Guest Top 20 of 2018: Matti Nives @ We Jazz


Anteloper – Kudu (International Anthem)
Juhani Aaltonen and Raoul Björkenheim – Awakening (Eclipse Music)
Binker And Moses: Alive In the East? (Gearbox)
Moses Boyd – Displaced Diaspora (Exodus)
Ill Considered – Live at the Crypt (Ill Considered Music)
Mia Dyberg Trio – Ticket! (Clean Feed)
Elifantree – Anemone (Eclipse Music)
Enemy Trio – Enemy (Edition)
Ronald Langestraat – Searching (South Of North)
Christian Lillingers Grund – “C O R” (Plaist Music)
Charles Mingus – Jazz In Detroit / Strata Concert Gallery / 46 Selden (BBE Music)
MDCIII – Dreamhatcher (W.E.R.F.)
Moskus – Mirakler (Hubro)
Barre Phillips – End to End (ECM)
Verneri Pohjola / Mika Kallio – Animal Image (Edition)
Jesse Sharps Quintet and P.A.P.A. – Sharps and Flats (Outernational Sounds)
Ralph Thomas – Eastern Standard Time (BBE Music)
Rodrigo Tavares – Congo (Hive Mind)
Still Dreaming – Still Dreaming (Nonesuch)
Timo Lassy – Moves (Membran)