Marte Röling

marte-rolingMarte Röling, niece of artist Matthijs Röling and niece of the polemologist Bert Röling, is a Dutch lithographer born in Amsterdam on 16th December 1939. Since 1959 she has exhibited in Europe and the United States, and perhaps better known for her large paintings and sculptures (Sculpture of Röling at the Harmonie Building can be found at the University of Groningen). In the sixties she won the Hilversum Culture Prize and worked with Jeanne Rose, fashion editor at Het Parool, who asked her to make fashion drawings. Although she had already made her mark back in 1990, notably with a successful exhibition of examples of her work at the Paris Biennale, it is back in 1990 that we familiarise ourselves with her work for Fontana Records, now designing album covers, stamps, theatre sets, murals, posters, costumes, reliefs and even movies. It was then, during the 1990s, that her canal-side apartment in Amsterdam, lit by the broad Dutch skies, was perpetually cleared for action because during those days commissions from public bodies and private persons flowed in almost as fast as Marte could meet them. Art’s in the blood, luckily. Both parents were artists and the training Marte received at the Amsterdam Academy brought a ready talent to early fruition. Today, Marte’s deepest mental affinities are with Picasso, but she is not automatically bored by people who prefer Leonardo da Vinci; indeed, she is bored by no-one or nothing that gives her a “new slant on things.” She reads widely, but not systematically, and claims to be interested in politics. As for the growing reputation that has brought her (among other things) appearances on television, she remarks: “It would be unnatural if I didn’t like that kind of thing, wouldn’t it? But my real ambition is to become a better and better artist.” On January 17, 2010 Röling was appointed Knight of the Order of the Dutch Lion.

Steve Williams