TEAM VIBE: Best of 2018 – Andy Allen

Keram Akdag “Find Yourself” from the album ‘Kerem Akdag’ (Dimensions)

Nat Birchall Quartet – Mode For Trane 7″ (Jazzman)

Ad Bourke and Raiders Of The Lost Arp – Raw [Ron Trent Remix] 12″ (Far Out Recordings)

Leon Bridges “Bad Bad News” from the album ‘Good Thing’ (Columbia)

John Coltrane “Untitled Original 11386″ from the album ‘Both Directions At Once: The Lost Album’ (Impulse!)

Glenn Davis – I Feel It 12″ (F*CLR)

Di Melo – A.E.I.O.U. 12″ (Favorite)

April Fulladosa – Tell Me 7” (Reference Point) reissue

The Gentleman Players – Dakar [Digital only] (Martinez)

Joe Armon Jones “Starting Today ft Asheber” from the album ‘Starting Today’ (Brownswood Recordings)

Kalima – Where Is The Sunshine 7″ (Chuwanaga) reissue

Jessica Lauren “Beija Flor” from the album ‘Almería’ (Freestyle)

9th Creation – Mellow Music 7″ (Past Due) reissue

Nu Guinea “Nuova Napoli” from the album ‘Nuova Napoli’ (NG)

Bobby Rodriguez “Simply Macrame” from the album ‘Simply Macrame’ (Jazz Detective) reissue

Jesse Sharps Quintet and P.A.P.A. “The Goat And The Ramjam” from the album ‘Sharps And Flats’ (Outernational Sounds) reissue

Simbad feat. Brian Temba – Take My Hand EP (Freerange)

Andre Solomko “Le Deltaplane” from the album ‘Le Deltaplane’ (Favorite)

Tessa Souter “Contemplation/Ancestors” from the album ‘Picture in Black and White’ (Noa)

SpaceArk “Welcome To My Door” from the album ‘Spaceark’ (Mr Bongo) reissue

Tenderlonious feat. The 22Archestra “Expansions” from the album ‘The Shakedown’ (22a)

Harold Vick “Don’t Look Back” from the album ‘Don’t Look Back’ (Pure Pleasure) reissue

Web Web “Land Of The Arum Flower” from the album ‘Dance Of The Demons’ (Compost)

Chip Wickham “Shamal Wind” from the album ‘Shamal Wind’ (Lovemonk)

Yadava “Kadampa 125” from the album ‘Ad Hoc Presents: Vol 1’ (Ad Hoc)

Andy Allen