Tony Kofi in interview

“The seed was laid in the 90s when I rediscovered Cannonball, and some of the stuff he did pre-Miles.” – Tony Kofi

Photo: Courtesy of Siobhan Bradshaw

As with all artists from all genres of music, award-winning UK based alto saxophonist Tony Kofi and his fellow jazz musicians have been in limbo with regard to live performances since March 2020. How fitting it was then that shortly after live venue restrictions were lifted that Tony Kofi and his band should return to the Bear Club, Luton, where they recorded a live album, ‘A Portrait of Cannonball Adderley/Another Kind of Soul’ towards the end of 2019. The joy and relief to be back in the groove was evident in the demeanour of both the performing artists and the audience. UK vibe’s Michael J Edwards caught up with a visually still buzzing Tony Kofi shortly afterwards for a post-gig interview to inquire as to what inspired him to pay tribute to the late saxophonist Julian Cannonball Adderley and also congratulate him on his recent awarding of an Honorary Professorship at Nottingham University.

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