River Nelson 2011

With his debut album release, ‘The Rise and Fall of River Nelson’ receiving both critical and public acclaim, River Nelson found himself back in London with a definite purpose in mind. After aiding his exposure to the UK massive with an initial interview in 2010, it made sense for UK Vibe to continue the River Nelson story thus far. The Dood met up with an always relaxed Riv Nel to be brought up to speed.

River Nelson chills out at the Royal Festival Hall, London 11-3-11

The Dood: Good to see you again?

River Nelson: You too brother, you too!

The Dood: The last time we linked it was 2010, we’re now in 2011. How long have you been over here in London? Has it been a productive visit?

River Nelson: Very productive. I’ve been here almost a month and i’m here for a few reasons. I came here to finish up the recording of my EP with DJ Bias. The first single ‘Strange Things,’ you can see that on Google or You Tube right now. We’ve actually finished that EP, it’s being mastered and should be out real soon. I’ve shot a couple of videos; had some meetings; did some radio.

River Nelson – Always Winter by portalffw

The Dood: Where did you shoot these videos? Somewhere in London no doubt and I take it they’re from your current album?

River Nelson: I shot, ‘Hold On’ in the Brixton/Herne Hill area. And i also shot, ‘Always Winter’ in Stonebridge Park, Harlesden.

The Dood: Okay! So you’re keeping it real?

River Nelson: Yeah man! I’m just getting ready to get back in the studio again with Lewis (Parker).

River Nelson and a London fan.

The Dood: So this EP with DJ Bias and the videos you shot from the Rise and fall…project, when should they be dropping?

River Nelson: The EP is gonna dropping probably within the next two months. ‘Strange Things’ is released now as a single and starting to get some radio play. We’ll release another single probably within the next few weeks and then ultimately the EP in a couple of months.

The Dood: So do you intend to do any live promo for the DJ Bias EP or and any more live gigs this year?

River Nelson: We will definitely play a few dates in the summer time or the fall. Then like i said, we’re gonna go back in the studio with Lewis and start that record. So right on the heels of the DJ Bias EP…you’re gonna get a follow up single from Lewis and I. So constant music baby!

The Dood: Looking forward to it – your debut album was awesome! It was great to catch up with again.

River Nelson: Likewise man! Much love for your support Mr Michael ‘The Dood’ Edwards.

The Dood: Haha! You got it man. Blessings!

Michael J Edwards

Michael ‘The Dood’ Edwards and River Nelson on Playvybz Radio

River Nelson with UK Songtress, Eska and DJ Wayne Boucaud from www.Playvybz.com

Essential Album:

The Rise and Fall of River Nelson (2010) (World of Dusty Vinyl Records)

Essential EP:
River Nelson and DJ Bias (feat. Strange Things)

Essential Singles:
Hold On (2011)
Always Winter (2011)
Beautiful Life (2010)

Essential Websites: