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sammy-sweetFMMy transition from pirate radio, firstly with Fresh 95FM, then with Premier 107FM and finally with Sweet 106.8FM, to a legal entity finally came in late 2002 (I think! My memory throughout this whole archiving process has been hazy at best).
My soul pal, Tony Ray was leaving the pirate station we were on and suggested I follow suit.
Initially, the only slot I could get was midnight–2am on a Monday night/Tuesday morning (it was definitely fun and games at work the following day). I was grateful that I still was able to play anything I wanted, so the show was a nice mix up of acoustic and electronic jazz, hip-hop, Nu Jazz and broken and the avant-garde.
Luckily, I was moved to another more respectable time slot (Tuesdays 8-10pm). By then, we were ready to move into our purpose-built professional studios. This was truly a setup to behold with two separate broadcast suites but what really excited me, a studio space for artists to come in and record (The Other Side radio show’s very own Maida Vale!). I sent out enough invitations for bands that were performing locally to come and do a session with us and we got lucky on a handful of occasions but those occasions were very special indeed.
These radio shows from the days of New Style Radio (which is still going strong I might add) are a culmination of a lot of hard work, preparation and too much money spent on new music. They are certainly not all of my shows as some did not record for one reason or another but there is enough to keep the memories alive and make this man smile and cringe when listening back.

Please listen and enjoy them in the spirit that they were presented back in the day. It’s great to be able to digitise and make these shows effectively live on forever. We will be randomly choosing shows and adding more each week so be sure to check back – there are hundreds recorded. Thank you for listening…

Sammy Goulbourne 2016

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4th May 2010
20th April 2010
6th April 2010
9th February 2010

1st December 2009 – House, (introduction of) Jonathan Jeremiah, a killa cut from Skymark featuring his most delicious keys, some delightful foot-stomping jazz from Paolo Scotti, hip-hoppy beats from Daisuke Tanabe, the heavenly re-interpretation of 4Hero’s ‘Third Stream’ by the Robert Mitchell 3io and me sounding soooo laid-back and relaxed it wasn’t funny…
This one was recorded in the studio so sounds nice, loud n’beefy. Enjoy!

11th August 2009
28th July 2009
17th June 2008
6th May 2008
22nd April 2008
26th February 2008
19th February 2008

5th February 2008 – Some dirty broken beats next to some proto punk disco from Dinosaur L. Jose James next to The Tribe and something very special (and totally exclusive at that time) by Perry Hemus’s Conclave Project. So exclusive was this track at the time that it has only been recently released in the last 3 or so years!
(Perry in true artist/musician style knocked on my door out of the blue one night – late and thrust the CD in my hand and then disappeared… This project was a result of several days holed up in a studio in Wales. I was trying to get the brilliant Marcina Arnold to go down and join them as they were looking for a female vocalist. She couldn’t make it down for reasons I can’t remember today).

The computer system that played our jingles, the adverts and local news had completely broken down so it was left to me to fill the airwaves for pretty much 2 full hours and it was BLISS…
(I did manage to bring my back-up CD with a few of my jingles on).

And as a special extra treat, you can get to listen to my ‘train-wreck’ mixing between tracks (Really sorry about that part! But hopefully the copious amounts of jazz, broken, hip-hop, nu-jazz and disco makes up for that misdemeanour.)

Enjoy this one. It is one I’ve come back to a couple of times. The whole thing just seems to flow really well.


29th January 2008
6th March 2007
6th February 2007
30th January 2007
22nd January 2007
16th January 2007
6th November 2006
16th October 2006
29th September 2006
26th September 2006
15th August 2006
8th August 2006


25th July 2006 (Robert Mitchell interview) – If there is a single show that encompassed EVERYTHING that ‘The Other Side Radio Show’ was all about, this would be a good example. You hear some great acoustic jazz, nu-jazz, hip-hop, broken beats as well as an interview with pianist supremo Robert Mitchell.
Unfortunately, not many of my tracklistings service from this period but I pretty much announce most, if not all, of the tracks (so pencils and notepads at the ready…)
Music by: Vikter Duplaix, Ben Westbeech (remember him!), J Dilla, Bembe Segue and Dego, Daedelus, Milcho Leviev and acoustic jazz trio Prysm.

21st July 2006
13th June 2006
6th June 2006
30th May 2006
23rd May 2006
2nd May 2006
14th April 2006
6th April 2006
21st March 2006
14th March 2006

4th October 2005 – Cassette recording of my show from October 2005 featuring a great 30 minute mix by Japanese keyboard player and all-round beats man Yukihiro Fukutomi; my friend and talented poet from the US: N-Side with his band; some vintage Brit Jazz-Funk courtesy of The Breakfast Band and an all-time classic from Ray Barretto doing Stevie’s Pastime Paradise (oh boy!)

22nd February 2005
15th February 2005
23rd December 2002



The Rhubarb radio shows that you see before you, dated 2011, represent the last radio shows that I presented. The headphones were permanently hung up after that.

Rhubarb was an internet only radio station and quite nicely brought everything full circle – from starting in Pirate radio some 24 years earlier and ensuring that we had a decent transmitter in which to broadcast out to a 10 mile radius of Birmingham to now having the potential for my voice and music to be heard all over the world.

The Broken Beat scene had been dead for a few years by then and because I wanted to look forward all the time, the shows contained house music, afro-house, some nu-jazz, electronica, soul and hip-hop. My favourite shows though were the ‘Freewheelin’ sessions on alternate weeks. Those shows contained all of the above but I could then delve extensively into the oldies and play whatever I wanted.
The station marked another full-circle irony for me because whereas the pirate stations I was on were often hidden away in blocks of flats or old industrial buildings, Rhubarb was on the ground floor of an arts complex behind clear glass windows so people would walk past and see me doing my thing live on air. It was a little nervy, but fun! I think I stayed there for about a year before the station closed its doors.

Other radio stations around were small community stations and I suppose if I really wanted to, I could have done something with them but the way shows were being asked to be done was changing. There was a push for presenters to pre-record their shows at home and send it in on a flash drive or CDr or if you did something live, there would just be a couple of beat-up old sub-standard CD players. For me that did the music I loved a great injustice and that wasn’t how I wanted to bow out so like I said, I hung my headphones up.

Now eat your Rhubarb…

31st October 2011
10th October 2011
5th September 2011
8th August 2011
25th July 2011
11th July 2011
27th June 2011
9th May 2011