Haji Mike

I started writing about music from the early 1980s while at Essex University. After graduating in Government and Sociology and completing an MA I moved back to London and started a PhD in Cultural Studies at Birmingham’s famed Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies, CCCS. It took me a while to get into freelance writing about music, mainly because I was DJing and studying, but by the end of the 80s I started dabbling more in music and performance poetry. It dawned on me then that as an independent artist most music writers, but not all, were like sharks. They baited for gossip, had a preference for anything controversial and out of the USA. I had this feeling that the artist’s stories were not being told in their own words. It’s fair enough to write about how we felt about the music, and those views just went out there, but there were all these stories that were not being told. So that’s how I got into writing about music, mainly reviews, some interviews and ended up with a regular column about Dancehall for ‘Hip Hop Connection UK’ and ‘Straight No Chaser’. I write a lot less nowadays mainly due to a fulltime teaching job at The University of Nicosia, DJing and making music. Rekindling and reconnecting with Steve from UK Vibe was good, we go back to the SNC – early 90s days. I think music will always be a part of my life, it’s consistent, always there…and I will always have something to say about it or through it as a medium of expression.


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