A New Life on Jazzman Records


Thought you knew about British jazz? Think again. Diving into the unknown world of the private pressing, Jazzman Records presents some of the rarest and wildest British jazz ever recorded! Compiled by Francis Gooding and Duncan Brooker (the team responsible for the acclaimed Next Stop Soweto series), and coming with extensive sleeve notes based on interviews with the musicians, A New Life is the first major British jazz collection since Gilles Petersen’s ‘Impressed’ series, and the first ever to shed light on the forgotten legacy of independent, regional and experimental Brit jazz.

A New Life is the first survey of British jazz labels and musicians that went their own way in the 1970s, bringing to the light the unknown indie gems and outsider private pressings that let jazz musicians keep the faith into the 1980s. From the time-bending spirit music of London’s Lori Vambe to the psych-jazz of Birmingham’s Poliphony, via Spot the Zebra’s jazz dedication to David Attenborough and Indiana Highway’s modal Christmas carolling, A New Life chronicles a compelling selection of lost and obscure jewels of the British jazz underground.

01. Joy – Martini Sweet [06:22]
02. Nottingham Jazz Orchestra – Sixes and Severns [04:27]
03. Billy Jenkins & The Voice of God Collective – High Street / Saturday [05:26]
04. London Jazz IV – Death Is Near [03:17]
05. Graham Collier – Darius [09:40]
06. Spot the Zebra – Living Planet [06:32]
07. Quincicasm – Trent Park Song [07:24]
08. Cameo – Poliphony [04:28]
09. Lori Vambe – Drumsong (One) [06:53]
10. Frank Evans – The Bistro Kid [04:24]
11. Edge – Danielle and the Holly Tree [06:07]
12. Indiana Highway – We Three Kings [03:52]
13. Walsall Youth Jazz – The Dragon [04:50]