Dub Colossus 2011

1) How did the idea of fusing Ethiopian music and Jamaican dub come about?

It all happened by chance, I discovered the Ethiopiques series of CDs by Francis Falceto, and loved the music… and having started my career with Micheal Riley (ex Steel Pulse)…it kind of made sense…as a musical journey to and from the source of reggae a la “the abyssinians” and rasta/ethiopian influenced reggae via UK to me to Ethiopia (Addis Ababa) and back again.
To me, a Greek/UK born in Germany avant-garde guitar player.

2) Who and what led to the various parts of Dub Colossus coming together?

I was introduced to Tsedenia, Feleke, Sammi Mimi and Teremage by Dan Harper, in Addis Ababa….he had been doing recording with them (has an album called “punt ” by invisible system)

3) Which musicians have Dub Colossus been inspired by (any country and style)?

Dub Colossus are influenced by Ethiopiques, Hendrix, Sonny Rollins, Coltrane, Monk, Miles, Roland Kirk, Billie Holiday, The Abyssinians, Gladiators, Natacha Atlas, Fairuz, Steel Pulse, Julie London, The Wailers, Rico Rodriguez, Art Ensemble of Chicago, Diamanda Galas Aretha Franklin, Solomon Burke, Gregory Isaacs, Fela Kuti,and millions more

4) Tell us what your new album is going to be like and how it differs from the previous one? When are you planning to tour the UK?

The new Dub Colossus album is called “Addis through the Looking Glass”
It’s a look at the project from the ethiopian end of the filter!
So a lot more traditional flavours, and some tracks originated by the ethiopian part of the band, as well as some from my UK dub side…
there is also a more acoustic flavour to a lot of the album…a natural progression from the first album.

Nick Page aka Dubulah