MIX NO. 35: Autumnal Augmentations: Moody, reflective music for inquisitive souls

The music contained herein does not represent my current state of mind or anything deep like that.
I guess it does take you on a sweeping journey, so you could say that I am extending my hand for you to come on a musical walk with me.
If you find something and it becomes a favourite then great! If you just prefer to put it on in the background whilst you’re sitting down having a coffee or reading a good book then that works too.
I try not to make these things an overbearing exercise for the listener – who needs that!
These are mainly instrumentals, some that are a little deep and intense, others not so much – either way, I hope that the music contained herein further cements your love of this music called jazz.
And because we never forget the singer and the song, there are a few choice placed pieces showcasing the body’s natural instrument – the voice.
Please Enjoy.

Sammy Nov ‘20

Tracklist Here