Best jazz albums of 2015

Welcome to ukvibe’s BEST JAZZ ALBUMS OF 2015

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Firstly, let us point out a few remarkable late arrivals back in January with a 2014 stamp on them. Andy Bey released his second album for HighNote called ‘Pages From An Extraordinary Life’ and there was also Goran Kajfes Subtropic Arkestra with their volume 2 of ‘The Reason Why’ – both deserving our attentions. Some of the first albums that came through this year were the posthumous release by Zim Ngqawana, with his ‘Greatest Moments’. A ‘best of’ compilation of spiritual South African jazz [One of the stand-out albums of the year, which reminded us of the loss to music by both Zim and Bheki Mseleku], and Makaya McCraven’s refreshing ‘In The Moment’.


What a year we have had! The quantity and quality of releases that have found their way to our speakers has been unbelievable, with over 500 albums given space to breath by the review team. A huge thank you must go out to all the PR and record labels who have sent their material through (although the team here do buy a lot too). Sorry we couldn’t review them all! Oh, and there were some phenomenal stand-out tracks on a few albums that didn’t quite make our list too. Here we have thrown a few varied styles together for you to check out…

Pierre Christophe 4tet ‘Relaxin’ at Battery Park’ from the album ‘Valparaiso’

Ray Anderson’s Organic Quartet ‘Being The Point’ – title track to the album

Xiomara Laugart ‘Reclamo Mistico’ from the album ‘Tears and Rumba’

Pó De Café Quarteto ‘Amérika’ – title track to the album

Steve Turre ‘Nangadef’ from the album ‘Spiritman’

Sebastian Studnitzky ‘Momento’ – title track to the album

The Greg Foat Group ‘Door into Summer’ from the album ‘The Dancers at the End of Time’

William Parker ‘Great Spirit’ – title track to the album

Kenny Wheeler’s posthumously released album ‘Songs for Quintet’ was a remarkable and emotional listen. An album that favoured repeated listens throughout the year. The debut album from young Brazilian guitarist Fabiano do Nascimento was another refreshing surprise, featuring legendary percussionist Airto Moreira in his first album project in over ten years, Fabiano really did provide us with music of legendary status.

On the compilation front, Far Out Recordings gave us a wonderful collection under the title ‘Brazilika’, featuring some unreleased rarities. It was great to see Azymuth hit Ronnie Scott’s and all praise must be given to Joe and the team at Far Out. 2015 also gave us two Jazzman compilations worth checking out – ‘Spiritual Jazz vol. 6 – Vocals’ and ‘A New life. Private, Independent and Youth Jazz in Great Britain 1966-1990’ taking the podium alongside ‘Jazz in Polish Cinema. Out of the Underground 1958-1967’ and ‘Praise Poems, Vol. 2′ from the consistent Tramp Records’ stable.

Some key moments in the year: Blue Note back in April released Charles Lloyd’s ‘Wild Man Dance’, a simply remarkable live album. We are delighted that Charles is back with the label. May arrived with Kamasi Washington’s widely talked about release, ‘The Epic’, and June was a sad time as we lost Ornette Coleman. Others who left the bandstand in 2015 were Marcus Belgrave, Orrin Keepnews, Clark Terry Jr., Percy Sledge, Ben E. King, John Taylor and Mark Murphy. Full list here

In celebrating Keith Jarrett’s 70th birthday, which took place this year, there was an onslaught of releases, both new and reissued works, with Verve and ECM both on form – never a better time to catch up on classic Jarrett. To celebrate we had our own profile on the site, which you can read here. Happy birthday Keith!

Serious jazz by way of ‘Turtle Records 3CD Pioneering British Jazz 1970-1971‘ put together, for the first time, all three releases from the sought-after catalogue. This was one of the big surprises of the year and its reception was greatly appreciated by the team. More essential albums we would all need in our collections, omitted from our top 20 (as with last year), come by way of ‘The Complete Bee Hive Recordings’, a 12CD limited edition box set from Mosaic Records, John Abercrombie’s ‘The First Quartet’, John Coltrane ‘A Love Supreme: The complete Masters’, and Oscar Peterson ‘Exclusively For My Friends’ (8CD), not forgetting the extended ‘Gears’ album by Johnny Hammond – all truly special, and little excuse by music lovers for not having incredible choice this year.

And so to our choices for 2015… This list comprises of jazz related albums released for the first time in 2015. There are no re-issues or compilations included. Highlighted albums will hyperlink to our album review. Listen. Read our reviews. Enjoy. Purchase.


01. Charles Lloyd – Wild Man Dance (Blue Note)
“The six pieces personify what is so legendary about Lloyd as a writer, performer and band leader, taking the listener on an adventure that is quite breathtaking in its skill and beauty.”
Listen below to “Gardner”

02. Mark Guiliana Jazz Quartet – Family First (Beat Music Productions)
“Family First is an acoustic jazz album of such power, virtuosity, depth and poise, that it leaves this listener in genuine awe, and extremely happy.”
Listen to below “One Month”

03. Nat Birchall – Invocations (Jazzman)
“There seems to be an awareness here, one of mindful unity and understanding from the musicians.”
Listen below to “Njozi (Vision)”

ukvibebestof2015- ibrahim-maalouf
04. Ibrahim Maalouf – Kalthoum (Impulse!)
“A colourful template and rich tapestry of sound.”
Listen below to “Overture I”

05. Géraud Portal & Etienne Déconfin – Brothers (Gaya Music Production)
“Elise is one of the most perfectly written jazz tunes I have had the pleasure of listening to in a long time.”
Listen below to “Ben’s Mode”

06. Afrika Mkhize – Rain Dancer (Private Press)
“…utterly contemporary and remarkably original.”
Listen below to “Be Still”

07. Verneri Pohjola – Bullhorn (Edition)
“There is a natural energy throughout “Bullhorn”, one that simmers and burns brightly with Pohjola’s lyrical writing, overflowing with melodic ideas that the band express in such a personal, affecting way.”
Listen below to “The End is Nigh”

08. Brad Mehldau – 10 Years Solo Live (Nonesuch)
“It doesn’t get any better than this.”
Listen below to “Los Angeles II”

09. Kamasi Washington – The Epic (Brainfeeder)
“The power hits you hard between the ears and as the tune develops, utilising full orchestra and large vocal choir, it has a wow factor that surprisingly stays with the listener…”
Listen below to “Malcolm’s Theme”

10. Lage Lund – Idlewild (Criss Cross Jazz)
“The trio’s performance here is cohesive, intuitive, bold, confident and exciting, with exceptional interplay between the musicians and a wonderful use of space and adventure that the trio platform provides.”
Listen below to “Rumspringa”

11. Brian Ellis Group – Escondido Sessions (El Paraiso)
“A special album that is quite unlike anything else I’ve had the pleasure of listening to this year.”
Listen below to “Via De Mi Rancho”

12. Makaya McCraven – In The Moment (International Anthem)
“Just listen to the plethora of ideas that spark from his kit – simply stunning.”
Listen below to “Quartz”

13. Artyom Manukyan – Citizen (Ghost Note)
“Citizen delivers 10 original compositions by Manukyan, some of which are breathtakingly bold and energetic whilst others employ a thoughtful, stirring beauty.”
Listen below to “Sailor’s Song”

14. Fabiano do Nascimento – Dança dos Tempos (Now-Again)
“On this album Do Nascimento and his collaborators dive into this lake of music and come up with pearls every time…”
Listen below to “Toccata Em Ritmo De Samba”

15. Emanative – The Light Years Of The Darkness (Steve Reid Foundation/Brownswood)
“A spiritual sun sets on one of the finest musical journeys to have been released this year.”
Listen below to “Om Supreme”

16. Gaël Horellou – Synthesis (DTC)
“Free spirited, playful and experimental- but never without a clever hook or cool riff to grab hold of and walk hand in hand with.”
Listen below to “Hypnosis”

17. Kenny Wheeler – Songs for Quintet (ECM)
“Songs For Quintet gets better the more you listen to it, its hidden depths revealing themselves slowly, rewarding the listener with what is a suitably beguiling and dignified final album from Kenny Wheeler, one of the world’s most respected jazz musicians.”
Listen below to “Jigsaw”

18. Lucas Arruda – Solar (Favorite France)
“Soulful, warm and heartfelt tunes blend with subtle rhythms and melodies to create a highly expressive and enjoyable album.”
Listen below to “Beyond The Sea”

19. Antonio Sánchez & Migration – The Meridian Suite (CAM Jazz)
“Sanchez achieves a fiercely strong originality, allowing for his own identity to rise to the surface with aplomb.”
Listen below to “Magnetic Currents”

20. Jan Prax Quartett – Keepin’ A Style Alive (ACT)
“One of the most promising newcomers in jazz full stop exclamation mark.”
Listen below to “Trane’s Ride”

Here you will find the extensive list of albums the team at UK Vibe listened to:

Aaron Diehl – Space Time Continuum (Mack Avenue)
Aaron Goldberg – The Now (Sunnyside)
Aaron Irwin – A Room Forever (Private Press)
Achim Seifert Project – Noticed My Heart (Art Of Groove)
ACT – ACT II (Private Press)
Adam Ben Ezra – Can’t Stop Running (Private Press)
Adam Birnbaum – Three of a Mind (Daedalus)
Adam Rogers & David Binney – R&B (Criss Cross Jazz)
Adam Shulman Sextet – Here/There (Private Press)
Afrika Mkhize – Rain Dancer (Private Press)
Ant Law – Zero Sum World (Whirlwind)
Akira Jimbo – Jimbo De CTI (Electric Bird)
Aki Takase & Ayumi Paul – Hotel Zauberberg (Intakt)
AKKU Quintet – Molecules (Morpheus)
Alafia – Corpura (ybmusic)
Albert Heath – Philadelphia Beat (Sunnyside)
Albert Rivera – Back At It (Truth Revolution)
Al Di Meola – Elysium (Inakustik)
Aldo Romano – Liberi Sumus (Le Triton)
Alessandro Usai Jazz Trio – Downtown Jazz (Wind & Broomfield)
Alexander Hawkins Trio – Alexander Hawkins Trio (Alexander Hawkins Music)
Alexander von Schlippenbach Trio – Features (Intakt)
Alex Sipiagin – Balance 38-58 (Criss Cross Jazz)
Alex Conde – Descarga For Monk (ZOHO)
Alex Hutton Trio – Magna Carta Suite (F-IRE)
Alexis Baro – Guilty Pleasure (G-THREE)
Alfonso Deidda – Lucky Man (Via Veneto)
Alice Testa – Alice’s Room (Azzurra)
Amina Figarova – Blue Whisper (In + Out)
Anat Cohen – Luminosa (Sunnyside)
Anders Jormin, Lena Willemark, Karin Nakagawa – Trees Of Light (ECM)
Andy Sheppard Quartet – Surrounded By Sea (ECM)
Andy Snitzer – American Beauty (Goose Song Music)
Anne Quillier 6tet – Daybreak (Private Press)
Antonio Adolfo – Tema (Private Press)
Antonio Sanchez & Migration – The Meridian Suite (CAM Jazz)
The Aristocrats – Tres Caballeros (Boing!)
Arnault Cuisinier – Anima (Melisse)
Arne Huber – Pearls (Meta)
Arturo O’Farrill & The Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra – Cuba: The Conversation Continues (Motéma)
Artyom Manukyan – Citizen (Ghost Note)
Atomic – Lucidity (Jazzland)
Avishai Cohen Trio – From Darkness (Sunnyside)
Ayn Inserto and Colours Jazz Orchestra – Home Away From Home (Neuklang)

Babak Nemati Quartet – Zarathustra (Private Press)
The Bad Plus – The Bad Plus Joshua Redman (Nonesuch)
Barry Altschul 3dom Factor – Tales Of The Unforeseen (TUM)
Bastien Keb – Dinking In The Shadows of Zizou (One-Handed Music)
Beat Funktion – Olympus (Do Music)
Bebo Valdés – Habana (Chord Concept)
Beck/Landolf/Rossy – Aphorism (Private Press)
Ben Cox Band – This Waiting Game (Cinnamon)
Benny Sharoni – Slant Signature (Papaya)
Ben Williams – Coming of Age (Concord)
Ben Winkelman Trio – The Knife (AO2)
Bernstein/Fresu/Petrella/Rojas – Brass Bang (Bonsaï)
Bill Laurance – Swift (GroundUP)
Binker And Moses – Dem Ones (Gearbox)
Blue Mode – Space Race (3 on the B)
Bluey – Life Between the Notes (Dome)
Boney James – Futuresoul (Concord Jazz)
Brad Mehldau – 10 Years Solo Live (Nonesuch)
Brad Myers – Prime Numbers (Colloquy)
Brian Ellis & Brian Grainger – At Dusk (El Paraiso)
Brian Ellis Group – Escondido Sessions (El Paraiso)
Brian Landrus Trio – The Deep Below (BlueLand/Palmetto)
Brussels Jazz Orchestra, Bert Joris, Enrico Pieranunzi – The Music of Enrico Pieranunzi (WERF)

Cæcilie Norby and Lars Danielsson – Just The Two Of Us (ACT)
Cara Stacey – Things That Grow (Kit)
Carlberg/Morris/Niggenkemper/Gray – Cosmopolitan Greetings (Red Piano)
Calibro35 – S.P.A.C.E. (Record Kicks)
Carlos Barbosa-Lima – The Chantecler Sessions Vol. 1 (1958 – 62) (Zoho)
Carlos Henriquez – The Bronx Pyramid (Blue Engine)
Casey Golden Trio – Outliers (Scrampion)
Casey Golden Trio – Live at Bennetts Lane (Scrampion)
Cassandra Wilson – Coming Forth By Day (OKeh)
Cecilia Stalin – Step Like A Giant (Private Press)
Cecil L. Recchia – Songs of the Tree (A Tribute to Ahmad Jamal) (Black and Blue)
Charlie Hunter Trio – Let the Bells Ring On (Private Press)
Charlie Wood – New Souvenirs (Perdido)
Charlie Haden, Gonzalo Rubalcaba – Tokyo Adagio (Impulse!)
Charles Lloyd – Wild Man Dance (Blue Note)
Charles McPherson – The Journey (Capri)
Chick Corea and Béla Fleck – Two (Concord)
Chihiro Yamanaka – Syncopation Hazard (Blue Note Japan)
Chris Biesterfeldt – Phineas (BR)
Chris Gall – Piano Solo (Edition Collage)
Chris Kelsey & Dom Minasi – Duets – Nyc/Woodstock (Private Press)
Chris Lightcap’s Bigmouth – Epicenter (Clean Feed)
Chris McNulty – Eternal (Palmetto)
Chris Potter’s Underground Orchestra – Imaginary Cities (ECM)
Christian Finger – Ananda (Strikezone)
Christian McBride Trio – Live At The Village Vanguard (Mack Avenue)
Christian Scott – Stretch Music (Ropeadope)
Christian Wallumrød – Pianokammer (Hubro)
Christine Corvisier 5tet – Reconnaissance (Unit)
Chris Washburne & The Syotos Band – Low Ridin’ (Zoho)
City Boys Allstars – Personal Thing (City Boys Mike Productions)
Clarisse Albrecht – Mulata Universal (One Music)
Colin Towns Masked Orchestra – Drama (Provocateur)
Common Knowledge – Consciousness (Private Press)
Corrie Dick – Impossible Things (Chaos Collective)
Cory Weeds – Condition Blue, The Music Of Jackie McLean (Cellar Live)
Curtis Nowosad – Dialectics (Cellar Live)
Cymin Samawatie & Cyminology – Phoenix (ECM)
Cyrus Chestnut – A Million Colors In Your Mind (HighNote)

Dadala – With Brass-Lines (Private Press)
Daktarimba – d’Afrique (Hip Jazz)
Daniel Bennett Group – The Mystery at Clown Castle (Manhattan Daylight Media)
Daniel Fortin – Brinks (Fresh Sound New Talent)
Daniel Herskedal – Slow Eastbound Train (Edition)
Daniel Levin Quartet – Friction (Clean Feed)
Dan Kaufman – Familiar Places (Red Piano)
Danny Grissett – The In-Between (Criss Cross Jazz)
Dan Trudell Trio – Plays The Piano (Private Press)
Das Kapital – Kind of Red (Label Bleu)
Dayna Stevens – Reminiscent (Criss Cross Jazz)
Dave Douglas Quintet – Brazen Heart (Greenleaf Music)
Dave Stryker – Stanley Turrentine Tribute (Strikezone)
David Berkman – Old and New Friends (Palmetto)
David Gazarov Trio – Bachology (enja)
David Helbock Trio – Aural Colors (Traumton)
David Lyttle – Faces (Lyte)
David Reinhardt – Spiritual Project (Cristal)
David Sanborn – Time And The River (OKeh)
David Torn – Only Sky (ECM)
Daymé Arocena – Nueva Era (Brownswood)
Dee Dee Bridgewater, Irvin Mayfield and The New Orleans Jazz Orchestra – Dee Dee’s Feathers (OKeh)
Dennis Rollins Velocity Trio – Symbiosis (Dogwithabone Music)
Denny Zeitlin & George Marsh – Riding the Moment (Sunnyside)
Detail – First Detail (Rune Grammofon)
Diana Krall – Wallflower (Verve)
The Dining Rooms – Do Hipsters Love Sun(Ra)? (Schema)
Django Deluxe and NDR Bigband – Driving (MPS)
Don Aliquo/Clay Jenkins Quintet – New Ties And Binds (Private Press)
Donny McCaslin – Fast Future (Grean Leaf)
Doug Carn – My Spirit (Doodlin’)
Drifter – Flow (Edition)
Duane Eubanks Quintet – Things Of That Particular Nature (Sunnyside)
Duduka Da Fonseca Trio – Jive Samba (Zoho)

Eberhard Weber – Encore (ECM)
Echoes of Swing – Dancing (ACT)
Edsel Gomez – Road To Udaipur (Zoho)
Eero Koivistoinen Quartet – Hati Hati (Svart)
Efe – Dusty Road (Private Press)
Einem.Art – Lamara (Double Moon)
E.J. Strickland Quintet – The Undying Spirit (Strick Muzik)
Eliane Elias – Made in Brazil (Concord)
Eli Degibri – Cliff Hangin’ (Degibri)
Elina Duni – Muza E Zeze (The Black Muse) (Private Press)
Ellen LaFurn – C’est La-Furn (Invite)
Eivind Aarset – I.E. (Jazzland)
Emanative – The Light Years Of The Darkness (Brownswood)
Emanuele Primavera Quartet – Replace (Alfamusic)
Emily Saunders – Outsider/Insiders (The Mix Sounds)
Enrico Rava Quartet & Gianluca Petrella – Wild Dance (ECM)
Enzo Zirilli – ZiroBop (UR)
Eska – Eska (Naim Label)
Evelina De Lain – Soul Journey (Private Press)
Extremely Serious Business – Headwall (ESP Disk)

Fabiano do Nascimento – Dança dos Tempos (Now-Again)
Fabienne Ambuhl Trio – Glitterwoods (Traumton)
Farnell Newton – Ready To Roll (Atlanta)
Fatoumata Diawara & Roberto Fonseca – At Home (Live in Marciac) (JazzVillage)
Food – This is Not a Miracle (ECM)
Frank Carlberg – Word Circus (Red Piano)
Frank Catalano – God’s Gonna Cut You Down (Ropeadope)
Frank Kuruc Quartett – Still (HGBS)
Fred Hersch – Solo (Palmetto)
Fresh Cut Orchestra – From The Vine (Ropeadope)

Gaël Horellou – Synthesis (DTC)
Gaetan Nicot Trio – Jazz Radiophonique Eighties (Private Press)
Gard Nilssen’s Acoustic Unity – Firehouse (Clean Feed)
Gary Peacock Trio – Now This (ECM)
Gary Willis – Larger Than Life (Abstract Logix)
Gecko Turner – That Place By The Thing With The Cool Name (Lovemonk)
Georg Breinschmid – Double Brein (Preiser Vienna)
George Cables — In Good Company (HighNote)
George Crowley – Can of Worms (Whirlwind)
George Gee Swing Orchestra – Swing Makes You Happy! (Rondette Jazz)
Gebhard Ullmann Basement Research – Hat and Shoes (Between The Lines)
Gerardo Nunez – Jazzpana Live (ACT)
Géraud Portal & Etienne Déconfin – Brothers (Gaya Music Production)
Get The Blessing – Astronautilus (Naim Label)
Gilad Hekselman – Homes (JazzVillage)
Gil Evans Project Live at Jazz Standard – Lines Of Color (Blue Note)
Giovanni Guidi Trio – This Is The Day (ECM)
Girls in Airports – Fables (Edition)
Giuliano Parisi – Introducing Myself (Temps)
Glenn Wilson – Timely (Cadence Jazz)
Glenn Zaleski – My Ideal (Sunnyside)
Gold Of My Own – Mondo Romance (Fish Legs)
The Greg Foat Group – The Dancers at The Edge of Time (Jazzman)
Grégory Privat & Sonny Troupé – Luminescence (Jazz Family)
Gunnar Halle – Istanbul Sky (Ozella)

Hamilton & Hamilton – Live In Bern (Capri)
Harmolodic Monk – Matt Lavelle, John Pietaro (Unseen Rain)
Harold Mabern – Afro Blue (Smoke Sessions)
Harris Eisenstadt – Canada Day IV (Songlines)
Harry Allen – For George, Cole and Duke (Blue Heron)
Harry Allen & The Jan Lundgren Quartet – Quietly There (Stunt)
Heads of State [Gary Bartz] – Search for Peace (Smoke Sessions)
Hendrika Entzian Quartet – Turnus (Traumton)
Hobby Horse – Lives (Musica Jazz)
Hugo Fernandez – Cosmogram (Private Press)
Hypercolor – Hypercolor (Tzadik)

Iain Mackenzie – Blow Your Horn (ChinChin)
Ibrahim Maalouf – Kalthoum (Impulse!)
Ibrahim Maalouf – Red & Black Light (Mi’ster Productions)
Ida Sand – Young At Heart (ACT)
Igor Osypov Quintet – I (Unit)
Indra Rios-Moore – Heartland (Impulse!)
Ingrid Lukas – Demimonde (Ronin Rhythm)
Ivan Lins – America, Brasil (Sony Brazil)
Ivo Neame – Strata (Whirlwind)

Jack DeJohnette – Made in Chicago (ECM)
Jack Mouse & Scott Robinson – Snakeheads & Ladybugs (Tall Grass)
Jacky Terrasson – Take This (Impulse!)
Jacob Anderskov – Kinetics (The Path) Habitable Exomusic Vol. 1 (ILK)
Jacob Anderskov – Dynamics (The Terrain) Habitable Exomusics Vol. 3 (ILK)
JD Allen – Graffiti (Savant)
Jaidene Veda – Wanderlust (Jaiveda)
Jakob Norgren Jazz Orchestra – Pathfinding (Wime)
Jamie Saft – Ticonderoga (Clean Feed)
Jakob Bro – Gefion (ECM)
James Brandon Lewis – Days of FreeMan (OKeh)
Jan Prax Quartett – Keepin’ A Style Alive (ACT)
Jan Simons – Travellers (Rithem Music)
Jason Seizer – Cinema Paradiso (Pirouet)
Jazzodrom – Another World (Universal France)
Jean Marc Padovani – Motian In Motion (naïve Jazz)
Jeff Bradshaw – Home One Special Night At The Kimmel Center (Shanachie)
Jeff Golub – The Vault (Entertainment One)
Jens Fossum – BassDetector (Ozella)
Jeppe Gram Kvartet – Liquid Sound (ILK Music)
Jeremy Danneman – Help (Ropeadope)
Jeremy Pelt – Tales, Musings And Other Reveries (High Note)
Jeremy Udden & Nicolas Moreaux – Belleville Project (Sunnyside)
Jesse Cook – One World (Coach House)
Jerry Bergonzi – Rigamaroll (Savant)
Jerry Kalaf – Welcome to The World (Palm Mountain)
Jim Doxas Trio – Blind Leap (Conveyor)
Jimi Tenor & Umo – Mysterium Magnum (Herakles)
Joan Chamorro Presenta Marc Martín (Jazz to Jazz)
Joanna Wallfisch with Dan Tepfer – The Origin Of Adjustable Things (Sunnyside)
Joe Locke – Love is a Pendulum (Motéma)
Joe Sample & NDR Big Band Orchestra – Children Of The Sun (PRA)
Joey Alexander – My Favorite Things (Motéma)
Joey Calderazzo – Going Home (Sunnyside)
John Fedchock New York Big Band – Like It Is (Mama)
John Lumpkin – The Devotion (Private Press)
John McLaughlin – Black Light (Abstract Logix)
John Petrucelli Quintet – The Way (Score Muse)
John Schilling – Around The Bend (Private Press)
John Scofield – Past Present (Impulse!)
John Zorn – The True Discoveries of Witches and Demons (Tzadik)
Jonathan Powell & Nu Sangha – Beacons Of Light (Truth Revolution)
Jon Irabagon – Behind the Sky (Irabbagast)
Jon Irabagon – Inaction Is An Action (Irabbagast)
Jon Lundbom & Big Five Chord – Jeremiah (Hot Cup)
José James – Yesterday I Had The Blues (Blue Note)
Jonathan Bremer & Morten McCoy – Ordet (Raske Plader)
Jonathan Powell & Nu Sangha – Beacons Of Light (Truth Revolution)
Josh Berman Trio – A Dance and a Hop (Delmark)
Josh Maxey – Celebration Of Soul (Miles High)
Joshua Abrams – Magnetoception (Eremite)
Joyce Elaine Yuille – Welcome To My World (Schema)
Joyce Moreno – Raiz (Far Out)
Joyce Moreno & Kenny Werner – Poesia (Pirouet)
Juanma Barroso – Pyro’s Mood (Fresh Sound New Talent)
Judi Silvano – My Dance (JSL)
Juhani Aaltonen & Iro Haarla – Kirkastus (TUM)
Jukka Perko & Iiro Rantala – It Takes Two to Tango (ACT)
Julian Argüelles – Let It Be Told (Basho)
Julian Argüelles – Tetra (Whirlwind)
Julian Lage – World’s Fair (Modern Lore)
Julie Dexter & Thehc3 – The Smiling Hour (Ketch A Vibe)
Julie Lyon Quintet – Julie (Unseen Rain)
Junior Oliver – Bristol Fashion (Lack of Afro)

Kamasi Washington – The Epic (Brainfeeder)
The Kandinsky Effect – Somnambulist (Cuneiform)
Karen Marguth – Just You, Just Me (Wayfae Music)
Kari Ikonen Trio – Beauteous Tales and Offbeat Stories (Ozella Music)
Karol Beffa & Raphael Imbert – Libres (JazzVillage)
The Katie Bull Group Project – All Hot Bodies Radiate (Ashokan Indie)
Katie Thiroux – Introducing (BassKat)
Kaze – Uminari (Circum-Libra)
Keith Brown – The Journey (Space Time)
Keith Jarrett – Creation (ECM)
Kendrick Scott Oracle – We Are The Drum (Blue Note)
Kenny Wheeler – Songs for Quintet (ECM)
Keri Johnsrud – This Side Of Morning (Private Press)
Kevin Eubanks & Stanley Jordan – Duets (Mack Avenue)
Kevin Field – The A List (Warners)
Kevin Hayes – New Day (Sunnyside)
Killiam Shakesphere – Killiam Shakesphere (Ropeadope)
Kirk Whalum – Gospel According to Jazz Chapter IV (Rendezvous)
Komara – Komara (Hevhetia)
Kurt Elling – Passion World (Concord)
Kyle Eastwood – Time Pieces (JazzVillage)
Kyle Nasser – Restive Soul (Private Press)

Lage Lund – Idlewild (Criss Cross Jazz)
Laszlo Gardony – Life In Real Time (Sunnyside)
Lauren Meccia – Inside Your Eyes (Spirit Music)
Laurent Coulondre Trio – Schizophrenia (Sound Surveyor)
Leny Andrade & Roni Ben-Hur – Alegria De Viver (Motéma)
Leszek Możdżer & Friends – Jazz At Berlin Philharmonic III (ACT)
Liam Noble – A Room Somewhere (Basho)
Liane Carroll – Seaside (Linn)
Linda Presgrave – Along The Path (Metropolitan)
Lionel Loueke – Gaia (Blue Note)
Lisa Bassenge – Canyon Songs (MPS)
Lizz Wright – Freedom and Surrender (Concord)
Logan Richardson – Shift (Blue Note)
Longman – Birds Are Silent (MNMN)
Louis Romanos Quartet (Private Press)
Luca Aquino – OverDOORS (Bonsaï Music)
Lucas Arruda – Solar (Favorite France)
Luciana Souza – Speaking In Tongues (Sunnyside)
LV – Ancient Mechanisms (Brownswood)
Lyambiko – Muse (Sony)

Makaya McCraven – In The Moment (International Anthem)
Malija – The Day I Had Everything (Edition)
Ma – Live (Loop Collective)
Manu Delago – Silver Kobalt (Tru Thoughts)
Manuel Hermia Trio – Austerity… And What About Rage? (Igloo)
Marbert Rocel – In the Beginning (Compost)
Marcello Zappareddu Trio – Dry Lands (Videoradio edizioni musicali)
Marc Cary – Rhodes Ahead Vol.2 (Motéma)
Marc Davy – Paris Rio (Private Press)
Maria Schneider Orchestra – The Thompson Fields (Private Press)
Michael Janisch – Paradigm Shift (Whirlwind)
Marcus Miller – Afrodeezia (Blue Note)
Massive Suits Quartet – Full Moon Wizard (Ubiquity)
Misha Mullov-Abbado – New Ansonia (Edition)
Mark Pringle – A Moveable Feast (Stoney Lane)
Marius Neset – Pinball (ACT)
Mark Guiliana Jazz Quartet – Family First (Beat Music Productions)
Mark Guiliana – Family First [The Alternate Takes] (Beat Music Productions)
Mark McGrain and PLUNGE – IN for the OUT (Immersion)
Mark Pringle – A Moveable Feast (Stoney Lane)
Mark Weinstein – In Jerusalem (Zoho)
Mark Winkler – Jazz And Other Four Letter Words (Cafe Pacific)
Mathias Eick – Midwest (ECM)
Matt Criscuolo – Headin’ Out (Jazzeria)
Matthew Halsall & The Gondwana Orchestra – Into Forever (Gondwana)
Matthew Shipp Chamber Ensemble – The Gospel According to Matthew & Michael (Relative Pitch)
Matthew Shipp – The Conduct Of Jazz (Thirsty Ear Recordings)
Matthew Stevens – Woodwork (Whirlwind)
Matt Panayides – Conduits (Private Press)
Max Johnson Trio – Something Familiar (Fresh Sound New Talent)
Mette Henriette – Mette Henriette (ECM)
Michael Janisch – Paradigm Shift (Whirlwind)
Michael Oien – And Now (Fresh Sound New Talent)
Mike Fletcher – Vuelta (Stoney Lane)
Mike Holober – Balancing Act (Palmetto)
Mike LeDonne – Awwlright! (Savant)
Mikko Innanen – Songs for a New Decade (TUM)
Milford Graves & Bill Laswell – Space-Time Redemption (TUM)
Mohamed Abozekry & Heejaz Extended – Ring Road (JazzVillage)
Moonlight Saving Time – Meeting At Night (Edition)
Mostly Other People Do The Killing – Mauch Chunk (Hot Cup)
Myra Melford – Snowy Egret (enja)

Natalia Mateo – Heart of Darkness (ACT)
Nat Birchall – Invocations (Jazzman)
Nate Wooley – (Dance to) The Early Music (Clean Feed)
Naughty Professor – Out On A Limb (Ropeadope)
The New Mastersounds – Made For Pleasure (One Note)
New York Standards Quartet – Power of Ten (Whirlwind)
The Next Step Quintet – 2 (Puzzlemusik)
Nick Finzer – The Chace (Origin)
Nick Hennies – Casts (Monofonus Press/Astral Spirits)
Nick Mazzarella Trio – Ultraviolet (International Anthem)
Nick Sanders – You Are A Creature (Sunnyside)
Nick Van Gelder & Sulene Fleming – Loveland (Vee-Gee)
Nico Gori Qaurtet – Il gioco dei contrasti (Musica Jazz)
Nils Økland Band – Kjølvatn (ECM)
The Nth Power – Abundance (101 Distribution)
Noah Preminger – Pivot: Live At The 55 Bar (Private Press)
Noemi Nuti – Nice To Meet You (Ubuntu Music)

Ocean Fanfare – Imagine Sound Imagine Silence (Barefoot)
Ochion Jewell Quartet – Volk (Private Press)
Ola Onabule – It’s The Peace That Deafens (Dot Time)
Olavi Trio – Oh, La Vie! (TUM)
Oliver Lake & William Parker – To Roy (Intakt)
Olivier Bogé – Expanded Places (naïve Jazz)
Omar Sosa – Ilé (World Village)
Omer Klein – Fearless Friday (Bauer Studios)
Onom Agemo The Disco Jumpers – Cranes And Carpets (Agogo)
Opus 5 – Tickle (Criss Cross Jazz)
Oran Etkin – What’s new? Re-imagining Benny Goodman (Motéma)
Orchestre National De JAzz (Olivier Benoit) – Europa Berlin (OnJazz)
The Ordinary Square – When In Paris (HOOB)
Orrin Evans – The Evolution of Oneself (Smoke Sessions)
Oscar Perez – Prepare A Place For Me (Myna)
Owiny Sigma Band – Nyanza (Brownswood Recordings)

Pablo Ziegler & Quique Sinesi – Desperate Dance (Werner Aldinger)
Pamela Samiha Wise – Kindred Spirits (Wenha/Tribe)
Paolo Fresu & Daniele di Bonaventura – In Maggiore (ECM)
Pat Metheny – Hommage a Eberhard Weber (ECM)
Pérez Patitucci Blade – Children Of The Night (Mack Avenue)
Partikel – String Theory (Whirlwind)
Pascal Bokar – Guitar Balafonics (Private Press)
Pascal Schumacher – Left Tokyo Right (Laborie Jazz)
Paul Fox Collective – Breaking The Silence (Paul Fox Collective – Breaking The Silence)
Paul Riley Quintet – Into View (Jellymould)
Pavel Morochovic Trio – Awakening (Hevhetia)
Pedro Giraudo Big Band – Cuentos (Zoho)
Pete Oxley & Nicolas Meier – Chasing Tales (MGP)
Pete Josef – Colour (Sonar Kollektiv)
Pete Rodriguez – El Conde Negro (Destiny)
Petros Klampanis – Minor Dispute (Private Press)
Phil Donkin – The Gate (Whirlwind)
Phil Haynes – Sanctuary (Corner Store Jazz)
Philip Clouts Quartet – Umoya (Odradek)
Phil Robson – The Cut Off Point (Whirlwind)
Pierre Christophe 4tet – Valparaiso (Black & Blue)
Plaistow – Titan (DYFL)
Pó de Café Quarteto – Amérika (Private Press)
Polar Bear – Same as You (The Leaf Label)
Poppa Steve – On Target (Dry Heat)
The Printmakers – Westerly (Basho)

QCBA – Beauty In Quiet Places (Ubuntu Music)
Quantic presents The Western Transient – A New Constellation (Tru Thoughts)
Quintet Silsila – Desert du Thar (Projet Silsila)

Rachel Caswell – All I Know (Private Press)
Ramón Valle – Take Off (In + Out)
Ran Blake – Ghost Tones (A-Side)
Randy Brecker – Dearborn Station (Jazzed Media)
Rajiv Halim – Foundation (Private Press)
Ray Anderson’s Organic Quartet – Being the Point (Double Moon)
Rebecca Ferguson – Lady Sings the Blues (Simco/Sony)
Red Baraat – Gaadi of Truth (Sinj)
Red Mitchell – Communication (Dragon)
Remi Abram Quartet – Kimpa Vita (Alambik Musik)
Remi Panossian Trio – RP3 (CDZ)
Remi Vignolo – Death Of An Angry Man (Gaya Music Production)
Renegades Of Jazz – Paradise Lost (Agogo)
The Resonance Ensemble ‎– Double Arc (NotTwo)
Rez Abbasi Acoustic Quartet RAAQ – Intents And Purposes (enja)
Robin Williamson – Trusting In The Rising (ECM)
Richard Fairhurst & John Taylor – Duets (Basho)
Richard Galliano & Sylvain Luc – La Vie En Rose (Milan)
Richard Navarro – Let Go Light (Private Press)
Richard Nelson – Deep River (Heliotrope)
Rich Halley 4 – Creating Structure (Pine Eagle)
Richie Goods & Nuclear Fusion – Three Rivers (Richman Music Inc.)
Rich Perry – Organique (SteepleChase)
Roberto Gatto Quartet – Sixth Sense (Parco Della Musica)
Rodney Block – Hey You! (Private Press)
The Rodriguez Brothers – Impromptu (Criss Cross Jazz)
Roger Davidson And Pablo Aslan – Live At Caffe Vivaldi (Soundbrush)
Roger Mas Trio – A Time For Love (Fresh Sound New Talent)
Rogier Telderman Trio – Contours (RM)
Roger Turner & Otomo Yoshihide – The Last Train (Fataka)
Rogier Telderman Trio – Contours (RM)
Romain Collin – Press Enter (ACT)
Romain Pilon Trio, Ben Wendel & Walter Smith III – The Magic Eye (Jazz&People)
Ron Carter and The WDR Big Band – My Personal Songbook (In + Out)
The Rongetz Foundation – Kiss Kiss Double Jab (Heavenly Sweetness)
Ron Samsom & The Neutrino Funk Experience – Ace Tone (Rattle Jazz)
Ron Westray – Magisteria (Blue Canoe)
Roots Magic – Hoodoo Blues (Clean Feed)
Rotem Sivan Trio – A New Dance (Fresh Sound New Talent)
Ruby Rushton – Two For Joy (22a)
Rudresh Mahanthappa – Bird Calls (ACT)

Sabrina Malheiros – Equilibria 10th Anniversary Edition (FarOut)
Sam K. Lloyd – Don’t Ask Me How (Private Press)
Samuel Blaser – Spring Rain (Whirlwind)
Sam Sadigursky – Follow The Stick (Brooklyn Jazz Underground)
Samy Thiebault Quartet – A Feast Of Friends (Gaya Music Production)
Sarah Weller Band – Stormy (Daisy Dog)
Satoko Fujii Orchestra Berlin – Ichigo Ichie (Libra)
Satoko Fujii Tobira – Yamiyo Ni Karasu (Libra)
Scott DuBois feat. Gebhard Ullmann, Thomas Morgan & Kresten Osgood – Winter Light (ACT)
Scott Hesse Trio – The Stillness Of Motion (Private Press)
Sean Khan – Muriel (Far Out)
Sebastien Chaumont with The Marc Devine Trio – Moonglow (ITI)
Sebastien Coste – Earthly Bird (Quark)
Sebastian Sternal – Sternal Symphonic Society, Vol. 2 (Traumont)
Sebastian Studnitzky – Memento (Contemplate)
Shai Maestro Trio – Untold Stories (Motéma)
Sharoni Slant – Signature (Papaya)
Shatner’s Bassoon – The Self​-​Titled Album Shansa Barsnaan (Wasp Millionaire)
Shaun Martin – Seven Summers (Ropeadope)
Sidony Box & Gianluca Petrella – Here Comes a New Challenger (naïve Jazz)
Sinikka Langeland – The Half-Finished Heaven (ECM)
Skydive Trio – Sun Moee (Hubro)
Smadj – Spleen (JazzVillage)
Snarky Puppy and Metropole Orkest – Sylva (Impulse!)
Sokratis Sinopoulos Quartet – Eight Winds (ECM)
Sonar – Black Light (Cuneiform)
Sons of Kemet – Lest We Forget What We Came Here to Do (Naim Label)
The Sorcerers -The Sorcerers (ATA)
Soul Jazz Orchestra – Resistance (Strut)
Stefano Battaglia Trio – In the Morning: Music of Alec Wilder (ECM)
Stefano Bollani – Arrivano gli Alieni (Decca)
Steffen Schorn, Lars Andreas Haug – Soul Twins (Glacier)
Stephan Abel – The Windmills Of Your Mind (Agogo)
Stephen Haynes – Pomegranate (New Atlantis)
Stephanie Nicole – Soulutionary One (BBE)
Steve Coleman – Synovial Joints (Pi Recordings)
Steve Cromity – All My Tomorrows (Cromcake)
Steve Davis – Say When (Smoke Sessions)
Steve Plews – Depressions (ASC)
Steve Turre – Spiritman (Smoke Sessions)
St. Germain – St. Germain (Primary Society)
Stuart McCallum – City (Naim Label)
Sullivan Fortner – Aria (Impulse!)
The Sure Fire Soul Ensemble – The Sure Fire Soul Ensemble (Colemine)
The Swiss Youth Jazz Orchestra – Future Steps: Live At Jazzaar Festival 2014 (Shanti)
Sylvain Rifflet – Mechanics (JazzVillage)
Symphonic Jazz Orchestra – Looking Forward, Looking Back (Mack Avenue)

Tam de Villiers’ Quartet – Panacea (Whirlwind)
Tania Giannouli Ensemble – Transcendence (Rattle)
Tara Kannangara – Some Version Of The Truth (Private Press)
Tenors Of Kalma – Electric Willow (Yellowbird)
Terell Stafford – BrotherLee Love (Capri)
Terri Lyne Carrington – The Mosaic Project: Love and Soul (Concord)
Thana Alexa – Ode To Heroes (JazzVillage)
Theo Jackson – Shoeless and the Girl (Dot Time)
Theo Travis’ Double Talk – Transgression (Esoteric Recordings)
Thierry Maillard – The Kingdom Of Arwen (naïve Jazz)
The Thing – Shake (Private Press)
Thomas Baggerman Trio – Live Sessions (Private Press)
Thomas Clausen – Blue Rain (Stunt)
Thomas Enhco – Feathers (Verve)
Tigana Santana – Tempo and Magma (Ajabu!)
Tigran Hamasyan – Luys i Luso (ECM)
Tigran Hamasyan – Mockroot (Nonesuch)
Till Martin Quintet – The Gardener (Unit)
Tim Berne’s Snakeoil – You’ve Been Watching Me (ECM)
Tim Garland – Return To The Fire (Edition)
Tim Thornton – The Feel Good Place (Jellymould)
Tim Warfield – Spherical (Criss Cross Jazz)
Tin/Bag – The Stars Would Be Different (Epigraph)
Tisziji Munoz – Spirit First And Last (Mri/Red)
Toine Thys Trio – Grizzly (Igloo)
Tomasz Bura – Ritual ‘Live’ (SJ)
Tomeka Reid Quartet (Thirsty Ear)
Tom Green Septet – Skyline (Spark)
Tom Harrell – First Impressions (HighNote)
Tom McClung – Burning Bright (Archieball) UK Vibe interview here
Tord Gustavsen – Hymns and Visions [Live at Klosterkirche, Loccum] (ECM)
Tore Brunborg – Slow Snow (ACT)
Trio Chemirani – Dawar (Harmonia Mundi)
Trondheim Jazz Orchestra & Kristoffer Lo – Savages (Propeller)
Troyka – Ornithophobia (Naim Label)

Uli Beckerhoff – Heroes (Dot Time)
Uptown Vocal Jazz Quartet With Richie Cole – Vocal Madness (HouseKat)

Vance Thompson’s Five plus Six – Such Sweet Thunder (Shade Street Records)
Vein feat. Dave Liebman – Jazz Talks (Unit)
Verneri Pohjola – Bullhorn (Edition)
Vince – A Story About (Unit)
Vincent Herring – Night and Day (Smoke Sessions)
Vincent Peirani – Living Being (ACT)
Vijay Iyer Trio – Break Stuff (ECM)
Virginie Teychené – Encore (JazzVillage)
Volker Engelberth ‎– Kaleidoskop (Unit)

Wadada Leo Smith & John Lindberg – Celestial Weather (TUM)
Warsaw Afrobeat Orchestra – Wëndelu (Ubiquity)
Wayne Escoffery – Live At Smalls (SmallsLIVE)
Wayne Wallace Latin Jazz Quintet – Intercambio (Patois)
Will Butterworth Trio – Live at Pizza Express (Music Chamber)
William Parker – Great Spirit (AUM Fidelity)
Wolfgang Haffner – Kind of Cool (ACT)
Wolfgang Muthspiel – Vienna, World (Material)

Xiomara Laugart – Tears and Rumba (Chesky)

Yaron Herman – Everyday (Blue Note)
Yilian Cañizares – Invocación (naïve Jazz)
Yonathan Avishai – Modern Times Trio (Jazz&People)
Yoni Kretzmer 2Bass Quartet – Book II (OutNow)
Yoshio Suzuki – Generation Gap (ONE LLP)
Yves Rousseau 4tet – Akasha (Abalone Productions)

Zach Brock – Serendipity (Criss Cross Jazz)
Zhenya Strigalev’s Smiling Organizm – Robin Goodie (Whirlwind)