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Urban Gardening – A UK Vibe Mix

For some while I’ve had a sense that I was becoming stuck down a bit of a musical rabbit hole, becoming a little too narrow in my tastes.

Time to climb out and listen to the world with new ears.

Andy Hazell

Mark de Clive-Lowe – The Offering
Avantdale Bowling Club – Years Gone By
Jamael Dean – Eledumare
JAB – Directions
Sampa the Great – Freedom
Noname – Regal
Barney McAll – Heavenly Waters
Joe Armon-Jones – Almost Went Too Far
Benny Sings – Not Enough
Tom Cawley – The Ungainlies
João Bosco – A Nível De…
Milton Nascimento – Milagre Dos Peixes
André Mehmari / Carlos Aguirre / Juan Quintero – Ida e Volta
Simon Goubert / Ablaye Cissoko – Waxtan
Abdullah Ibrahim – Saud
Mandisi Dyantsis – Somandla
Abbey Lincoln – Africa
SEED Ensemble – WAKE (for Grenfell)
Binker Golding – You, That Place, That Time

Team Vibe mix no. 24: ‘’WHAT, NO MILES?!’’

Join Andrew Gray for his second offering of jazz and soul, with a few wild cards thrown in to broaden our minds. But guess what? There’s not a Miles Davis tune in sight! Andrew has been in the Vibe background for many years, assisting with his knowledge and varied record collection. He is currently exploring the West Bank celebrating his birthday, checking out Banksy street art and quite likely talking music to anyone and everyone. If there’s a market selling music, Andrew will find it!

UK Vibe mix: Jazz Fusion


Tom Cawley – Zona Mista (Ubuntu Music 2019)
Ebi Soda – Dimmsdale (Sola Terra 2019)
Shawn Myers – Floating Now (Self-released 2019)
Kenner – Janelle (8Ball City 2019)
Sébastien Jarrousse Tentet featuring Ellinoa – Burn Out (A.MA 2019)
Nicolas Folmer – What’s Happen (Cristal 2019)
Xose Miguelez – Under the Big Tree (Origin 2019)
Stratus Luna – Zarabatana (Music Magick 2019)
Jivan Gasparyan Jr. – Beginning (Self-released 2019)
Alfredo Balcacer – Inside My Head (Casabeat 2019)
Romain Collin – Overflow (XM 2019)
Mosambique – The Underdog (Jazzland 2019)
Ryan Porter – People Talk (World Galaxy 2019)
Lushh – Kid Stuff (Self-released 2019)
The Session – Kolmas Linja (Bubble Bath 2019)0
Melina Paxinos – Athens III (MachenMachenMachen! 2019)
Gerry Gibbs and Thrasher – Flying on the Wings of a Fantasy (Whaling City Sounds 2019)
Javonntte – Fantasy (ELE 2019)
Gagik Khodavirdi – The Last Dance (Self-released 2018)
Gary Dean Smith – Lucky feat. Jeff Lorber (MF 2019)

UK Vibe Mix: Modern Jazz


Jamie Saft Quartet – Landrace
Jeff Denson – 21st Century Blues
Dave Wilson Quartet – Untitled Modal Tune
Rich Halley – Centripetal
Ville Vannemaa – Hurry Up
Matías Dabanch Cuarteto – Transición
Fabio Tullio – Asterischi vari
Curtis Nowosad – Never Forget What They Did to Fred Hampton
Scatter The Atoms That Remain – Vishvapura
Joshua Redman Quartet – How We Do
Jerry Bergonzi – 5th Ray: Knowledge
Herlin Riley – Borders Without Lines
Dann Zinn – Day of Reckoning
Johnathan Blake – One For Honor
Steve Davis – Inner Glimpse
Benjamin Boone – They Feed They Lion
Tobias Wiklund – Dancing to the Drum of No Conscience
Miguel Gorodi Nonet – Not Nicest Memo


Track list:

Jaska Lukkarinen Trio – Flow On
Aki Rissanen – New Life And Other Beginnings
Alexi Tuomarila – Vagabond
Joonas Leppänen – Homecoming
Olli Hirvonen – N.E.B
Sun Trio – Peace
Bowman Trio – Bowman Cigarrettes
Jimi Tenor & Umo – Naulamatto
Eero Koivistoinen Quartet – Relations
Aki Rissanen / Jussi Lehtonen Quartet – Scriabin
Jukka Eskola – Teddy’s Stretch
Kvalda – Paha Paiva
Warp! with Verneri Pohjola – Haute Couture
Teemu Viinikainen – Sneaking Part I
Kari Heinilä – Lill’ Lisa
Juhani Aaltonen Trio – Hymn
Trio Töykeät – One for Halen I
Heikki Sarmanto & UMO Jazz Orchestra – Return to Life
Elonkorjuu – Hey Brother
Olli Ahvenlahti – Breeze
Jukka Tolonen Band – Tiger
Carita Holmström – Still I Feel Sorry For You
Woodoo – Woodoo-Teema

Vibe Out: Poland


Urszula Dudziak – Samba Ula (live)
Laboratorium – Nogero
Maciej Fortuna Quartet – Lost Keys
Contemporary Noise Sextet – Chasing Rita
Rafał Sarnecki Quartet – Living Like Weasels
Artur Dutkiewicz – Third Stone from the Sun
High Definition Quartet – Alan’s Birthday
Fortuna Acoustic Quartet – Grey Carol
Nor Cold – Maria
Miłość & Lester Bowie – Let’s Get Serious
Vehemence Quartet – Gabrys
Mikrokolektyw – Little Warrior
Pink Freud – Diamond Way
Marek Surzyn – Incydent
Sławomir Kulpowicz – Unisono
NAK Trio & Arcos – Do You Really Need All This Money
Tomasz Stańko New York Quartet – Yankiels Lid
Daniel Toledo Trio & Pianohooligan – Margins
Janusz Muniak Sextet – Aeoioe
Andrzej Dąbrowski – Nie Ucz Mnie

Vibe Out: Argentina


Agustín Pereyra Lucena – Espontaneo
Gato Barbieri with Lonnie Liston Smith – Merceditas
Luis Alberto Spinetta – Telgopor
Francisco Rivero – Buenos Aires – New York
Aaron Goldberg & Guillermo Klein – Human Feel
Guillermo Klein & Los Guachos – Ninos
Martín Robbio – Jocoso
Norris Trio – Transmisión Oral
Pablo Aslan – Derviche
Juan Carlos Cáceres – Cumtango
Gato Barbieri – To Be Continued
Hugo Fattoruso & Tomohiro Yahiro – La Papa
Fatto Maza Fatto – Cravo e Canela
Martín Robbio Trio & Los Guevarista – Elvin (Sir) Jones
Ara Tokatlian & Enrique Villegas – Maritimaria
Johnny Hodges with Lalo Schifrin – Buenos Aires Blues
Alex Conde – Think Of One
Pablo Ziegler Quartet – Michelangelo ’70
Pablo Ziegler – Imagenes 676
Adrián Iaies – Chiquilín of Bachín
Fefe Botti – Lavand
Richard Nant & Argentos – 70s
Agustín Pereyra Lucena – Guayabas
Mono Fontana – La Culpa No Se Lava Contra La Piedra