The Dustaphonics Live at the Blues Kitchen 27/10/11

Live at the Blues Kitchen 27/10/11

Jeff Dexter, (former manager of Marc Bolan & T. Rex, Lemmy (Motorhead & Hawkwind), Ike & Tina Turner, America) says: “I am a fan. The Dustaphonics are real music stars; they are what many wannabes want to be; one of the best bands I’ve seen in England for years. What a great sound and energy!”

Band Leader Yvan Serrano-Fontova with legendary band/artist manager, Jeff Dexter)
Photo: Courtesy of Julien Creff

A chance meeting with Yvan Serrano aka DJ Healer Selecta at Corrina Greyson’s old skool house party in North -West London led to an invite to come and ‘check out’ his band the following week. So it was that Michael ‘The Dood’ Edwards set off to The Blues Kitchen in Camden Town, London to witness his first introduction to “the Dustaphonics – Live Experience!”

On arrival at this intimate venue it wasn’t long before i happened upon a few more familiar faces from the aforementioned house party – Paul Clifford Strutter-Brown, Healer Selecta’s tag-team DJ on the night and also Greg Boraman, organ player extraordinaire for another ‘must see’ live band, The Fantastics! It was then that the Dustaphonics band leader and main protagonist pulled me to one side to introduce me a living legend and guru of the 60’s and 70’s music scene, Mr Jeff Dexter. His music credentials are impressive. He’s the former manager of Marc Bolan Ike and Tina Turner; Lemmy from Motorhead; America as well as the UK MC for Otis Redding and Jimi Hendrix to name a few. Furthermore Mr Dexter was the first curator of the Glastonbury Festival in 1970, as well as being the first DJ at Glastonbury one! Prior to this he was “The Man” who created the mod scene in London back in the 1960s!!!

The mere fact that such a luminary was in Camden Town, London to witness a fledgling band such as the Dustaphonics created a murmur of anticipation inside The Blues Kitchen. And within 10 min we got our answer, the Dustaphonics led by guitarist, musician, songwriter, DJ and bandleader Yvan Serrano-Fontova took to the stage and launched into “Take it from Bo Diddley,” their very own tribute to one of the blues masters, Bo Diddley. With fingers still clicking and toes still tapping, the respectful homage to Bo Diddley continued in the guise of a well executed cover version of “Dearest Darling.” The driving incessant rhythm and fast tempo raised the temperature inside this cosy little blues club.

The tributes continued with a full on, in your face version of the recently demised Louisiana Red’s “Ride on.” The bluesy rockabilly/skiffle vibe the Dustaphonics created on this track was gratefully appreciated by the ever increasing audience. “The Jinx” was the 2nd track lifted from their recently released must have debut album “The Party.” It gave lead vocalist Kay Elizabeth a chance to truly expose her vocal range – And that she did! Bruce Brand on drums and Michael Jablonka did their best to match her effervescence and vitality with Healer Selecta playing his high pitched guitar riffs over the top of it all.

Kay Elizabeth, Healer Selecta & Michael Jablonka – Photo: Courtesy of Julien Creff

Yvan Serrano/Healer Selecta (guitar), Kay Elizabeth (vocals & percussion), Michael Jablonka (bass) – Photo: Courtesy of Julien Creff

A riveting cover of “Shotdown” by the Sonics kept the happy, groovy vibes within the Blues Kitchen with punters freely dancing on the restricted dance space. “When You Gonna Learn.” followed hot the heels of “Shotdown”.

Now with the gig in full swing the Dustaphonics segued into the quirky, upbeat and 1960s sounding vamps of “Party Girl.” By this time, the limited dance floor space in front of the stage was crammed with audience members caught up in the heady and positively stimulating atmosphere created by Healer Selecta’s band. It definitely felt like we had been transported into a bygone era with the freaky go-go dance moves in full effect.

Yvan Serrano-Fontova Live at the Blues Kitchen (27-10-11)
Photo: Courtesy of Julien Creff

A short but rousing, driving and high octane version of “I Think I Had It,” originally performed by ‘the Gories’ made sure we remained in this artificially created, but most welcome 60s time-warp.

The cover versions continued firstly with the Dustaphonics tipping their hat to the Dial Tones’1963 ditty “Chicago Bird” followed by a stomping version of Howlin’ Wolf’s “Wrecking My Life.” Confirmation if needed that Mr Serrano-Fontova has brought together a tight group of consummate musicians and vocalists who vibe off one another.

The Dustaphonics live @ the Blues Kitchen 27-10-12
Photo: Courtesy of Julien Creff

The set was rounded off with two more supremely upbeat tunes, “Show Man Twang Tiki Gods,” a smooth surfers’ instrumental segueing into the raunchy and vibrant tribute to the dark’n’sultry actress Tura Santana.

Oh! But the Dustaphonics were not finished yet! After a brief respite, normal business was resumed in the form of three in your face tunes – “Big Smoke/London Town,” a cover of MC5’s “Looking at You,” and “Eat My Dust.” The latter two tracks are to be found on their fresh, eclectic and stunning debut album release “Party Girl.”

It was a fabulous debut performance by the Dustaphonics who had their audience in the palm of their hands from the first rift. The performance made extra special by the mere presence of music guru and high priest of popular music Jeff Dexter. It was a blessed evening indeed. A big shout out must go to the protagonist Yvan Serrano a.k.a. Healer Selecta who proved without a shadow of a doubt why he was recently voted “Most Influential French Londoner,” his mere stage presence, like a rising tide raised the all-round playing capacity of his fellow cohorts. Make sure you catch these guys perform at your earliest opportunity.

Michael J Edwards

The Dustaphonics are:
Kay Elizabeth – vocals
Bruce Brand – drums
Michael Jablonka – bass
Yvan Serrano aka Healer Selecta – guitar

Essential Album:
Party Girl

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Essential Dates:
12th to 24th April > Spanish Tour including session at RTVE radio
29th June > Bordeaux France

The Dood and Healer Selecta