UK Vibe ‘Best of 2020’ – Andy Allen

Andy Allen’s Rhythm Chronicles: 20 for 2020

Celetre – Moonlight (Celetre/Bandcamp) from the EP Moonlight
Chordially – Atomic Soul (Cordial) from the album Amen Brother
Common Saints – Common Saints EP (Star Sonics) full EP
Greg Foat – Symphonie Pacifique (Strut) full album
Huma – Moon Crab (Angis Music)
Jersey Street – Love Rising Up (Ubuntu Music) full album
Deborah Jordan – Stay With You feat. Oz & LaNote (Futuristica Music) from the album See In The Dark
Carmen Lundy – So This Is Love (Z Records) from the album Colin Curtis pres. Jazz Dance Fusion 2
Mildlife – Downstream (Heavenly) from the album Automatic
Angela Munoz – I Don’t Care (Linear Labs) from the album Adrian Younge pres. Angela Munoz Introspection
Janko Nilovik & The Soul Surfers – Sweet Path (Broc) from the album Maze Of Sounds
The Quiet Ones – Ninguem feat. Carlo Alexandre Teixeira & Amarina Sena (The Quiet Ones/Bandcamp) from the album The Quiet Ones
Rena Scott – Driftin’ On A Dream (Izipho Soul)
Secret Night Gang – The Sun (SNG/Bandcamp)
Cleo Sol – When I’m In Your Arms (Forever Living Originals) from the album Rose In The Dark
Str4ta – Aspects (Brownswood)
Web Web – Worshippers (Compost) full album
Chip Wickham – Blue To Red (Lovemonk) full album
Ben Williams – If You Hear Me (Ben Williams/Bandcamp) from the album I Am A Man
Mariana Zwarg Sexteto Universal – Pra Ele (Mariana Zwarg Sexteto Universal/Bandcamp) from the album Nascentes