Evelina De Lain Trio Live @ Gallery Different

Photo: Courtesy of David S. James
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Pianist, composer and singer Evelina De Lain has been an exceptional exponent of classical music since the age of four. She has an impressive musical CV having performed classical recitals for Prime Ministers and Royalty on both sides of the English Channel. Evelina has shared the stage with a myriad of seasoned musicians such as Tony Kofi (sax) and Rowland Sutherland (flutes). On May 21, 2014, Evelina brought her unique contemporary classical/Jazz trio, Alisa Klimanska (flutes) and Frederique Legrand (Cello) to the charming and exquisite surroundings of Gallery different in London.

‘Zeus’, ‘Will Always Remember’ and ‘Zorba’ – Self Portrait
Sculpture and Art by Anthony Quinn

The gallery is currently exhibiting the artwork and sculptures of renowned actor Anthony Quinn; definitely a very original space in which to host a classical/jazz music recital. With all three musicians dressed eloquently in striking black and red outfits, Ms De Lain greeted her audience in this intimate venue before initiating proceedings with a brief solo piano improvisation. Following this the trio paid homage to internationally lauded French jazz pianist, composer and bandleader, Claude Boiling by performing his flute suite. The suite arranged by Evelina, consisted of three tunes, “Sentimentale,” “Irlandaise” and “Fugace.” It was the perfect selection to introduce those gathered to this newly formed trio.

Alisa Klimanska (flutes)
Photo: Courtesy of David S. James
mob: 07432095366


Next up Evelina introduced a tune which is a favourite of many who have been following her career over recent years, “Norwegian Fjords.” This free-flowing, undulating and delicate piano solo truly transports the listener to standing on the cliff overlooking this wonder of nature created by glacial erosion. The solo theme continued as Evelina gave a brief explanation prior to the next composition, and forth-coming album title “Circus of Life.” “Have you ever had that feeling – you wake up from your daydream, you look around and the world doesn’t make any sense, and you feel like an alien in it?” In essence, the tune is about sometimes feeling removed from the familiarity of this world around us.

Evelina De Lain – piano Photo: Courtesy of David S. James
mob: 07432095366

The ethereal strains of Frederique Legrand’s cello accompanied the playing of the main protagonist on “Sea Minor,” which as the play on words title suggests was again inspired by a body of water. The musical marriage was appreciatively received. Evelina gave a musical nod to the Jazz/Classical pianist and composer, Nikolai Kapustin via the composition, “Trio for Flute, Cello And Piano, Second Movement,” the trio’s next offering. Kapustin built his reputation as a composer who through his improvisational writings made Jazz more accessible to those more inclined to Classical music.

Frederique Legrand – Cello Photo: Courtesy of David S. James
mob: 07432095366

Evelina’s desire, aspiration and passion to push and extend these parameters within her own musical compositions is commendable. Part one of the trio’s set was concluded fittingly by another of Evelina’s intricate and endearing compositions “Pavana,” also lifted from her fabulous “Circus of Life” album – A most welcome three minutes of musical enlightenment to take us into the interval.


Part two of this illuminating set was initiated by a series of waltzes soon to be made available on an album that Evelina has dedicated solely to waltz compositions. The opening waltz respectfully called “Sentimental Waltz” paid homage to all the grandparents and great grandparents, including Evelina’s who made the ultimate sacrifice for eventual victory during the Second World War. The touching and emotive manor in which flute, piano and cello synergised provided the ideal musical homage and tribute to those war heroes long since gone.

Alisa Klimanska (flutes)
Photo: Courtesy of David S. James
mob: 07432095366

The trio’s second waltz, “Natsumi, The Flying Girl” was inspired by a girl of the same name who jumps up in the air and takes photos of herself from above. The tune’s beautiful majestic feel and elevated sense of flying through the air was conveyed sublimely via Alisa Klimanska’s intuitive flute playing.


The third waltz presented from Evelina’s waltzes album was “I Remember,” before the trio dipped back into her impressive “Circus of Life” set with the searching “Soul Journey.” On completion of the tune Evelina confessed that it was the first tune she composed after a brief period of writers block and she has been composing prolifically ever since. She went on to explain that the title “Soul Journey” is a metaphor for what your emotional being has to go through before emerging renewed on the other side. Normal service was resumed straight after when Ms Klimanska and Ms De Lain duetted on the Jazz waltz “Just a Thought,” which as the title implies came to Evelina as a passing thought. The brisk, jaunty and staccato style piano playing, indeed provided that sassy jazz swing element to this delightful composition, complemented by Alisa’s feather-light flute inflections.

Having completed three quarters of their set, Evelina imparted to us that the trio would now play a selection of four Preludes from her left-field and innovative 2011 album release, dedicated to Satie, “12 Colourful Preludes.” Each brief prelude actually represents various emotions and not real colours as such; with the only “real” colour actually referred to being that of Violet. Evelina shared two preludes each with flautist, Alisa and cello player Frederique. Although they were intentionally extremely short, they were exceedingly individualistic and fun – a case in point being the opening prelude, “A Violet Shade of F.” A lovely tribute to Mozart manifested in the form of Ms De Lain’s own arrangement of the composers Concerto 23, Second Movement. Evelina herself gushed, “…I love second movements of everything; I love second movements of concertos, second movements of sonatas… I’ve not heard this done before as a trio, so hopefully we are pioneers!” The official programme for the evening. was rounded out sweetly with the trio revisiting the suite of Claude Boiling and his composition, “Veloce.”

A very well-deserved whooping, cheering and handclapping greeted the final upbeat note of “Veloce.” The optional encore, which Evelina had offered the attendees prior to beginning of “Veloce” was gleefully accepted and the talented trio went on to perform a twist on the classic “Every Time We Say Goodbye” followed by an ultra stimulating and effervescent arrangement of “Autumn” by Piazzolla ,” finishing with a flourishing crescendo. The full-house was proof positive that the evening was a resounding success, and the musical artistry and quality on show definitely matched the sculptures and artwork being exhibited in the Gallery.

Michael J Edwards

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