decoy (Intakt)
Districts – Green Is Not A Creative Colour (Jazz Plus Productions)
Dizzy K. Falola – Sweet Music Volume I (Sticky Buttons)
Djavan – Vesúvio (Sony Music)
Dmitry Baevsky/Jeb Patton – We Two (jazz&people)
Dr. Lonnie Smith – All In My Mind (Blue Note)
Domenico Lancellotti – The Good is a Big God (Luaka Bop)
Dominic Egli’s PLURISM – Azania in Mind (Unit)
Dominik Mahnig, Dieter Manderscheid, Sebastian Sternal, Claudius Valk – POP (JazzHausMusik)
Dominique Fils-Aimé – Nameless (Ensoul)
Don Braden – Earth Wind and Wonder (Creative Perspective Music)
Donny McCaslin – Blow. (Motéma Music)
Dos Santos – Logos (International Anthem)
Doug Webb – Fast Friends (Posi-Tone)
Duende Libre – Drift (Self-released)
Dusan Jevtovic – Live At Home (MoonJune)
Dustman Dilemma – On Second Thought (Atypeek Diffusion)
Dwiki Dharmawan – Rumah Batu (MoonJune)

ÉA Project – Le Combat Des Loups (Jazz Family)
Emmet Cohen Featuring Ron Carter/Evan Sherman – Masters Legacy Series Vol. 2 (Cellar Live)
Eda And – Augmented Life (Kalan Music)
Eddie Daniels – Heart of Brazil [A Tribute to Egberto Gismonti] (Resonance)
Eddie Henderson – Be Cool (Smoke Sessions)
Eden Bareket – Night (Fresh Sound)
Edgar Steinitz – Roots Unknown (OA2)
Ed Jones – For Your Ears Only (Impossible Ark)
Edmony Krater – An Ka Sonjé (Heavenly Sweetness)
Ed Motta – Criterion of the Senses (Membran)
Eduardo Blanco – Childhood Memories (Indielabel)
Edward Perraud – Espaces (Label Bleu)
Edward Simon With Afinidad And Imani Winds – Sorrows and Triumphs (Sunnyside)
Electric Squeezebox Orchestra – The Falling Dream (OA2)
Elephant9 – Greatest Show On Earth (Rune Grammofon)
Eliane Elias – Music from Man of La Mancha (Concord)
Eli Keszler – Stadium (Shelter Press)
Elina Duni – Partir (ECM)
Ellen Doty – Come Fall (ALMA)
Elliot Galvin – The Influencing Machine (Edition)
Elsa Nilsson/Jon Cowherd – After Us (Bumblebee Collective)
El Tubo Elástico – Impala (Self-released)
Elvin Bishop’s Big Fun Trio ‘Something Smells Funky ’round Here’ (Alligator)
Emanative – Earth (Jazzman)
Emil Sommer Quartet – Have a Seat (Self-released)
Emiliano Salvador – The Real Cuban Music (Legacy Recordings)
Emma Frank – Ocean AV (Susan)
Enrico Pieranunzi, André Ceccarelli and Diego Imbert – Monsieur Claude [A Travel with Claude Debussy] (Bonsaï Music)
Enrique Haneine – The Mind’s Mural (Elegant Walk)
Ensemble GaudreaultTurgeon – Jonctions (Les Productions Multiple Chord Music Inc.)
Eren Çoşkuner – Respective (Esen)
Eric Harland’s Voyager – 13th Floor (GSI)
Erik Friedlander – Artemisia (Skipstone)
Erik Slättberg – Growth (Music With Erik)
Erin McDougald – Outside The Soiree (Miles High)
Ernesto Cervini’s Turboprop – Abundance (Anzic)
Escape Argot – Still Writing Letters (Traumton)
Esbjörn Svensson Trio – e.s.t. Live In London (ACT Music)
Espen Berg Trio – Bølge (Odin)
Espen Eriksen Trio with Andy Sheppard – Perfectly Unhappy (Rune Grammofon)
Esperanza Spalding – 12 Little Spells (Concord)
Estrada Orchestra – Vaba (FNR)
Ethan Ardelli – The Island of Form (Self-released)
European Jazz Trio and Sojung Lee – West Village (Audioguy)
Evan Salvacion Levine – Mestizo (Shifting Paradigm)
Eyolf Dale – Return To Mind (Edition)

Fabian Schöne Quartett – Cast off – Leinen Los (Double Moon/Jazzthing – Next Generation)
Fabien Mary Octet – Left Arm Blues (jazz&people)
Fabio Tullio – Tales From Within (A.MA)
Fabled – Short Stories (Pictor)
Fanfara Station – Tebourba (Agualoca)
Fantastic Negrito – Please Don’t Be Dead (Cooking Vinyl)
Far Corner – Risk (Cuneiform)
Far Out Monster Disco Orchestra – Black Sun (Far Out Recordings)
Fatoumata Diawara – Fenfo (Shanachie)
Fazer – Mara (Self-released)
Felbm – Tape 1/Tape 2 (Soundways)
Fenomen – Bridges (Lin)
Fernando García – Guasábara Puerto Rico (ZOHO Music)
Festen – Inside Stanley Kubrick (Laborie Jazz)
Felipe Salles Interconnections Ensemble – The Lullaby Project (Tapestry)
Fima Ephron – Songs From The Tree (Supreme Ultimate Music)
Fiona Monbet – Contrebande (Crescendo)
Fire! – The Hands (Rune Grammofon)
Flavio Boltro BBB Trio – Spinning (Anteprima)
Flávia Dantas – Bossa Nova (Miranda)
Flavio Lira – Coffee Gold Sugar Cane (Self-released)
Flavio Silva – Break Free (Self-released)
Florian Favre Trio – On a Smiling Gust of Wind (Traumton)
Florian Pellissier Quintet – Bijou Voyou Caillou (Heavenly Sweetness)
Florian Weber – Lucent Waters (ECM)
Flux – Calliope (JazzHausMusik)
Flying Machines – New Life (Ubuntu Music)
Foglianese – Subconscious Jazz (A.MA)
Forgas Band Phenomena – L’Oreille Électrique (Cuneiform)
Forlorn Elm – Milya (QFTF)
Fourganic – Rare Gumbo (Galileo Music Communication)
Francesco Fiorenzani – Silent Water (Auand)
Franck Biyong – Evening Praye (Afrolectric Music Ltd.)
François Houle, Alexander Hawkins, Harris Eisenstadt – You Have Options (Songlines Recordings)
François Moutin and Kavita Shah Duo – Interplay (Dot Time)
François Richard Quartet – Libération (Effendi)
Frank Bey – Back In Business (Nola Blue, Inc.)
Frank Carlberg/Noah Preminger – Whispers And Cries (Red Piano)
Frank Irwin Quintet – Better/Broken (Or/Similar)
Frank Kimbrough Quartet – Monk’s Dreams (Sunnyside)
Frank Morgan/George Cables – Montreal Memories (HighNote)
Frank Wagner – Floating Holiday (Meii Enterprises)
Frederik Köster, Die Verwandlung and Philharmonisches Orchester Hagen – Homeward Bound Suite (Traumton)
Fred Farell – Distant Song (Whaling City Sound)
Fred Hersch Trio – Live in Europe (Palmetto)
Fred Hersch Trio ’97 – At The Village Vanguard (Palmetto)
Fred Pallem & le Sacre du Tympan – L’Odyssée (Train Fantôme)
Frode Gjerstad Trio – Bop Stop (Clean Feed)
Fujii Fonda – Triad (Long Song)

Gabriele Poso – Awakening (BBE Music)
Gabriel Zucker – Weighting (ESP-Disk)
Gal Costa – A Pele do Futuro (Biscoito Fino)
Gary Smulyan – Alternative Contrafacts (SteepleChase)
Gecko Turner – Soniquete: The Sensational Sound Of Gecko Turner (Lovemonk)
Gene Ess – Apotheosis (SIMP)
Gene Jackson – Power of Love (Whirlwind Recordings)
Geof Bradfield – Yes, and… Music for Nine Improvisers (Delmark)
George Cauldron – If We Ever Play Again (Supersonic)
George Colligan – Nation Divided (Whirlwind Recordings)
George Cotsirilos – Mostly in Blue (OA2)
George Kahn/Alex Acuña/Lyman Medeiros – Straight Ahead (Playing)
Gerald Toto – Sway (No Format!)
Gerald Veasley – Live at South (Unscripted Recordings)
Gerardo Frisina – Rhythmic Conversations (Schema)
Géraud Portal – Let My Children Hear Mingus (Jazz Family)
Get The Blessing – Bristopia (Kartel Music Group)
Gianluigi Trovesi – Mediterraneamente (Dodicilune Edizioni Discografiche and Musicali)
Gilad Hekselman – Ask For Chaos (Motéma Music)
Gilberto Gil, Nando Reis and Gal Costa – Trinca de Ases (GeGe)
Gilberto Gil – OK OK OK (Geléia Geral)
Gil Defay – It’s All Love (Gil-XL Productions)
Giuseppe Mazzamuto Quintet – Melodyterranean (Da Vinci Jazz)
Gleb Kolyadin – Gleb Kolyadin (Kscope)
Glen Boldman – and the Philadelphia 5 (Self-released)
GoGo Penguin – A Humdrum Star (Blue Note)
Golden Dawn Arkestra – Children Of The Sun (Nine Miles)
Gong Expresso – Decadence (John McCracken Music Group)
Graham Dent Trio – In The Genes (Jazzvibes)
Greg Burk – The Detroit Songbook (SteepleChase)
Gregory Generet/Richard Johnson – 2 Of A Kind (Afar Music)
Gregory Lewis – Organ Monk Blue (Self-released)
Gregory Porter – One Night Only-Live At The Royal Albert Hall (Blue Note)
Greg Yasinitsky – Yazz Band (Yazz Recordings)
GRG67 – The Thing (Rattle)
Guillaume Barraud Quartet – Arcana: The Indo-Jazz Sessions (Riverboat)
Guillaume Perret – 16 Levers de Soleil (La Vingt-Cinquième Heure)
Gustaf Ljungreen and Emil De Waal – Gustaf Ljungreen/Emil De Waal (DME)
Gustave Reichert – Take-Off (Jazz Family)
Gutfleisch, Schurmann and Frey – Jazz People (Unit)

Hadar Noiberg – Open Fields (Jammin’colors)
HAGO – HAGO (Self-released)
Håkon Skogstad – Two Hands To Tango (Avantango)
Hailu Mergia – Lala Belu (Awesome Tapes From Africa)
Hakuei Kim – Resonance (Decca/Universal)
Hal Galper Quartet – Cubist (Origin)
Hamilton De Holanda – Jacob Bossa (Deckdisc)
Hampshire and Foat – Nightshade (Athens Of The North)
Hannes Dunker Trio – Krambambuli (Unit)
Hans Teuber and Jeff Johnson – Deuce (Origin)
Harold Mabern – The Iron Man_Live at Smoke (Smoke Sessions)
Harmondia – A Strange Tissue Of Space And Time (Who Are We Who We Are)
Harold López-Nussa – Un Día Cualquiera (Mack Avenue)
Harriet Tubman – The Terror End of Beauty (Sunnyside)
Harry Allen Quartet – French Lullaby (Venus)
Harry Vetro’s – Northern Ranger (T.Sound)
Hazel Leach/The Composers’ Orchestra Berlin – Postcard Collection (JazzHausMusik)
Heinrich von Kalnein and Kahiba – The Neuroscience of Music (Galileo Music Communication)
Helena Kay’s Kim Trio – Moon Palace (Ubuntu Music)
Hely – Borderland (Ronin Rhythm)
Hendrik Meurkens And Bill Cunliffe – Cabin In The Sky (Height Advantage)
Henri Texier – Sand Woman (Label Bleu)
Henry Conerway III – With Pride For Dignity (thehc3 LLC)
Henry Lowther’s Still Waters – Can’t Believe, Won’t Believe (Village Life)
Henry Threadgill 14 or 15 Kestra- Agg – Dirt… And More Dirt (Pi Recordings)
Hervé Salamone Nonet – Suite… (A.D.M.E)
Hervé Samb – Teranga (Cristal)
Hexagonal – McCoy and Mseleku (Self-released)
Hidden Land – Perspectives (Volkoren)
Hidden Orchestra – Dawn Chorus Remixes (Tru Thoughts)
Hobby Horse – Helm (Auand)
Houston Person/Ron Carter – Remember Love (HighNote)
Hugh Coltman – Who’s Happy (Okeh)
Hughes Smith Quintet – Motion (Self-released)
Hugo Fattoruso – Hugo Fattoruso Y Barrio Opa (Far Out Recordings)
HYLEEN – B-Side (La Note Bleue Productions)

Ibrahim Maalouf – 14.12.16 [Live In Paris] (Universal Music Distribution Deal)
Ibrahim Maalouf – Levantine Symphony No. 1 (Universal Music Distribution Deal)
Idée Manu – Oktopus – The Music of Boris Blacher (Between The Lines)
Ignasi Terraza Trio/Luigi Grasso – Looking Back and Moving Forward (Swit)
Igor Lumpert and Innertextures – Eleven (Clean Feed)
Ilios Steryannis – Bethany Project (Self-released)
İlhan Erşahin’s Istanbul Sessions – Solar Plexus (Nublu)
ILL CONSIDERED – Live in Camden Town July 2018 (Ill Considered Music)
ILL CONSIDERED – Live at The Total Recall Centre (Ill Considered Music)
Indra Rios-Moore – Carry My Heart (Verve)
Insólito UniVerso – La Candela del Río (Olindo)
Invisible Sounds – For Kenny Wheeler (Whirlwind Recordings)
Invisible System – Bamako Sessions (Riverboat)
Inwardness – Space Jazz (Ozella)
Iogi – The Ceiling (Raw Tapes)
Ísa – Ske te å bynne (AMP Music)
Itai Kriss and Telavana – Telavana (Avenue)
Itamar Borochov – Blue Nights (Laborie Jazz)
Ivan Lins/Gilson Peranzzetta – Cumplicidade (Fina Flor)
Ivo Neame – Moksha (Edition)

J-Squad – J-Squad II (Universal)
Jacques Schwarz-Bart, Laurent David, Stéphane Galland, Malcolm Braff – SHIJIN (Music Box Publishing)
Jake Leckie – The Abode (Outside In Music)
Jake Mason Trio – The Stranger In The Mirror (Soul Messin’)
Jake Victor 5tet – Twisted Heads (Self-released)
Jakob Bro – Returnings (ECM)
Jakob Bro/Thomas Morgan/Joey Baron – Bay Of Rainbows (ECM)
James Austin Jr – Songs in the Key of Wonder (JCA)
James Banner – Usine (JazzHausMusik)
James Brandon Lewis/Chad Taylor – Radiant Imprints (OFF)
James ‘Creole’ Thomas – Omas Sextet
James Davis Quintet – Disappearing Roads (Self-released)
James Francies – Flight (Blue Note)
James Gelfand Trio – Ground Midnight (Groupe Analekta, Inc)
James Hall – Lattice (Outside In Music)
James Hunter Six – Whatever It Takes (Daptone)
James Weidman – Spiritual Impressions (Inner Circle Music)
Jamie Saft Quartet – Blue Dream (RareNoise)
Jamie Saft – Solo a Genova (RareNoise)
Jamie Shew – Eyes Wide Open (Self-released)
Jamison Ross – All For One (Concord)
Janette Mason – Red Alert (Dot Time)
Janne Mark with Arve Henriksen – Pilgrim (ACT Music)
Jared Gold – Remergence (Strikezone)
Jaron Lamar Davis – My View Through The Lens Of Music (Self-released)
Jason Kao Hwang and Burning Bridge – Blood (True Sound Recordings)
Jason Stein Quartet – Lucille! (Delmark)
Jason Taylor – The MultiVerse (Love Revolution LLC)
Jaune Toujours – Europeana (Choux de Bruxelles)
Jay Phelps – Free as the Birds (Ropeadope)
Jay Rodriguez – Your Sound (Whaling City Sound)
Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis and Rubén Blades – Una Noche Con Rubén Blades (Blue Engine)
JD Allen – Love Stone (Savant)
Jean Chaumont – The Beauty of Differences (Misfitme Music)
Jean-Christophe Cholet, Alban Darche, Mathias Ruegg et Grande Ensemble – Le Tombeau de Poulenc (Yolk)
Jean-Luc Guionnet and Daichi Yoshikawa – Intervivos (Empty Editions)
Jean Toussaint Allstar 6tet – Brother Raymond (Lyte)
Jeb Patton – Tenthish, Live In New York (Cellar Live)
Jeff Baker – Phrases (AO2)
Jeff Denson – Outside My Window (Ridgeway)
Jeff Hamilton Trio – Live From San Pedro (Capri)
Jeff Lorber Fusion – Impact (Shanachie)
Jeff Morris – Interfaces (Ravello)
Jeff Rupert with Veronica Swift – Let’s Sail Away (Rupe Media)
Jeff “Siege” Siegel Quartet – London Live (ARC)
Jeff Williams – Lifelike (Whirlwind Recordings)
Jenny Penkin – Him, On The Other Hand (Raw Tapes)
Jentsch Group No Net – Topics in American History (Blue Schist)
Jeremy Hababou – Nuances (Outnote)
Jeremy Ledbetter – Got A Light? (Alma)
Jeremy Pelt – Noir en rouge [Live in Paris] (HighNote)
Jesse Passenier – Lit Scenes (Odradek)
Jessica Lauren – Almeria (Freestyle)
Jilman Zilman – The Loft Recordings (GLM Music GmbH)
Jimi Tenor/Tony Allen – Moogin’ At The Cafe: OTO Live Series (Moog Recordings Library)
Jimi Tenor – Order Of Nothingness (Philophon)
Jimmy Haslip/Scott Kinsey/Gergö Borlai – ARC Trio (Blue Canoe)
Jim Snidero and Jeremy Pelt – Jubilation! Celebrating Cannonball Adderley (Savant)
Joachim Kühn – Love and Peace (ACT Music)
Joachim Mencel Quintet – Artisena (For Tune)
Joachim Staudt – Seven Wishes (Moveo)
Joanna Wallfisch – Blood and Bone (Sea Gardens Publishing)
João Vieira – Hypnotic (Temps)
Joel Harrison – Angel Band Free Country, Vol.3 (HighNote)
Jodi Proznick – Sun Songs (Cellar Live)
Joe Armon-Jones – Starting Today (Brownswood Recordings)
Joëlle Léandre, Elisabeth Harnik – Tender Music (Trost)
Joe Lovano/Dave Douglas Sound Prints – Scandal (Greenleaf Music)
Joel Lyssarides – Dreamer (Prophone)
Joey Alexander – Eclipse (Motéma Music)
Johannes Berauer – Hourglass (Basho)
Johnaye Kendrick – Flying (Johnygirl)
John Bailey – In Real Time (Summit)
John Daversa Big Band Featuring DACA Artists – Amercian Dreamers: Voices of Hope, Music of Freedom (BFM Jazz)
John Fedchock Quartet – Reminiscence (Summit)
John Hollenbeck Large Ensemble – All Can Work (New Amsterdam)
John MacMurchy – Art Of Breath Volume Two (Self-released)
John Minnock – Right Around the Corner (Self-released)
Johnny Griffith Quintet – The Lion, Camel & Child (GB)
John Faxe – I Am Awake (Losen)
John Pittman – Kinship (Slammin Media)
John Raymond and Real Feels – Joy Ride (Sunnyside)
John Scofield – Combo 66 (Verve)
John Surman, Nelson Ayres and Rob Waring – Invisible Threads (ECM)
John Zorn – In a Convex Mirror (Tzadik)
John Zorn – Insurrection (Tzadik)
John Zorn – The Book Beriah (Tzadik)
Jonas Cambien Trio – We Must Mustn’t We (Clean Feed)
Jonathan Barber – Vision Ahead (Self-released)
Jonathan Scales Fourchestra – Pillar (Ropeadope)
Jon Balke, Siwan – Nahnou Houm (ECM)
Jon Batiste – Hollywood Africans (Verve)
Joonas Haavisto Trio – Gradation (Blue Gleam)
Jorge Rossy Vibes Quintet – Beyond Sunday (jazz&people)
Josephine Davies’ Satori – In the Corner of Clouds (Whirlwind Recordings)
Josh Lawrence and Color Theory – Contrast (Posi-Tone)
Josh Sinton’s Predicate Trio – Making Bones (Iluso)
Joshua Redman – Still Dreaming (Nonesuch)
Joshua Trinidad – In November (RareNoise)
Jowee Omicil – Love Matters! (JazzVillage)
Juan Andrés Ospina – Tramontana (Self-released)
Judi Silvano and The Zephyr Band – Lessons Learned (Unit)
Judith Lorick – The Second Time Around (JLJ)
Jules – Greenbird (QFTF)
Julia Biel – Julia Biel (Khanti)
Julian and Roman Wasserfuh – Relaxin’ in Ireland (ACT Music)
Julian Argüelles’ Tetra – (Edition)
Julian Brezon – The Deep Light (707365 Records DK)
Julian Gesrtin Sextet – The Old City (Self-released)
Julian Lage – Modern Lore (Mack Avenue)
Julian Siegel Quartet – Vista (Whirlwind Recordings)
Julie Erikssen – Out of Chaos (Sound Surveyor Music)
Julien Dyne – Teal (Soundway)
Julie Lyon – Moonflower (Unseen Rain)
Jungsu Choi Tiny Orkester – Tschüss Jazz Era (Challenge)
Jure Pukl – Doubtless (Whirlwind Recordings)
Jono McCleery – Seeds Of A Dandelion (Counter)
Jon Rune Strøm Quintet – Fragments (Clean Feed)
José James – Lean On Me (Blue Note)
Juicy Connotation – Juicy Connotation (Self-released)
Jun Miyake – Lost Memory Theatre Act-3 (Yellowbird)
Justin Almquist – The Speed Of Dark (Self-released)
Justin Kauflin – Coming Home (Self-released)

Kaidi Tatham – It’s A World Before You (First Word)
Kamaal Williams – The Return (Black Focus)
Kamal Keila – Muslims and Christians (Habibi Funk)
Kamasi Washington – Heaven and Earth (Young Turks)
Kaos Protokoll – Everyone Nowhere (Prolog)
Kari Ikonen Trio – Wind, Frost and Radiation (Ozella)
Karl Seglem – Nunatak (NORCD)
Karl Strømme Quintet – Dynalyd (Riverboat)
Karmic Juggernaut – The Dreams That Stuff Are Made Of (WKRM The Kream)
Kassin – Relax (Luaka Bop)
Kate McGarry/Keith Ganz/Gary Versace – The Subject Tonight Is Love (Binxtown)
Kate Reid – The Heart Already Knows (Katereidmusic)
Kathy Kosins – Uncovered Soul (Membran)
Katrin Scherer – Cluster Quartet (Office 4 Music)
Kaze – Atody Man (Circum-Libra)
Keith Jarrett – After The Fall [Live] (ECM)
Keith Jarrett – La Fenice (ECM)
Keith Oxman – Glimpses (Capri)
Kekko Fornarelli – Abaton (Eskape)
Kelly Green Trio – Volume One (Kgmusic LLC)
Ken Fowser – Don’t Look Down (Posi-Tone)
Kenny Barron Quintet – Concentric Circles (Blue Note)
Kenny Werner – The Space (Pirouet)
Ken Wiley – Cuerno Exotica (Krug Park Music)
Ketil Bjørnstad and Anneli Drecker – A Suite Of Poems (ECM)
Kevin Sun – Trio (Endectomorph Music)
Khalab – Black Noise 2084 (On The Corner)
Khruangbin – Con Todo El Mundo (LateNightTales)
Kiala and The Afroblaster – Money (Kamiyad)
King Coya – Tierra de King Coya (ZZK)
Kira Kira – Bright Force (Libra)
Kit Downes – Obsidian (ECM)
Kizzy Crawford/Gwilym Simcock – Birdsong (Basho)
Klapparat – Tilting Axis (Unit)
Klaus Paier and Asja Valcic – Cinema Scenes (ACT Music)
Kobie Watkins Grouptet – Movement (Origin)
Kora Jazz Trio – Part IV (Cristal)
Kris Adams – We Should Have Danced (Self-released)
Kris Davis and Craig Taborn – Octopus (Pyroclastic)
Kristina Koller – Perception (Self-released)
Kristin Asbjørnsen – Traces of You (Global Sonics)
Kristjan Randalu/Ben Monder/Markku Ounaskari – Absence (ECM)
Kurt Elling – The Questions (Okeh/Sony)
KUU! – Lampedusa Lullaby (ACT Music)
Kyle Nasser – Persistent Fancy (Ropeadope)

Laia Genc & Roger Hanschel – Change Follows Vision (JazzHausMusik)
Laila Biali – Laila Biali (ACT Music)
Landing – Bells In New Towns (El Parasio)
Larry Goldings – Toy Tunes (Pirouet)
Larry Porter Trio – Don’t Fence Me In (Unit)
Lars Danielsson/Paolo Fresu – Summerwind (ACT Music)
Lars Jansson Trio – Just This (Storyville)
Lassen – Eventyrer (Jazzland Recordings)
Laura Buenrostro Quartet – Brazilian Songs (Plaza Mayor Company, Ltd.)
Laura Schuler – Kronikor (QFTF)
Lauren Henderson – Ármame (Brontosaurus)
Laurence Pike – Distant Early Warning (The Leaf Label)
Laurent Bonnot – Black Lion (Jazz Family)
Laurent Fickelson – In the Street (Jazz Family)
Laurent Salzard – Time Keeper (Dreamophone)
Lawful Citizen – Internal Combustion (Self-released)
Lello Molinari – Lellos Italian Job Volume 2 (Fata Morgana Music)
Leon Bridges – Good Thing (Columbia)
Leo Sidran – Cool School [The Music of Michael Franks] (P-Vine)
Leslie Pintchik – You Eat My Food You Drink My Wine You Steal My Girl (Pintch Hard)
Le Trio Joubran – The Long March (Cooking Vinyl Limited)
Lex (de Kalhex) – Cairn (Akromégalie)
LG Jazz Collective – Strange Deal (Igloo)
Lindsey Webster – Love Inside (Shanachie)
Lionel Loueke – The Journey (Aparté)
Liran Donin – 1000 Boats (PIAS)
Lithium – Red (Challenge)
Living Fossils – Never Die! (Fossils Never Die)
Lorenzo Naccarato Trio – Nova Rupta (Laborie Jazz)
Louis Matute Quartet – Telepathy (QFTF)
Loz Speyer’s Inner Space – Life On The Edge (Leo)
Lucas Niggli – Alchemia Garden (Intakt)
Lucas Pino – That’s a Computer (Outside In Music)
Lucia Jackson – You And The Night And The Music (Roni Music)
Luciana Souza – The Book of Longing (Sunnyside)
Lucky Brown and The S.G.’s – Mesquite Suite (Tramp Tapes)
Lydian Collective – Adventure (Lydian Label)
Lyndol Descant – All Love (Self-released)
Lynne Arriale Trio – Give Us These Days (Challenge)

MABUTA (Shane Cooper) – Welcome To This World (Self-released)
Macchiato Funky – BUGELLA 20-50 (La Bèl)
Maceo Parker – It’s All About Love (Leopard)
Magos Herrera/Brooklyn Rider – Dreamers (Sony)
Magnus Thuelund – Angel from the South (Fresh Sound New Talent)
Mahalia Barnes and The Soul Mates – Hard Expectations (Self-released)
Mahobin (Satoko Fujii) – Live at Big Apple in Kobe (Libra)
Maisha – There Is a Place (Brownswood Recordings)
Makaya McCraven – Universal Beings (International Anthem)
Malin Wättring 4 and Bohuslan Big Band – Harvest (Havtorn)
Mandisi Dyantyis – Somandla (Milestone Studios)
Månkultur – Mnkltr (Kultur)
Manou Gallo – Afro Groove Queen (Contre-Jour)
Mansur Brown – Shiroi (Black Focus)
Manu Guerrero – Nuevo Mundo (Jazz Family)
Marbin – Israeli Jazz (Self-released)
Marcel Smith – Everybody Needs Love (Little Village Foundation)
Marcin Wasilewski Trio – Live (ECM)
Marc Ribot’s Ceramic Dog – YRU Still Her (Yellowbird)
Marc Sinan and Oguz Buyukberber – White (ECM)
Marcus Klossek Electric Trio – Taken from the Skies (Unit)
Marcus Miller – Laid Black (Blue Note)
Marcus Persiani – Urban Fictions (Truth Revolution)
Marcus Strickland Twi-Life – People Of The Sun (Blue Note)
Margo Rey – The Roots Of Rey Despacito Margo (Origin)
Maria da Rocha – Beet Root and Other Stories (Shhpuma)
Maria Faust – Machina (Stunt)
Mariano Di Nunzio Walking Quartet – Day By Day (Mardin)
Marie Goudy 12tet featuring Jocelyn Barth – Bitter Suite (Self-released)
Marie Martin – Change In Me (Youkali Music)
Mario Canonge and Michel Zenino – Quint’up (PIAS: Le Label)
Mario Ciaccio, Sauro Berti, Naomi Fujiya – Arthur Gottschalk: Art for Two (Navona)
Mark Grundhoefer – Starseed (Self-released)
Mark Kavuma – Kavuma (Ubuntu Music)
Mark Masters Ensemble – Our Métier (Capri)
Mark Turner/Ethan Iverson – Temporary Kings (ECM)
Mark Wade Trio – Moving Day (Self-released)
Mark Winkler and Cheryl Bentyne – Eastern Standard Time (Cafe Pacific)
Marquis Hill – Modern Flows Vol. 2 (Black Unlimited Music Group)
Marshall Gilkes/WDR Big Band – Always Forward (Alternate Side)
Marsmobil – Fairytales of the Supersurvivor (Compost)
Martinho Da Vila – Alo Vila Isabeeel! (Sony)
Martin Schulte Trio – Time Remembered (Laika)
Martin Speake – Intention (Ubuntu Music)
Martin Wind – Light Blue (Laika)
Martti Vesala Soundpost Quintet – Stars Aligned (Ozella)
Mary Halvorson – Code Girl (Firehouse 12)
Massimiliano Rolff – Home Feeling (BlueArt)
Mast – Thelonious Sphere Monk (World Galaxy)
Mateusz Sobiechowski Quintet – Vital Music (Challenge)
Mathias Eick – Ravensburg (ECM)
Matteo di Leonardo – Sketches (September)
Matthew Shipp – Zero (ESP-Disk)
Matthew Shipp Quartet – Sonic Fiction (ESP-Disk)
Matthias Bublath – Live at Jazzclub Unterfahrt (Yellowbird)
Mattias Risberg – Stamps (Clean Feed)
Matthias Lindermayr – New Born (Yellowbird)
Matthieu Chazarenc – Canto (Jazz Family)
Matt Penman – Good Question (Sunnyside)
Matt Piet and His Disorganization – Rummage Out (Clean Feed)
Matt Ulery – Sifting Stars (Woolgathering)
Matt Vandal – Horizon (840980 Records DK)
Matthieu Chazarenc – Canto (Jazz Family)
Matzeit/Jahnel/Sieverts – Both Sides (JazzHausMusik)
Maurice Frank – Mad Romance and Love (Jumo Music)
McClenty Hunter Jr. – The Groove Hunter (Strikezone)
Medeski, Martin and Wood – Omnisphere (Indirecto)
Mediterranean Deconstruction Ensemble – Day De Senar (Fancy Music)
Medline – Solstice (My Bags)
Meg Okura and The Pan Asian Chamber Jazz Ensemble Featuring Tom Harrell – IMA IMA (Self-released)
Meg Okura, Sam Newsome, Jean-Michel Pilc – NPO TRIO Live at The Stone (Chant)
Megumi Yonezawa, Ken Kobayashi and Masa Kamaguchi – Boundary (ESP-Disk)
Melbreeze – Animazonia (Blue Canoe)
Mélissa Laveaux – Radyo Siwèl (No Format)
Menagerie – The Arrow Of Time (Freestyle)
Me’Shell NdegéOcello – Ventriloquism (Naïve /Believe)
Messthetics – The Messthetics (Dischord)
MetaQuorum – Witchcraft Jazz (Self-released)
Meyer/Slavin/Meyer/Black – Other Animal (Traumton)
Mezza /Ginsburg Ensemble – Convergence (Ozella Music)
Mica Bethea Big Band – Suite Theory (Self-released)
Michael Adkins Quartet – Flaneur (hatOLOGY)
Michael C. Lewis – Intimate Journey (Cybervision Entertainment)
Michael Dease – Reaching Out (Posi-Tone)
Michael Dessen Trio – Somewhere in the Upstream (Clean Feed)
Michael Waldrop – Origin Suite (Origin)
Michael Wollny – Oslo (ACT Music)
Michael Wollny Trio – Wartburg (Live)
Michael William Gilbert – Radio Omnibus (Gibex)
Michel Moss Accidental Orchestra – Helix (4th Stream)
Micromassé – In What Remains (Self-released)
Miguel Chuck Rodriguez – El Cubista (Sous la ville)
Miguel Zenón – Yo Soy la Tradición (Miel Music)
Mike Bogle Trio -Dr. B! (MBP/Groove!)
Mike Cassells, Garrett Warner, Jonathan Stewart – This Place, In Time (Self-released)
Mike Clark and Delbert Bump – Retro Report (Ropeadope)
Mike Freeman ZonaVibe – Venetian Blinds (VOF Recordings)
Mike Jones – The Show Before The Show (Capri)
Miki Yamanaka – Miki (Cellar Live)
Mikkel Ploug/Mark Turner – Faroe (Sunnyside)
Mildlife – Phase (Research)
Mimika Orchestra – Divinities of the Earth and the Waters (PDV)
Minco Eggersman/Theodoor Borger/Mathias Eick – Unifony (Butler)
Misfits Of Sythia – Uncanny Valley (Self-released)
Misha Piatigorsky Trio – Stained Glass and Technicolor Grooves (Self-released)
Misha Tsiganov – Playing With The Wind (Criss Cross Jazz)
MMO feat. Chris Cheek – The Hiker (Unit)
Moods – Zoom Out (Boogie Angst)
Moonlight Benjamin – Siltane (Ma Case)
Moontribe – Moontribe (Fortuna)
Mopo – Mopocalypse (WeJazz)
Morcheeba – Blaze Away (Fly Algaric)
More Love Ensemble – Waking Up (Aquarius)
Morild – Nordic Landscapes (Gvito)
Motion Trio – Accordion Stories (Akordeonus)
Mouse On The Keys – Tres (Topshelf)
Mr Confuse – Only A Man (Confunktion)
Muqata’a – Inkanakuntu (Souk)
Muriel Grossmann – Golden Rule (RR Gems)
Myra Melford’s Snowy Egret – The Other Side of Air (Firehouse 12)
Myriad3 – Vera (ALMA)
Mythic Sunship – Upheaval (El Parasio)

Naked – Yes (NarRator)
Naoko Terai – The Standard II (Universal)
Naphta and The Shamans – Naphta and The Shamans (Astigmatic)
Nat Birchall – Cosmic Language (Jazzman)
Neele and The Sound Voyage – Visions (QFTF)
Neneh Cherry – Broken Politics (Smallsound Supersound)
NES – Ahlam (ACT Music)
Nesesari Kakalulu – Nesesari Kakalulu (Self-released)
New Brain Trio/Michael Balog – Stratum (Self-released)
New Faces – Straight Forward (Posi-Tone)
Newsome/Pilc/Okura – NPO Trio Live at the Stone (Chant)
New York All-Stars feat. Eric Alexander and Harold Mabern – Burnin’ in London (Ubuntu Music)
Nick And Astro – Guide To The Galaxy (Bastard Jazz)
Nick Costley-White – Detour Ahead (Ubuntu Music)
Nick Finzer – No Arrival (Posi-Tone)
Nicklas Sorensen – Solo 2 (El Parasio)
Nick Millevoi’s Desertion Trio and Jamie Saft – Midtown Tilt (Shhpuma)
Nickodemus – A Long Engagement (Wonderwheel Recordings)
Nicola Conte and Spiritual Galaxy – Let Your Light Shine On (MPS)
Nicolas Gardel and The Headbangers – The Iron Age (Self-released)
Nicolas Masson Quartet – Travelers (ECM)
Nicolas Moreaux – Far Horizons (jazz&people)
Nicole Mitchell – Maroon Cloud (FPE)
Niechęć – Live at Jazz Club Hipnoza (Maurycy MGMT)
Niels Wilhelm Knudsen Quartet – Impulse (Gateway Music)
Nightmares on Wax – Shape the Future (Warp)
Nik Bärtsch’s Ronin – Awase (ECM)
Nils Frahm – All Melody (Erased Tapes)
Ninjabeat – West (AMP Music)
Nitai Hershkovits – New Place Always (enja)
NOA – If Tomorrow Comes (Arcàngelo)
Noa Fort – No World Between Us (Fortisima Music)
Noah Preminger And Rob Garcia – Chopin Project (Connection Works)
Noah Preminger – Genuinity (Criss Cross)
No Codes/Benjamin Deschamps – No Codes (Self-released)
Nojakîn – Perfection in a Bird (QFTF)
Nolatet – No Revenge Necessary (Royal Potato Family)
Nori – Bruise Blood (Self-released)
Norma Winstone – Descansado: Songs For Films (ECM)
Noshir Mody – A Burgeoning Consciousness (Self-released)
Now Vs Now – The Buffering Cocoon (Jazzland Recordings)
nOx.3 and Linda Olah – Inget Nytt (Ilona)
Nunatak – Nunatak y el tiempo de los valientes (Warner Music Spain S.L.)
NYSQ – Heaven Steps to Seven (Whirlwind Recordings)

Oboman and Ithursarry – Paris by Song (Jazz Family)
Oddgeir Berg Trio – Before Dawn (Ozella)
Of Petra – So Onto Itself (Self-released)
OKB Trio – The Ing… (Qjog)
Olegario Diaz – I Remember Chet (SteepleChase)
Olivier Holland – The Big Ticket (Timezone)
Omar Sosa and Yilian Canizares – Aguas (Ota)
Omer Avital – Qantar (Zamzama)
One O’Clock Lab Band – LAB 2018 The Rhythm of the Road (LAB)
1000 Kings – Raw Cause (Jazz re:freshed)
Opium Moon – Opium Moon (Be Why)
Orchestre Franck Tortiller – Collectiv (Label MCO)
Orgōne – Undercover Mixtape (Colemine)
Orions Belte – Mint (Jansen)
Orrin Evans – Presence (Smoke Sessions)
Oscar Jerome – Where Are Your Branches (Platoon)
Oscar Rocchi E Il Suo Modern Sound – Erbe Selvatiche (Fonovideo)
Oskar Lindström Trio – Fugue (Nilento)
Otis Sandsjö – Y-OTIS (We Jazz)
Owane – Yeah Whatever (Owane Enterprises)
Owen Broder – Heritage: The American Roots Project (ArtistShare)
Oytun Ersan – Fusiolicious (Self-released)

Pablo Held Trio – Investigations (Edition)
Paier Valcic Quartet – Cinema Scenes (ACT Music)
Palm Unit – Hommage à Jef Gilson (Super-Sonic Jazz)
Park Jiha – Communion (Self-released)
Pat Battstone -The Last Taxi In Transit (Leo)
Patrick Zimmerli – Clockworks (Songlines)
Paul Simon – In the Blue Light (Sony)
Pawan Benjamin – Tinte Baja (Self-released)
P.B.N.G. – Live In Iowa (Damani Phillps Music)
Peggy Lee – Echo Painting (Songlines)
Penya – Super Liminal (On The Corner)
Pericopes – What What (Unit)
Peripheral Vision – More Songs About Error And Shame (Self-released)
Pete Escovedo – Back To The Bay (Esco)
Pete Lee – The Velvet Rage (Ubuntu Music)
Peter Erskine and the Dr. Um Band – On Call (Fuzzy Music)
Peter Lin and The Lintet – The Respect (Self-released)
Peter Nelson – Ash Dust and the Chalkboard Cinema (Outside In Music)
Petter Wettre Trio – In Color (Household)
Petter Wettre Trio – Meet The Locals (Household)
Philippe Gaillot – Be Cool (Ilona)
Philippe Mall – Hydra (Unit)
Philip Zoubek Trio – Outside (WhyPlayJazz)
Phillip Johnston and The Coolerators – Diggin’ Bones (Asynchronous)
Phil Scarff – Ragas on Saxophone (Galloping Goat)
Phil Schurger – The Waters Above (ears&eyes)
Phil Stewart – Melodious Drum (Cellar Live)
Phronesis – We Are All (Edition)
Pierre Bertrand – Far East Suite (Cristal)
Pierre de Bethmann – Shifters (ALEA)
Pierre de Bethmann Trio – Essais Volume 2 (Socadisc)
Pierre de Surgères – Zed (Igloo Circle)
Piet Dalmolen – Music Of My Mind (Self-released)
Piotr Wojtasik – Tribute to Akwarium (Indygo)
Pipe Dream – Pipe Dream (Cam Jazz)
Pipon Garcia – Back to the Future (Metiola)
Pj5 – I Told The Little Bird (Jazz&People)
Plaza Francia Orchestra – Plaza Francia Orchestra (Because Music)
Portico Quartet – Untitled: AITAOA #2 (Gondwana)
Portland Jazz Composers Ensemble – From Maxville to Vanport (PJCE)
Progger – Dystopia (Ropeadope)
Pugach – Plus One (Unit)

Q’d Up – Never Better (Tantara)
Quin Kirchner – The Other Side of Time (Monofonus Press/Astral Spirits)

R+R=NOW – Collagically Speaking (Capitol)
Rachel Caswell – We’re All In The Dance (Turtle Ridge)
Radka Toneff/Steve Dobrogosz – Fairytales (Odin)
Rafał Sarnecki – Climbing Trees (Outside In Music)
Rainer Bohm – Hýdōr [Piano Works XII] (ACT Music)
Ralph Peterson’s GenNext Big Band – I Remember Bu (Self-released)
Ramon Valle featuring Roy Hargrove – The Time Is Now (In+Out)
Ran Blake/Christine Correa – Streaming (Red Piano)
Randal Despommier/Jason Yeager – All At Onceness (Red Piano)
Randy Brecker & Mats Holmquist with UMO Jazz Orchestra – Together (MAMA)
Randy Waldman – Superheroes (BFM Jazz)
Raphaël Imbert – Music Is My Hope (Jazz Village)
Raphael Jost – Moosedays (Yellowbird)
Raphael Käfers Tyranno Saurus Jäzz – First Steps (Unit)
Raquel Sofía – 2-00 AM (Sony Music Latin)
Ratko Zjaca – Life on Earth (IN+OUT)
Raul Midón with the Metropole Orkest – If You Really Want (Artistry Music)
Raymond John – Joy Ride (Sunnyside)
Rebecca Angel – What We Had (Timeless Grooves)
Red Baraat – Sound The People (Rhyme and Reason)
Reggie Washington – Vintage New Acoustic (Jammincolors)
Reginald Chapman – Prototype (Fresh Selects)
Rembrandt Frerichs Trio – The Contemporary Fortepiano (Jazz In Motion)
Rémi Panossian – DO (Jazz Family)
Restroy – Restroy (1980)
Richard Spaven – Real Time (Fine Line)
Ric Harris – Open For Business (Self-released)
Rich Halley – The Literature (Pine Eagle)
Richard Hallebeek – One Voice (Richie Rich Music)
Richie Beirach – Inborn 1989 (Jazzline)
Rob Clearfield – Wherever You’re Starting From (Woolgathering)
Roberto Granados – Soñador (VGo Recordings)
Róbert Ragan Jr. – Turns (Self-released)
Robert ‘Robi’ Svärd – Alquimia (Asphalt Tango)
Robert Walter’s 20th Congress – Spacesuit (Royal Potato Family)
Robin Verheyen – When The Birds Leave (Universal Music Belgium)
Roch Lockyer – When Frank Met Django (Self-released)
Rodrigo Tavares – Congo (Hive Mind)
Roger Davidson Quartet – Music From The Heart (Soundbrush)
Rogério Boccato Quarteto – No Old Rain (Red Piano)
Roller Trio – New Devices (Edition)
Roman Filiu – Quarteria (Sunnyside)
Romain Baret – Naissance de l’horizon (Label Pince-Oreilles)
Romain Pilon – Copper (jazz&people)
Roni Ben-Hur/Harvie S – Introspection (Jazzheads)
Ronny Johansson – Manhattan (Nilento)
Rotem – My Favorite Monster (AIMA)
Roxy Coss – The Future is Female (Post-Tone)
Rempis Piet Daisy – Throw Tomatoes (Monofonus Press/Astral Spirits)
Renee Rosnes – Beloved of the Sky (Smoke Session)
Robert ‘Robi’ Svärd – Alquimia (Asphalt Tango)
Rondi Marsh – The Pink Room (Self-released)
Roosevelt Collier – Exit 16 (GroundUp Music)
Roscoe Mitchell and Matthew Shipp – Accelerated Projection (RogueArt)
Roy Stephansen – This Time Not On Cassette (Self-released)
RSN – Strange Eyes (Agogo)
Rubén Blades – Medoro Madera with Roberto Delgado and Orquesta (Ruben Blades Productions)
Rudda – Monarch (Cuntroll)
Rudy Royston – Flatbed Buggy (Greenleaf Music)
Rupert/Drexler – R&D (Rupe Media)
Russ Johnson – Headlands (Woolgathering)
Ryan Meagher – Lost Days (Fresh Sound New Talent)
Ryan Porter – The Optimist (World Galaxy)
Ryan Timoffee – Cuban Safari (Self-released)

Salim Washington – Dogon Revisited (Passin Thru)
Saluki – Amazing Games (Apollon)
Sam Bevan – Emergence (Bev ‘n’ Breakfast)
Sam Dillon – Out In The Open (Cellar Live)
Sameer Gupta – A Circle Has No Beginning (Self-released)
Sam Javitch Quartet – People and Places (Self-released)
Sam Leak/Dan Tepfer – Adrift (Jellymould Jazz)
Sammal – Suuliekki (Svart)
Samo Salamon – Traveling Moving Breathing (Clean Feed)
Samuel Blais – Equilibrium (Odd Sound)
Samuel Blaser – Early in the Mornin’ (Outnote)
Samuel Martinelli – Crossing Paths (Self-released)
Samy Thiebault – Caribbean Stories (Gaya Music Production)
Sandra Kaye – Here’s To Life (Blue Gardenia)
Sandra Nankoma – Ye’nze (Self-released)
Sandro Dominelli with Rez Abbasi and Chris Tarry – Here and Now (Chronograph/Fontana North)
Sandy Patton – The Saga Of Reflective Perspectives (TCB The Montreux Jazz Label)
Sara Colman – What We’re Made Of (Stoney Lane)
Sarah Buechi – Contradiction of Happiness (Intakt)
Sarah Lancman – À Contretemps (Socadisc)
Sarah Reich – New Change (Tap Music Productions)
Sara Serpa – Close Up (Cleen Feed)
Sarathy Korwar and Upaj Collective – My East Is Your West (Gearbox)
Sarnecki – Climbing Trees (Outside In Music)
Sasha Mashin – Outsidethebox (Rainy Days)
Satoko Fujii/Joe Fonda – Mizu (Long Song)
Satoko Fujii – Kikoeru (Libra)
Satoko Fujii Orchestra Berlin – Ninety Nine Years (Libra)
Scott Hamilton Trio – Live at Pyatt Hall (Cellar Live)
Scott Petito – Rainbow Gravity (Planet Arts)
Scott Reeves Jazz Orchestra – Without A Trace (Origin)
Scott Routenberg Trio – Supermoon (Summit)
Scott Sharrard – Saving Grace (We Save Music)
Sean Conly – Hard Knocks (Clean Feed)
Sean Khan ft. Hermeto Pascoal – Palmares Fantasy (Far Out Recordings)
Sean Noonan – The Aqua Diva (Self-released)
Sebastian Peszko – Toccata In C-Clef (Recordjet)
Sébastien Texier and Christophe Marguet 4TET – For Travellers Only (Cristal)
Sergio Galvao, Lupa Santiago, Clement Landais and Franck Enouf – 2×2 (Origin)
Seun Kuti and Egypt 80 – Black Times (Strut)
7th Street Big Band – Off Cinderella Lane (Self-released)
Shai Maestro – The Dream Thief (ECM)
Shake Stew – Rise And Rise Again (Traumton)
Shatner’s Bassoon – Disco Erosion (Wasp Millionaire)
Sharel Cassity and Elektra – Evolve (Self-released)
Shawn and the Wolf, Wolfgang Meyer and Shawn Grocott – Altas Horas (Chaos)
Shawn Maxwell’s New Tomorrow – Music In My Mind (AO2)
Shin-Ski – Virtuality (Soul Believer)
Shinya Fukumori Trio – For 2 Akis (ECM)
Shirley Crabbe – Bridges (Self-released)
Shunzo Ohno – Dreamer (Pulsebeats)
Sibusiso Mashiloane – Closer To Home (Unlockedkeys)
Sigurd Hole – Elvesang (Elvesang)
Sigurd Hole Trio – Encounters (Elvesang)
Si Hayden – Existence (Silvery)
Si Hayden – Out Of Place (Silvery)
Silvia Ribeiro Ferreira – Luziades (Laborie Jazz)
Simeon Holzer – On My Own (Blue Martin)
Simon Chivallon – Flying Wolf (Jazz Family)
Simone Kopmajer – Spotlight on Jazz (Lucky Mojo)
Simon Spiess Trio – Towards Sun (Unit)
Sinsuke Fujieda – Hyper Harmony (SoFa)
Sknail – Mutation (Unit)
Slowly Rolling Camera – Juniper (Edition)
Sly and Robbie Meets Nils Petter Molvær with Eivind Aarset and Vladislav Delay – Nordub (Okeh)
Small World – Live at the Bird’s Eye (SoulFactory)
Snorre Kirk – Beat (Stunt)
Snowpoet – Thought You Knew (Edition)
Sofra – Not So Not Familiar (Self-released)
Soft Machine – Hidden Details (Dyad)
Soil and “Pimp” Sessions – Dapper (Red River Entertainment)
Sollado – Sollado (MOB)
Solveig Slettahjell – Live At Victoria (Jazzland Recordings)
Somesh Mathur – Time Stood Still (Sweet Beats)
Sonar – Vortex (RareNoise)
Sondre Ferstad Ensemble – Minimal (AMP Music)
Sons Of Kemet – Your Queen Is A Reptile (Impulse!)
Soothsayers – Tradition (WahWah45)
Sophie Alour – Time for Love (Music From Source)
Soul Basement – Oneness (Moosicus)
Soul Des Jaguar – Deep Inside (African Pulse Music)
Soulive – Cinematics Vol. 1 (Soulive Music, Inc.)
Soulpersona Starring Princess Freesia – Sunset City (Sunset City)
South Florida Jazz Orchestra – The Music of Gary Lindsay – Are We Still Dreaming (Summit)
Spiral Deluxe [Jeff Mills, Yumiko Ohno, Kenji ‘Jino’ Hino and Gerald Mitchell] – Voodoo Magic (Axis)
Spirit Fingers – Spirit Fingers (Shanachie)
Square One featuring Andy Middleton – Double Bind (Self-released)
Stefan Schultze – System Tribe (WhyPlayJazz)
Stefon Harris + Blackout – Sonic Creed (Motéma Music)
Stéphane Galland – Stéphane Galland and (the mystery of) Kem (Outnote)
Stephane Kerecki Quartet – French Touch (INCISES)
Stephane Nisol – Trafic d’influences (Aurasky Music)
Stephanie K. – A Word Before You Go (Fattoria Musica)
Steve Coleman – Live at the Village Vanguard Vol. 1 – The Embedded Sets (Pi Recordings)
Steve Gadd Band – Steve Gadd Band (BFM Jazz)
Steve Kuhn Trio – To And From The Heart (Sunnyside)
Steven Taetz – Drink You In (Flatcar/Fontana North)
Steve Slagle – Dedication (Panorama)
Stimulator Jones – Exotic Worlds and Masterful Treasures (Stones Throw)
Strata Gemma – Strata Gemma (Fly By Night)
Submotion Orchestra – Kites (SMO)
Sulzmann/Silk/Lee/Gibbs/Bain/O’Gallagher/Janisch- Live At The Spotted Dog (Stoney Lane)
Sungjae Son – Near East Quartet (ECM)
Sunny Wilkinson – Into the Light (Sunchance)
Super Soul Bros – Motherload (Self-released)
Susanne Paul’s MOVE String Quartet – Short Stories (JazzHausMusik)
Sylvain Daniel and Palimpseste – Palimpseste (Voyage imaginaire dans les ruines de Detroit)
Sylvie Courvoisier Trio – D’Agala (Intakt)
Syrinx Effect – A Sky You Could Strike A Match On (Self-released)
Sy Smith – Sometimes a Rose Will Grow in Concrete (Psyko)
Szun Waves – New Hymn To Freedom (The Leaf Label)

Takaaki Otomo – The New Kid In Town (Albany)
Tal Arditi Trio – Portrait Live at “A-Trane” Berlin (Ancor)
Tal National – Tantabara (Fat Cat)
Tamuz Nissim – Echo Of A Heartbeat (Street Of Stars)
Tania Giannouli/Rob Thorne/Steve Garden – Rewa (Rattle)
Tatanka – Baïkal (Pince Oreille)
Tatiana Ladymay Mayfield – The Next Chapter (Ladymay Music)
Tauk – Shapeshifter I – Construct (TAUK Management, LLC)
Tenderlonious feat. The 22archestra – The Shakedown (22a)
Terence Blanchard feat. The E-Collective – Live (Blue Note)
Tessa Souter – Picture in Black and White (NOA)
Thabang Tabane – Matjale (Mushroom Half Hour)
Thandi Ntuli – Exiled (Inpartmaint)
The Bad Plus – Never Stop II (Legbreaker)
The Bamboos – Night Time People (Pacific Theatre)
The Brian Auger Piano Trio – Full Circle [Live At Boogie’s] (Freestyle)
The Cluttertones with Lee Pui Ming – Leeways (Snail Bong Bong)
The Dissolute Society – Soldiering On (Babel Label)
The Diva Jazz Orchestra – 25th Anniversary Project (ArtistShare)
The Gil Evans Orchestra – Hidden Treasures Vol.1 (Bopper Spock Suns Music)
The Heat Death – The Glenn Miller Sessions (Clean Feed)
The Heavyweights Brass Band – This City (Slammin Media)
The Humanity Quartet – Humanity (Cellar Live)
The Hypersonic Factor – Inventions of Diffusion (Tonecluster Music, LLC)
The Ira B. Liss Big Band Jazz Machine – Tasty Tunes (Tallman Productions)
The Jamie Baum Septet – Bridges (Sunnyside)
The Lewis Express – The Lewis Express (ATA)
The Magnificent Tape Band – The Subtle Art Of Distraction (ATA)
The Nels Cline 4 – Currents, Constellations (Blue Note)
The New England Jazz Ensemble – Peter and the Wolf (Self-released)
The New Law – A Bull In The Woods (Self-released)
The New Mastersounds – Renewable Energy (One Note)
The New Mastersounds – The Nashville Session 2 (One Note)
The Odd Dogs – Beneath The Surface (Manasus Music)
The Paco de Lucía Project – The Paco de Lucía Project (Casa Limon America, LLC)
The Parks Project – Space Jazz (Self-released)
The Richard Shulman Group – Turned Into Lemonade (RichHeart Music)
The Sha La Das – Love in the Wind (Dunham/Daptone)
The Stanley Clarke Band – The Message (Mack Avenue)
The Super Trio – Softly, As in a Morning Sunrise (Venus)
The Thing with Five Eyes – Noirabesque (Svart Lava)
The Tiki Collective – Muse (Vesuvius Music)
The Toronto Jazz Orchestra – 20 (TJO)
The Vamps – Premier Soul-Jazz (743542 Records DK)
Thiefs – Graft [la Greffe] (jazz&people)
This Is It! (Satoko Fujii) – 1538 (Libra)
Thollem DuRoche Stjames Trio – Live in Our Time (ESP-Disk)
Thomas Bracht Band – Don’t Play to Impress (Unit)
Thomas Bramerie Trio – Side Stories (Jazz Eleven)
Thomas Fonnesbaek Trio – Sharing (Storyville)
Thomas Kolarczyk Ensemble – Halbträume [Jazz Thing Next Generation Vol. 72] (Double Moon)
Thomas Naïm – Desert Highway (Rootless Blues)
Thomas Strønen Time Is A Blind Guide – Lucus (ECM)
Thumbscrew – Ours (Cuneiform)
Thumbscrew – Theirs (Cuneiform)
Tia Fuller – Diamond Cut (Mack Avenue)
Tigran Hamasyan – For Gyumri (Nonesuch)
Till Brönner/Dieter Ilg ‘Nightfall’ (OKeh)
Tim Berne/Matt Mitchell – Angel Dusk (Screwgun)
Tim Garland – Weather Walker (Edition)
Tim Haldeman – Open Water As a Child (Woolgathering)
Timo Lassy – Moves (Diamond T)
Timo Vollbrecht – Faces in Places (Berthold)
Tirzah – Devotion (Domino)
Tobias Becker Bigband/Jochen Neuffer – Augmented Reality (Neuklang)
Todd Clouser/John Medeski/Jt Bates – You The Brave Live At Icehouse (Ropeadope Sur)
Tokunbo – The Swan (Yoruba Girl/Recordjet)
Tom Arthurs Trio – One Year (Ozella)
Tom Barford – Bloomer (Edition)
Tom Bourgeois – Murmures (Neuklang)
Tommy Guerrero – Road to Knowhere (Too Good)
Tom Neale – The Realm (Self-released)
Tomonao Hara and Hiroshi Ikejiri – Dear J.C. – Dedicated to John Coltrane (Gaumy Jam)
Tom Tallitsch – Wheelhouse (Posi-Tone)
Tonbruket – Live Salvation (ACT Music)
Tonina – Black Angel (Casa Limon America, LLC)
Tony Allen and Jeff Mills – Tomorrow Comes The Harvest (Blue Note Lab)
Tony Bennett/Diana Krall – Love Is Here To Stay (Verve)
Tony Grey – Unknown Angels (ObliqSound)
Tony Kofi and The Organisation – Point Blank (The Last Music Co)
Tony Irving and Massimo Magee – The Fog (Monofonus Press/Astral Spirits)
Torch – Torch (Common Tone)
Tord Gustavsen Trio – The Other Side (ECM)
Tori Freestone and Alcyona Mick – Criss Cross (Whirlwind Recordings)
Toshio Matsuura Group – LOVEPLAYDANCE – 8 Scenes From The Floor (Brownswood Recordings)
Toubab Krewe – Stylo (Self-released)
Travellin’ Brothers – 13th Avenue South (Magnolia)
Travis Whitmore – Perspectives (Self-released)
Tribu – El Matador (Mandala)
Tricia Evy – USAWA (Label Evy)
Trinom3 – Just A Bit Further (Cellar Live)
Trio HLK – Standard Time (Ubuntu Music)
Trio Work – Trio Work (Greengig Music)
Triptet – Slowly Away (Engine Studios)
Troker – Imperfecto (Ropeadope)
Troy Roberts – Nu Jive Perspective (Inner Circle Music)
Trygve Seim – Helsinki Songs (ECM)
Tuomas Antero Turunen – Ornaments of Time (SKIP)
Turbamulta – Turbamulta (Clean Feed)
Tutu Puoane and Brussels Jazz Orchestra – We Have A Dream (SoulFactory)
Tyler Higgins – Blue Mood (Shhpuma)
Tyrone Jackson – From The Mind Of (Maestro T Entertainment)

Uniting Of Opposites – Ancient Lights (Tru Thoughts)
University of Toronto 12tet – As Day Slips into Night (Self-released)
Unwind – Orange (Rattle)
Uros Spasojevic / Bojan Marjanovic – V (AMP)

Valia Calda – Methexis (Self-released)
Vardan Hovanissian / Emre Gültekin – Karin (Muziek Publique)
Vaudou Game – Otodi (Hot Casa)
Vernau Mier – Vernau Mier/Frisson Sextet ( Fresh Sound New Talent)
Verneri Pohjola/Mika Kallio – Animal Image (Edition)
Vic Juris – Eye Contact (SteepleChase)
Victor Gould – Earthlings (Criss Cross Jazz)
Vidar K. Schanche – Awakening (Bekk)
Vince Bell – Ojo (Mulatta)
Vincent Peirani – Living Being II – Night Walker (ACT Music)
Vinny Valentino, Joel Rosenblatt and Baron Browne – Valentino, Rosenblatt, Browne (Play Along Jazz)
Vitor Pereira Quintet – Somewhere in the Middle (Self-released)

Waaju – Waaju (Olindo)
Walter Gorra – In Due Time (Self-released)
Walter Smith III/Matt Stevens/Joel Ross/Harish Raghavan/Marcus Gilmore – In Common (Whirlwind Recordings)
Walter Smith III – TWIO (Whirlwind Recordings)
WÄN (Arthur Hnatek/Tapiwa Svose/Nicola Habegger/Fabien Iannone) – WÄN (Self-released)
Walter Wolfman Washington – My Future Is My Past (Anti-)
Wanja Slavin Lotus Eaters – Salvation (WhyPlayJazz)
Wayne Escoffery – Vortex (Sunnyside)
Wayne Powers – If Love Were All (Kabockie)
Wayne Shorter – Emanon (Blue Note)
Way North – Fearless and Kind (Self-released)
Web Web – Dance Of The Demons (Compost)
Wild Card – Life Stories (Top End)
William Hooker Trio – Remembering (Monofonus Press/Astral Spirits)
William Parker – Voices Fall From The Sky (Centering)
William Tatge Trio – General Cargo (bjurecords)
Wolfgang Muthspiel – Where The River Goes (ECM)
Woody Witt/Larry Ham – Presence (Blujazz)
World Electric Band – Confusion (Irma)
WorldService Project – Serve (RareNoise)
Woven Entity – Two (Enid)

Xavier Davis – Rise Up Detroit (Detroit Music Factory)

Yadava – It Rains Here (Church)
Yazmin Lacey – When The Sun Dips 90 Degrees (First Word)
Yelena Eckemoff – Better Than Gold and Silver (L&H Production)
Yelena Eckemoff – Desert (L&H Production)
Yellow Bird – Edda Lou (Yellowbird)
Yonatan Gat – Universalists (Self-released)
Yoni Kretzmer’s New Dilemma – Months, Weeks and Days (OutNow)
Yotan Ben-Or – Sitting on a Cloud (Self-released)
Yuhan Su – City Animals (Sunnyside)
Yuko Fujiyama – Night Wave (Innova)

Zaki Ibrahim – The Secret Life of Planets (Self-released)
Zeduardo Martins – Oxalá Novos e Velhos Standards (CMA Digital Music)
Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange – Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange (Wax Museum)
Zela Margossian Quintet – Transition (Art as Catharsis)

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