MIX NO. 25: Global Flavas

The music on “Global Flavas” is a mix of tracks from singles and albums all released (or re-issued) earlier in 2019 – plenty of jazz and soul, but also some other things such as electronica, ambient music, reggae, 1960s mod rock from an English band more famous in Spain than the UK, rockabilly-surf music, experimental Gaelic folk, experimental Czech-based folk-pop, Cape Verdean funaná, Nuyorican afro-latin reggaeton-rock, 1970s flamenco-infused salsa from Colombia, Danish electro-afro-jazz, Anglo-French soul from Bordeaux’s young prodigy, San Francisco boogie-funk, Australian afro-house, fast and furious Colombian mapalé-jazz that is totally on fire – and to cool it all down, I’ve even got music constructed from the manipulation of water! There’s loads more than this too!

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Alexis Evans – She Took Me Back
Tony Monaco Trio – Cars Trucks Buses
The Soul Motivators – All The Way To The Bank
Godwin Louis – Global
K.O.G. & The Zongo Brigade – Turn Up The Music (Mr Benn Remix)
Digital Afrika – Babalu Aye
Liquid Saloon – Belibi (ft Eyal Talmudi)
Brandon James – So Emotional
David Marson – Feeling You feat Craig Williamson (Lowheads Dub mix)
Andrew Wasylyk – Greendrive #2
Alexis Evans – I’ve Come A Long Way
Kalaha – Mama Ngoma (BlueTech Remix)
The Pendletons – Life To Me
Korjen – Hoy Nazan
Black Roots – The Father
Tomcats – Macarenas
Whiskey Kiss – Echoes
AKA Trio – The Beautiful Game
Mary Ann Kennedy – Horo Tha Mi Fo Smalan Dheth
Cormac Byrne/Adam Summerhayes – Moving Part 3
Coladera – Funaná do Moreré
Taina Asili – La Alegría feat Johnny Juice
Los Revolucionarios – Caribe
Kahala – Çok Küstüm
Alexis Evans – Your Words
Jah Lous – Prende La Vela
H2drOp – Pai

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