Sarah Weller @ Ronnie Scott’s

Sarah Weller and the Mad Men @ Ronnie Scott’s – Sunday 29th March

Celebrating Doris Day’s 91st birthday (Friday 3rd April)

Words: Erminia Yardley
Photos: Carl Hyde

Sunday lunch times will never be the same again, at least for me.


I am attending a great celebration at Ronnies given by the super talented Sarah Weller and her band of Mad Men to mark Doris Day’s birthday (the actual birthday is this coming Friday 3rd April). I am, indeed, very excited. I have always been intrigued by Ms Day, but this afternoon promises to be a real gem.
Sarah and her band treats the audience, which is full of Doris’s fans, to tunes from all over the cinematic and singing career of one of the most incredible of actresses and singers.

The line up for this great celebration is:

Sarah Weller – vocals
Freddie Gavita – trumpet
Simon Golding – guitar
Arthur Lea – piano
Spencer Brown – bass
Simon Person – drums

Sarah’s voice moves gently from suave to deep notes to give us a real in-depth sense of Ms Day joyous and yet at times sad, melancholic gravitas whilst Freddie Gavita, trumpeter par excellence, accompanies most of Sarah’s songs with the greatest of ease.
The first set showcases some beauties like “Let’s fly away”, “I know that you know”, “Making Whoopee” and the tender “The one I love (belongs to somebody else)”.
We are in the second set and the crowd are asked to sing along; we all know the tunes and one that really gets everyone going is: “Que sera, sera (whatever will be, will be). A popular tune which was featured in the Hitchcock film, “The man who knew too much” (with Doris Day and James Steward in the lead).
“Sentimental Journey”, sung beautifully by Sarah, mellow, sad, but perfect. “Hernando’s Hideway”, a top tune gets the crowd going again. Then there’s “Move over, Darling”, from the 1963 film. “Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps”, another beautiful tune. With a total of 20 songs in the show, we can only be spoilt for choice. Everyone will have a favourite, everyone will want to sing along to one.


Sarah Weller, a true Doris Day fan and a singer in her own right, offers us an entertaining, informative but also stylish show. Her gowns for the show (1st and 2nd set) are stunning: the first set is marked by a delicate pink lace long dress worn with a corset style jacket in the same colour. The second set is illuminated by a shimmering strapless silver and green top with a long emerald green gown. A real vintage piece.
And to top it all off, once the show is finished, Ms Weller is serving cakes (it is a birthday celebration after all!) to some of the audience in a strapless lemon tulle dress. Can’t get more perfect than that!